A Prophetic Word for 2020

Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by King of Glory Ministries Int. Free Teachings on Christian Living

Hello Pneuma Network!
In this month’s Pneuma News Kevin shares a powerful prophetic word for 2020; Activating your 2020 20/20 Spiritual Vision in 2020. To kick off 2020 we are sharing several messages from Kevin Basconi from the School of the Seers to help you understand how to activate your 2020 Spiritual vision and the seer anointing in your life. 2020 will be a time to hear God more clearly than ever before! This is a year for impartation and we...

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Winter 2020 Classes Starting Soon!

Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by Morning Star And Company, Inc. on Church & Ministry

Winter 2020 
Courses $110 each
Course textbooks and materials in addition to tuition
Application & application fee required to become a student
See our web site for times and locations
Online Classes
Starting February 20th, 7:00 pm
LM 100 Yeshua: The Jewishness of Jesus
Course Description: This course focuses on Jesus (Yeshua), who He was/is, how He lived, and His mission on earth. We will explore what the Scriptures, the rabbinic writers, and the Biblical scholars say about this incredible man, both human and divine, and completely Jewish.  ...

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"The Daily Signal" from The Heritage Foundation

Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by Sealed by the Spirit on Christian Living

Jan 20, 2020
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day from Washington on a holiday dedicated to honoring one of America’s great champions of civil rights by emulating him through community service. For your reflection, we’ve got one commentary from Jarrett Stepman on King’s dedication to the ideals of the nation’s founding, and another from Dion Pierre on his principled opposition to race nationalism. Plus: a report on holding the FBI accountable,  Europe’s sellout to oil producers, and your letters. Know someone...

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Me and My House

Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by gathertheoutcasts on Evangelism/Missions

Dear beloved:  Pics, neighborhood children; Chapati man at 719 Restaurant
Joshua 24:15  And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. 
Beloved, I am looking forward to a new year of adventure and...

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2019 Festival of Christmas Praise Reminder (FBC Sanctuary)

Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by islandpraise on Church & Ministry

 The 2019 Festival of Christmas Praise will take place at the First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman this weekend! We invite you to join us along with your family, friends and co-workers as we celebrate our Lord and Saviour during this Christmas season.
Friday, 13th December at 7PM (FBC Sanctuary); and 
Sunday, 15th December at 7PM (FBC Sanctuary)
Click here to view the 2019 Festivals of Christmas Praise promotional video. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Melinda Bauman: Prophetic word, God is Rooting out Those Who are Ungodly in the American Government

Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship on Christian Living

Prophetic Word spoken by Pastor Melinda Bauman on June 2, 2013
God is Rooting out Those Who are Ungodly in the American Government
I speak blessing, even upon the government of America, the White House.
I hear the Lord saying that you will see a restoration. You see, people are being fed up now with what is going on in our government. And when people get fed up they will cry out to me, says the Lord. They will cry out for restoration....

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Daniel's Vision of the Son of Man, Lesson 21, Part 12

Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by The Banner of Truth on Teaching/Education

"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear Thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth" (Ps. 60:4).
The Prophecy of Daniel
Daniel’s Vision of the Son of Man
Lesson Number 21
By Given O. Blakely
Part 12
“ 14c His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.”           
One of the primary purposes of “all Scripture” is “that the...

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Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by Praise and Power on Inspiration

PRAISE AND POWER                     KNOWLEDGE AND POWER OF GOD                      January 20, 2020
“Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures [God’s Word], nor the power of God.” (Matthew 22:29) This was a statement made by Jesus Christ to the Sadducees in a discussion regarding the resurrection. There are two things unknown to these Sadducees; they did not know the Scriptures or the power of God. Both things need to be known. A person cannot know...

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Two Wolves

Posted Jan 20th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

One evening, an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that was going on inside himself.
He said, "My son, it is between 2 wolves.
One is evil: Anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego...
The other is good: Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith..."
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"
The old Cherokee simply...

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TODAY'S MANNA for Monday, Jan. 20, 2020

Posted Jan 19th, 12:00 by Spirit Of Truth Ministries on Inspiration

TODAY'S  MANNA for Monday, Jan. 20, 2020
Tithing? Today?
Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, (Your Local Church, the place you should be attending)
That there may be food in My house,
And try Me now in this,”
Says the LORD of hosts,
“If I will not open for you the windows of heaven  (one translation says floodgates of heaven)
And pour out for you such blessing
That there will not be room enough to receive it.
“And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes,
So that he...

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"Israel365;your connection to the Land of Israel"

Posted Jan 19th, 12:00 by Sealed by the Spirit on Christian Living

staying with the times
January 19, 2020 / _ Tevet 5780
The Land of the Covenant
FEATURED PHOTO: The aerial view of the Old City of Jerusalem (Shutterstock).
I also established My covenant with them, to give them the land of Canaan, the land in which they lived as sojourners
Exodus 6:4 (The Israel Bible™)
וְגַם הֲקִמֹתִי אֶת־בְּרִיתִי אִתָּם לָתֵת לָהֶם אֶת־אֶרֶץ כְּנָעַן אֵת אֶרֶץ מְגֻרֵיהֶם אֲשֶׁר־גָּרוּ בָהּ
Hear the verse in Hebrew
v’-GAM ha-ki-MO-tee et b’-ree-TEE i-TAM la-TAYT la-HEM et E-retz k’-NA-an AYT E-retz m’-gu-ray-HEM a-sher GA-ru VAH
It is no wonder that the...

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Posted Jan 19th, 12:00 by Kathie Walters on Prophetic

When I was ministering at a conference at Redemption House Life Center with David and Tracy Whittington (Baltimore), last year, I kept looking back towards the back of the room and saw very vivid colors.  Then the colors began to change,  and suddenly, in the  middle of it, I saw the Angel of change.
I have seen him twice before, and he had his silver oil jug with him. The anointing began to fall strong and...

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[fsmi] The Church "Lance Wallnau" Breaking News Trump Impeachment and Prophecy

Posted Jan 19th, 12:00 by Firestorm Ministries Intl' on Prophetic

Welcome to 2020 
(Word of the Lord - Bonnie Nelson)
"The dividing of America will continue and be more pronounced as the battle for power increases. I will pour out My Spirit into people who stand for righteousness in order for them to be able to stand and defeat the onslaught of evil the enemy will release.  Kingdoms & countries shall come together to form power groups, be encouraged, I AM coming soon.  Until then, occupy and do the work I have called you...

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[fsmi] FS Sunday Sermon - Seven Prayers For Those You Love

Posted Jan 19th, 12:00 by Firestorm Ministries Intl' on Prophetic

Seven Prayers For Those You Love
By: Marshall Segal
What do you pray most often for the people you love most? The question reveals an uncomfortable amount about us (and our prayers).
First, do we pray for those we love? Prayer is one of the most powerful, thoughtful, loving ways we can love anyone we love. Yet we still often struggle to persevere in prayer for others. With countless compelling reasons to pray — to ask the God of infinite power, wisdom, and love to...

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[fsmi] FS On The Light Side - January 19, 2020

Posted Jan 19th, 12:00 by Firestorm Ministries Intl' on Prophetic

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