Atomsound from Israel! - My Right Hand's Skill - #56 January 9, 2010

Posted Jan 9th 2010, 05:12 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

I'm excited this month, first, to share my hopes for your encouragement, your blessing and your prosperity in the new (Gregorian) year, 2010! May all your deepest dreams (the ones planted there by Yahweh) be watered with courage and shone upon by your Father's favor!
Also, I'm really happy to be forwarding a portion of David Silver's newsletter. I'll leave the rest of it a surprise for which you'll have to subscribe to see more. I don't know if David...

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Israel's Coming War - My Right Hand's Skill - #55 October 16, 2009

Posted Oct 16th 2009, 11:58 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

This month I want to call attention to David Silver and Out of Zion ministries in Haifa, Israel. The Silvers are warriors of the spirit and warriors in the flesh! David's eldest son, Stefan, was something of a wonder when he led a brigade into Lebanon during the recent war there - a forward-moving brigade that, historically, incurred many casualties - without one lost soldier. His testimony was recorded on both Israeli radio and television as a stunning testimony to...

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Taking Action for Her - My Right Hand's Skill - #54 September 13, 2009

Posted Sep 14th 2009, 01:19 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

President Obama is slated to speak (in a special powerful position) before the UN Securtiy Council September 21st-23rd in NY where he is purportedly going to present a new "piece deal" for Israel to give up more land to unrepentant terrorist entities, Fatah and Hamas. And we who love Israel's Jerusalem can possibly open our mouths and speak on her behalf. Taking action for Jerusalem can occur in many ways, I believe.
1 - We can pray, "Yahweh! Make Yerushalayim a...

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Glad Desert - My Right Hand's Skill - #53 August 3 2009

Posted Aug 3rd 2009, 10:55 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

Shalom saints in Yeshua the Messiah, True King of the Jews and Rightful King of the Universe, the very One who both made all (seen and unseen) and saves all who call upon His name, the name, Salvation (Yeshua means salvation in Hebrew!)
This month I'm simply relaying a message from the midst of the desert of Israel, Beersheva - the southernmost city of the territories actually settled by Israelites, according to the Bible, hence the expression "from Dan to Beersheba"...

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Today, the 61st Independence Day of Israel - My Right Hand's Skill - #51 April 30 2009

Posted Apr 30th 2009, 03:10 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

Today is Israel's Independance Day, by the Hebrew Calender not the Gregorian calander.
Wherever you are, say a prayer of thanks for Israel, heart of the Earth, and pray for her protection as she is (still) surrounded by nation-foes on every side.
Let your "Chag Semaiach" (happy holiday) be filled with commitment to pray for, to teach about and to long for our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) to be placed upon His throne in Yerushalayim!
From a Jewish publication -
Nationwide sirens on Monday...

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Hamas Targets and Uses Civilians - My Right Hand's Skill - #50 January 15 2009

Posted Jan 15th 2009, 02:59 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

Please consider the facts about this current war in Israel!
Since CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS and NBC all LIE about Israel constantly, if you aren't already apprised of what's REALLY happening in Israel on the ground in Gaza, please begin by watching this FOX news coverage - in which a Palestinian representative is EXPOSED as a liar!
Also keep in mind the civilians in Israel who are constantly under threat of death by these "rockets with no warheads"... they kill nonetheless!
This from...

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Soldiers of Light - My Right Hand's Skill - #49 December 16

Posted Dec 16th 2008, 10:21 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

Soldiers of Light - My Right Hand's Skill - #49 December 16
An original "atomsound" story for you this holiday season! Happy Chanukah!
Read John 10:22-24! "How long will you keep us in suspense?"
Once in history, in a land far away, the most noble being ever to grace the face of our planet, spent a special day in a very special city, Yerushalayim, celebrating a very special festival... a festival of lights.
Yeshua is his name. It means "Salvation" in the ancient Hebrew...

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Scribes of the Beautiful Heart - My Right Hand's Skill - #48 November 2

Posted Nov 2nd 2008, 09:05 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

Shalom saints of the Most High of Israel, Yahweh - who reveals His exact nature in His Son, Yeshua (Jesus).
I've been struck by how our hearts will forever be "scribes of the beautiful heart."
What Americans are struggling for now is focus. Focusing on the "stuff" of this world system?... or the stuff of heaven - Yeshua's beautiful heart!
One thing that America and Israel have in common? The wounding of that Great Heart regarding the unborn babies...
I recently discovered a number...

