Lakeland's Least Important Problem is Todd

Posted Sep 6th 2008, 04:50 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

It's beyond me why I still get surprised at people's responses to well-known leaders' sins becoming public. Actually I'm not surprised at the response of people who do not know their God... but I'm shocked at the response of people who claim to know their God, and obviously don't.
When I heard of the trouble Todd, his wife, family and friends are experiencing right now, I felt sad. But it didn't unsettle me. And it didn't change any conclusions about Lakeland's...

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If the Church Wants It, It can Have It...

Posted Jun 23rd 2008, 04:14 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

Two huge Moves of the Spirit in the '60s and '70s -- Charismatics and Jesus People. Both started with unlikely people. The Charismatic Movement ("Pentecostal", "tongues", "healings and miracles"...) started in in 1960 in St. Mark's -- a small, Episcopalian church led by Father Bennett in southern California. And the Jesus People revolution turned into a huge movement of people whole-heartedly giving their lives to God and pursuing His Kingdom above all else. And this  revival (as well as the...

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Apostles -- The Truth, and Nothing but the Truth...

Posted Apr 23rd 2008, 03:49 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

Hello all!
We're publishing a White Paper of interest to KingdomScribes. It's called, "Apostolic Ministries in the 21st Century".
It's goal is two-fold:
(1) As with every part of our ministry, Shell and I want to encourage better and more accurate reading of the Scriptures amongst all Believers. This paper demonstrates several vital techniques for accurately understanding what the Scriptures do say and don't say about modern apostolic ministries. And,
(2) We see that in the rise of new apostolic ministries today, there are...

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A New Hermeneutic, For a New Wineskin

Posted Feb 19th 2008, 10:28 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

Hello, KingdomScribes!
Usually when we have a word longer than a few paragraphs, we just tell you about it and post it onto our blog. But the word we're sharing this time is crucial to the building up of the Body of Christ. It shows how vital it is for every member of the Body of Christ to become a "scribe, discipled by the Kingdom of Heaven", responsible for reading and understanding the Bible for themselves. So here's  A New Hermeneutic,...

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Christmas 2007 from the Swifts with New Podcasts Available!

Posted Dec 17th 2007, 10:38 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

Thought we'd drop you a brief note before the year's gone for good! For those of you who have read this year's "Shepherd's Rod" [find it here], you may have noticed its focus on moving out of a season of preparation and into the maturity that will be needed for God's Kingdom Presence in this earth. After a time of preparation, fulfillment is near in many of our lives. One paragraph says...
This year's Shepherd's Rod highlights the importance of formalizing...

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Strangling the Living Word

Posted Jan 19th 2007, 09:52 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

Almost 500 years ago, on October 6, 1536, a man -- a devoutly Christian man, loved by all who knew him -- was strangled publicly and his body burned at the stake by the religious leaders of that day.
His crime? He had translated and printed the first Bible in English. Up to that time, the Bible existed only in Latin or the original languages. The common people knew only what their priests might tell them about the Bible -- and...

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"I Felt Like the Lord Opened Up a Whole New Set of Truths..."

Posted Oct 23rd 2006, 09:15 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

"I Felt Like the Lord Opened Up a Whole New Set of Truths..."
Hi Everybody!Here's a few exciting & insightful quotes about what the Rightly Dividing the Word tutorial can do for Word-hungry people! A "KingdomScribe" currently working through the RDTW tutorial has been emailing us recently, and (with permission) we've borrowed a few remarks from our on-going email discussion. Don't forget! -- anyone working through the RDTW tutorial has access to email discussions with Emil & Shell about any questions...

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Greetings From the Swifts & E-Book Announcement!

Posted Sep 21st 2006, 05:04 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

My goodness, it's been awhile since our last newsletter! Greetings to you all!
We wanted to tell you about a free e-book we're making available. It's entitled, Many Are Sick and Some Have Died: The Little Book of Christian Harmony and it confronts the wholesale refusal by Christians everywhere to Love one another as Christ Loves us. Awhile back, an old woman from Sacramento traveled north into our mountains -- not knowing us, she came to our congregation, drawn by the...

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A NOW "Revolution"?

Posted Jan 19th 2006, 12:15 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

For those of you who don't track the KingdomScribes blog, we encourage you to read the latest piece. We don't like to put lengthy teachings in our newsletter, and so they instead make their way onto the blog.
This most recent blog deals a lot with George Barna's recent book, Revolution, which is the result of his nationwide polls showing a great change in how people today are "doing church". His object isn't to say, "Here's how we should be doing...

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Reminder to check the KingdomScribes blog occasionally!

Posted Dec 11th 2005, 01:05 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

We haven't posted to the KingdomScribes blog since before going to Denmark/Norway!
But finally we got back to it with an explanation of how God "destroyed" our local church
in order to build something never seen before. In this recent blog, we develop the concept
of local churches each having a divinely strategic purpose -- a topos. Here's a
short excerpt:
Unless a congregation has so blown it (like Ephesus) that God's "pulled its
candle out", then each church has a topos, a strategic position, given...

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A quick invite to COMMUNICATE!

Posted Nov 30th 2005, 02:50 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

More and more, the prefered method of communication over the Net is IM (Instant Messenger). There are several IMs available but the two main ones are AOL IM and MSN Messenger. I've tried valiently to get MSN Messenger up and working (we used to use it all the time) but its web site is NOT cooperating with us -- we just can't get it up and running.
But we ARE successful with AOL Instant Messenger! Anyone can use AOL IM for...

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Finished Denmark...On to Norway!

Posted Nov 15th 2005, 07:53 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

Hi veryone!
Just a short update from Norway!
Since landing in Copenhagen, Nov. 1, the team we're with has ministered in 16 services -- Pentecostal churches, Apostolik Kirks, home churches, etc. It's been exciting.
Kim and Mary Andersson are heading up this team to Denmark and Norway. They've been coming here regularly for the last ten years. This team is made up only of the Anderssons (with their daughter Delanie) and the two of us.
We've been impressed with Kim and Mary's ministry, not...

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R. T. Kendall on "How to Hear the Spirit Accurately"!

Posted Oct 11th 2005, 05:07 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

Michele and I just returned from the local "Signs and Wonders in the Coming Revival" conference in Northern California (Arcata). It was a valuable conference and surely part of the stirring of God's Plans for this region.
The last couple of months have been very busy and we've had to neglect the blog and the newsletter. But we've taken some major steps forward including receiving and learning to use a wi-fi audio/video projection system, getting a workshop presentation together of some...

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You May Have Learned a Little Spanish, But Have You Ever "Learned Christ"?

Posted Jul 28th 2005, 02:42 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

When you were in grade school, did you learn English? Did you learn any Spanish? Did you eventually learn algebra? How about this -- have you "learned Christ"?
Here's a brief study of Eph 4.20-21. This short passage presents to us a challenge to "know Christ" in a startlingly non-academic fashion!
Eph. 4.20-21:
"But ye did not so learn Christ;
if so be that you heard Him,
were taught in Him,
even as truth is in Jesus..." (ASV)
(1) It doesn't say, "learning about Christ" -- it...

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An Example of WHY "KingdomScribes" Need to Rise Up!

Posted Jul 13th 2005, 08:15 by KingdomScribes on Christian Living

Recently, we received a request from one of our members to evaluate a comment made by a nationally known figure.
In this short interchange, several crucial "KingdomScribes" principles are brought to light which we wanted to share in this newsletter.
First, here's the original request.
Good morning,
I was reading [name withheld] article from the Elijah List this morning in which he talks about a breakfast conversation he had with John Osteen before he died; apparently John asked ----- how according to 1...

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