Roger And Faith Dube has something to show you!

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 09:30 by A Chapel Of Friends on Prayer

Your friend Roger And Faith Dube wants to show you something:
Also, they wanted to tell you: Happy Sunday Morning: Hope you are having a real Blessed, and Peace Filled Sunday with Jesus; and we pray that your week will be blessed beyond measure. Know Jesus lives in you and is with you through everything, you are never alone. Jesus loves you and we love you so much, ((Big Hugs))) Roger and Faith Dube x0x0x0x0x0x0 ...

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Five new believers witnessed Christ!

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 09:16 by GRACE CHURCH, INDIA on Christian Living

Beloved in Christ,
Praise the Lord!
Five new believers from the other community accepted and witnessed Christ in water in Bhothli village on 1st March 09. Please pray for them to stand and grow in spirit. You may see them:
2. Please pray for the ministry among villages of MP/CG for needs, protection from radicals/wild animals and success.(recently while returning from Mandla we have encountered a leaopard).
3. Please pray for the forthcmong Fire Conference from 16 to 21...

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May you have a blessed Peace Filled Day & Week Ahead*Come Say Hi ok

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 09:12 by A Chapel Of Friends on Prayer

Good Morning 
 Friends & Visitors:
 I am so glad to come and
see you all here praying with me,
and blessing our Savior.
My day is so very blessed
when i can visit with you..
"And we know that all things
worketh together for good,
to them that love God,
and to them that are the
 called according to His purpose." 
Did you have your breakfast yet?
If not hurry over i have plenty,
of tea also!Well
its time to relax and
share how your weekend is
going so far ok,...

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Posted Mar 1st 2009, 09:12 by GRACE CHURCH, INDIA on Christian Living

What is the reason behind the fact that God's people remain in poverty? Bible says: in Malachi :8-12 8 "Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me! But you say, 'In what way have we robbed You?' In tithes and offerings. 9 You are cursed with a curse, For you have robbed Me, Even this whole nation. 10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in...

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Invitation to Intimacy School of Prayer and Intercession

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 08:54 by Destiny Training on Prophetic

Invitation to Intimacy Retreat - School of Prayer and Intercession
Friday, Saturday & Sunday - March 6-7-8.
Friday 6:30 pm to 9:30pm - Saturday 9AM to 6pm - Sunday 1pm to 5pm
After February 26 cost is $40 or $45 per couple. Scholarships are available for those truly in need. All Teens $10
Group discount of $5 per person for 5 or more registering together
On Sunday morning we will travel to Glacier Point, or another strategic location possible the marker that designates the exact...

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Posted Mar 1st 2009, 08:50 by Vineyard Brussels Members Adverts on Christian Living

Dear All,
I have a trampoline for sale, it is 1.30m in width and can carry up to 130 kg. It is one for indoors and has the right safety certificate. It has hardly been used and is in my way. I would like

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7 Day Prayer Focus to Change Your Brain: Tear Down Strongholds and Grab Hold of Your Portion!

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 08:13 by Kairos Transformation/GA-Apostolic Prayer Network on Prayer

7 Day Prayer Focus to Change Your Brain: ...

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M&E Monday

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 08:00 by Daily Devotional on Inspiration

'But all the Israelites went down to the Philistines, to sharpen every man his share, and his coulter, and his ax, and his mattock.'-1 Samuel 13:20
We are engaged in a great war with the Philistines of evil. Every weapon within our reach must be used. Preaching, teaching, praying, giving, all must be brought into action, and talents which have been thought too mean for service, must now be employed. Coulter, and axe, and mattock, may all be useful in slaying...

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Astonishing Achievement: Farmer Fascinated With Biblical History...

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 07:30 by Breaking Christian News on General Interest

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Warning concering the word 'Global'

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 07:27 by Birthings of the Spirit on Prophetic

Man made systems will wear you out to the point you will accept whatever comes your way to try and fix ANY crisis that is at hand! This is how the government of man does things.. They will create scenarios to bring about a man made spirit of anti-christ answer in the midst of the crisis to gain more control over the population..
When you hear the word 'global' in your news from people trying to come together to help rescue...

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Link Advertising: $15.00 for 3 Months

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 07:20 by The Christian Online Magazine.Com on Christian Living

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Posted Mar 1st 2009, 07:19 by The Christian Online Magazine.Com on Christian Living

The March issue of our  Magazine is Online ! 
The Christian Online Magazine

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Posted Mar 1st 2009, 07:00 by FullnessOnLine on Christian Living

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We so want you to have the CD

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Entering The Glory Fire

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 07:00 by Zadok Publications on General Interest

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Why do we go to Church?

Posted Mar 1st 2009, 06:56 by Antioch Tabernacle Ministries on Christian Living

  Antioch Tabernacle Ministries

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