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World Prays for Shalom in Jerusalem - My Right Hand's Skill - #47 October 1

Posted Oct 1st 2008, 11:43 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

2nd Day of Yom Teruah - the day of trumpet blasts - teaching from Tom Weber below this reminder.
This from Jerusalem's House of Prayer, Sukkat Hallel.
Rick and Patti Ridings' Updates
Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem
Oct 1, 2008
Dear Praying Friends,
Please take a moment to read and pass on this urgent prayer update.
We are just days away from a powerful moment, when millions of Christians in every nation across the planet will join in faith and unity to pray together...

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America's Perfect Storm - My Right Hand's Skill #46 September 22, 2008

Posted Sep 22nd 2008, 11:04 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

I recently wrote a friend about the current Russian campaign to Venezuela.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice literally "stirred up" trouble for Galveston Texas at the end of last month! Follow the birth of a Hurricane.
August 25th, 2008, she was negotiating, unbeknownst to most, more effectively than ever before, with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Chief Palestinian Negotiator Ahmed Queri... to DIVIDE JERUSALEM!
Have you ever read how Yahweh FEELS about that?
Joel 3:2-3 -
2 I will gather all the nations. I will...

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1st Hand Account of Terror Today - My Right Hand's Skill #45 July 3

Posted Jul 4th 2008, 12:56 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

What can I say? I'm almost speechless. I'm numb. What if a man - a member of a vast, far-reaching ideology called radical Islam - hopped on any of the thousands of vehicles big enough to do this kind of damage in your city and drove through the downtown running people over? And add to that constant rocket barages in another corner of your city... it just gets to be overwhelming to think about sometimes.
Lord, have mercy on me and...

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Special Call to Prayer! - My Right Hand's Skill #44 May 29

Posted May 29th 2008, 12:30 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

The following is a complete reprint of Avner Boskey's stern warning to the USA for PRAYER to arise! Let's do this! Tom
- - - - - - -
Shalom friends!
This is a short word of exhortation, and a call to urgent prayer from Israel.
The God of the Old Testament is also the God of the New Testament. He is the God and Father of our Lord Messiah Yeshua. His ways of dealing with nations have not changed over the millennia. He...

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Amiel Ortiz and One New Man - My Right Hand's Skill #43 Apr 14

Posted Apr 14th 2008, 07:37 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

Beloved Saints in Yeshua our Messiah, King of the Universe, King of the Jews,
I believe time is shifting - has been since 1999 - and will continue to change in nature until the revelation of Yeshua over the Temple Mount in Israel sometime very soon.
Consider the attack against Messianic believers in Ariel, Israel and young Amiel Ortiz dufring Purim a few weeks ago - It was a blatant assault against a growing "remnant" of believers in the land of...

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Bombs in Israel Sderot... still... - My Right Hand's Skill #42 Feb 11

Posted Feb 11th 2008, 12:41 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

Get your attention? But is is very real... only this time it's against another town that resists the worldwide threat of Jihad... not Dallas... this time.
Over 750 missiles and over 850 bombs have been fired at Israeli cities by terrorist entities.
And we say, "Israel! Why you so upset!?" It's a sad commentary on the state of affairs when the world turns a blind eye because it's "just a little Jewish town"... Where is the worldwide protest?
Remember once before the Jews...

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Alert: Hamas "generates" Lies in Gaza Electricity "Crisis"

Posted Jan 21st 2008, 11:20 by My Right Hand's Skill on Christian Living

Shalom all,
May Yeshua (Jesus) be glorified as gentiles who have, for nearly 1800-1900 years brought shame to the name of Jesus Christ by defacto separation and humiliation of our Jewish roots (Romans 11:16-18), finally right what has been wrong by calling attention to and love for "the church in Jerusalem" (Acts 8:1, 11:22, 15:4 - the home of our forefathers in the faith).
Following may be a little political for your tastes, but that doesn't mean we should turn a blind...

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