Prophetic Message of The Swine Flu: "What is Unclean Will Make You Sick"

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Morning by Morning, Friday 5-1-09  -- Prophetic Message of The Swine Flu:  "What is Unclean Will Make You Sick"
Good morning, Lord Jesus. Open the eyes of my heart to see You as You are, to see myself as I am, and to see how much I need You and Your mercy every moment of every day.   …
"They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they...

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TODAY'S MANNA for Saturday May 2, 2009

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TODAY'S MANNA for Saturday May 2, 2009
But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, [God's] own purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and...

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Prayer Directive: Friday, May 1, 2009 - Special Word for the Month of May; Healing, Missions, Ministries, Missionaries, etc.

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Prayer Directives
Friday, May 1, 2009
Jewish Calendar
7th of Iyyar, 5769

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Guerreros de Oración, Parte 2
por Francis Frangipane
Jesús nos proveyó una parábola para mostrar que los hombres deben orar en todo tiempo sin que su corazón desfallezca (Ver Lucas 18:1-8). En otras palabras, si usted no está orando, su corazón desfallecerá .La mayoría de las cosas por las cuales yo mismo oro, tengo que perseverar en oración para obtener la respuesta. Dios anhela ver que algo más profundo surge de mi tiempo de oración, no solamente oraciones respondidas. El desea que...

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I received the following response on the article about the Kazoos and pop-guns. Keith is friend, and a physical brother to my "Red-Headed Irish Princess", Cindy. I hope you enjoy it... 
As a grandparent we choose to forget what it was like to have our own kids. So when we get that opportunity to keep the grandkids... we do things that mom and dad don't like (that's our way of getting back).
However I fine myself being paid back by the things that they say, ask, and...

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Prayer Request for Brenda Cochran

Posted May 1st 2009, 09:23 by Urban Ministries Hotline on Christian Living

Good Morning,
The following prayer request was sent to me by a friend of Brenda Cochran who attends New Life International Church with Brenda and her husband, Charles.
Many of you have prayed for Brenda over the years as she has bravely battled leukemia. Once again we are asking for prayer from the Body of Christ.
Brenda was released Wednesday from the Massey Cancer Center to Hospice at home.
She was in remission for leukemia (AML) but it has come back and...

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"Walk With Me" (#266)

Posted May 1st 2009, 09:18 by Dear Jesus Devotionals on Inspiration

Dear Jesus:
“Can two walk together except they be agreed?” is the question posed in the book of  Amos.
Walking in the fullest sense meaning:  Deep fellowship, continuous communion and companionship, and common goals and purposes”.
We can’t walk with God when our hearts, convictions, and lifestyle are contrary to His nature and His will.  And, we can’t walk with each other when our hearts, convictions,  and lifestyles are contrary one to another. 
This is why we sometimes “grow apart” in our relationships. ...

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As of this writing (5/1/2009; 6:30 AM), I have been in the hospital for three days, being entered into the emergency room on the previous Tuesday at 2:30 PM. Since that time I have had regular injections to deal with my blood pressure, reduce the possibility of blood-clotting, and stabilize ye heart. I have had several EKG readings, with the last considered acceptable. At that time my blood pressure was 173/80. During the last twenty-four hours, it has been as...

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Hearing God's Voice

Posted May 1st 2009, 09:00 by Providence Worshipping Arts Center on Church & Ministry

When we understand the Word through the heart of God, it speaks of His love, desire, and yes, pursuit for an intimate relationship with man. This was the purpose of our creation in Genesis and the culmination of all things in Revelation. The Bible is also a time-line in history of God's dealing and striving with man to bring him to a point of understanding and trusting in His love. It is truly amazing to think of how mankind has...

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Posted May 1st 2009, 09:00 by Spanish South Florida House of Prayer (SF HOP) on Christian Living

Los profetas de hoy, a diferencia de los antiguos, predicamos a Cristo como la vida de Dios. Predicamos a Cristo como Señor y Salvador. El mensaje no es la ley sino la gracia de Dios en Cristo. El mensaje confronta al pecador con su necesidad de salvación y para ello le otorga todo lo que Dios en Cristo ha hecho por él; todo el poder con que Dios en Cristo le capacita para ser un vencedor del mundo, el pecado,...

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No More Business As Usual

Posted May 1st 2009, 08:47 by From the Heart Ministries on Inspiration

Isaiah 43:16-19 (The Message)
16-21 This is what God says,
the God who builds a road right through the ocean,
who carves a path through pounding waves,
The God who summons horses and chariots and armies—
they lie down and then can't get up;
they're snuffed out like so many candles:
"Forget about what's happened;
don't keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand-new.

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Victory in Christ

Posted May 1st 2009, 08:32 by Overcomers on Teaching/Education

Watchman Nee
The Joyful Heart

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Posted May 1st 2009, 08:29 by Christian Discipleship on Christian Living

Brothers and Sisters of the Resurrection:
Alleluia!  Christ is Risen!!!
Finally, the day has arrived!  Tomorrow is our Annual Parish Yard Sale.  Workers will begin arriving around 6:45 to begin setting up tables/stations.  The sales officially begins at 8:00 a.m., but I'm told buyers usually are showing up before then.  Please do not forget to wear your red shirts tomorrow.  I will get the coffee brewing.
After the sales are over we will share a meal together.  The menu promises to be exceedingly...

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ROC HAPPENINGS: Bike Fest - Six O'Clock ROC and ROC Around the World Dance Recital

Posted May 1st 2009, 08:13 by The ROC Hotline on Evangelism/Missions

Thou shalt not steal. Knowing that to be true, we don’t want to rob a Hotline subscriber of his guaranteed blessing, so we will just share that one anonymous person responded to the appeal for ROC Bus Kid Sponsors with the following email:
"You've made my day very special with this article. I now know what I'm getting my wife and me for our 27th anniversary."
We were blessed, a child and his family will be blessed, and we know God...

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I AM Drawing a Target Around the Enemy's Plan! by Chuck Pierce | Time of the ready writer it's TIME,TIME,TIME by T Phillips | what more do I have to do to get your attention | Baptist pastor beaten

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