Revocation of Israeli Rights

Posted Jun 9th 2009, 05:58 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

This news was just released by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, a ministry who counsels and defends Messianic Jewish concerns.  This bill, while seeming to address potential threats from the Arab population, it can be used against Messianic Jews who made "aliya" - became citizens.  The Law of Return allows anyone who can prove their Jewish-ness through their mother's line is granted citizenship.  There are those who claim that a "conversion" to Christianity deems a Jew no longer a Jew...and...

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Customer Review

Posted Jun 7th 2009, 08:47 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Hey all,
The book is now being offered by's The Kindle - the electronic book thing.  If you have read the book, or even parts of the book, and can give us a (good) review, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.  Here's the link:

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Later time for interview

Posted Jun 1st 2009, 03:20 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Answer to prayer .... time changed to 5:00-5:30 which enables broadcast into Seattle!

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Live Interview Monday June 1

Posted May 30th 2009, 11:32 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

4:30 PM (Pacific Coast Time)
Friends, please call and ask EASY questions or give your testimonies of celebrating the feasts of the Lord. 
Thanks for your prayers.  j

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Christianity Today comments

Posted May 30th 2009, 10:16 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Hey all, the comments have begun.  Please enter the discussion and keep it going.  Now would also be a good time to subscribe to the blog as well.  Thanks so much!

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Christianity Today Article

Posted May 29th 2009, 11:14 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Meanwhile, Ron postponed meeting me last Sunday saying that he had to visit a friend, but we would meet the next day. Well the next day has never come! Sadly this is typical of Israeli youth. I kept hoping.... But he has read the book.

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New Moon Testimony - Pentecost tonight!

Posted May 28th 2009, 06:06 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

And when the day of Pentecost had  fully come....
Did you ever wonder what Luke meant by "fully"?  Wonder no more.
The feasts always started at the beginning of the day, which according to God's calendar is at sundown.  Thus in Israel, the country "closes" down by about 3 PM as people rush home to be with family and friends, ready to welcome in the holiday.  Each of God's feasts is actually a Sabbath rest.
The holiday continues until sundown the next day.

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Trying again!

Posted May 24th 2009, 01:43 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

After two attempts at getting together with Ron and the other Israelis, we are meeting tonight (Sunday).  As of Friday, he had only 30 more pages to read.  That's amazing to me!
Yes, he has lots of questions and continues to be interested.
Please pray that NOTHING will interfere with our  meeting tonight and that I'll be able to share the Gospel with boldness and clarity.
Thanks. j

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A new testimony

Posted May 19th 2009, 09:08 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

From Barbara:
When you talked about the whole world coming together at the same time to celebrate the feasts, it was  exciting.  But then you said  to imagine that people would be celebrating in different time zones...which means there will be 24 hours of continued worship!  Awesome.
This is so of the Lord.  Praise Him!
Have you gotten your copy yet?
If you're in the Portland OR area, I'll be signing books at Milwauke 1st Baptist on June 7th.  Or you can meet...

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Spring 2009

Posted May 18th 2009, 03:00 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living


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New Moon Festival Celebration

Posted Mar 8th 2009, 12:57 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

The article "New Moon Festival Celebration" can be downloaded by copying and pasting the following into your browser:
If you cannot download the PDF, please contact me for a text file.

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Update January 2009

Posted Jan 25th 2009, 08:18 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Gratitude and loving appreciation to each of you who have held me close to your heart in prayer during the recent Gaza “activity.” Although I would have preferred to be there, God had me here – in Oregon. Please don’t think of me as brave or a hero, being separated from the Land I love during a time of crises is most difficult. But as a friend recently said, “Someone is always waiting on the other side of...

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HANUKKAH - The Rest of the Story

Posted Dec 18th 2008, 08:33 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Hanukkah, or the Feast of Dedication begins at sundown on Sunday, December 21st.  Like most  people, I didn't know the real story behind Hanukkah.  It was only when I began to study how Jesus celebrated the feasts, that I learned the "rest of the story."
Here is an excerpt from "Celebrate Jesus" to set the record straight. 
The Feast of Dedication was Jesus' last public declaration of His diety.  As recorded in John 10:22, the issue wasn't the clarity of His...

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Hanukkah Recipes on Blog

Posted Dec 18th 2008, 08:12 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Hanukkah begins on Sunday evening.  Like all holidays there are traditional foods which will make the day extra special.  Because Hanukkah lasts for eight days, it's a very special time indeed.
Traditionally Hanukkah recipes are sweet and fried - so just wink at your diet.
Fortunately this year (as it does often) Hanukkah coincides with go ahead and celebrate Jesus.
Please include your own special recipes (pictures, crafts and ideas) and keep watching the blog for more ideas:

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Dear Friends

Posted Dec 14th 2008, 02:49 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

December 2008
Dear friends of Joan,I am the missions pastor at Montavilla Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon, (Montavilla is Joan’s home church). Joan and I have been working closely this past year as...

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