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Posted Dec 2nd 2008, 12:53 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Blogging can be fun!!
I really need help to explore the “practicalities” of celebrating the “feasts of the Lord.” 
Please share with the rest of the world your experiences, pictures recipes, ideas or even “horror stories”
I’ve created a “blog site” for this very purpose. (yes we’re going hi-tech). If you need help in blogging…send your comments to me and I’ll put them on. 
Imagine how fun this can be as we learn from each other.
Recipes: Even if you’ve never celebrated the holidays, maybe you have...

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Posted Dec 1st 2008, 11:34 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

These calendars are the perfect accompaniment to "Celebrate Jesus "
"A Christian Perspective of the Biblical Feasts
The art work is lovely highlighting a different festival each month.
Each of the Lord's feasts are listed as well as the national holidays of modern Israel. 
Order now for delivery by the end of the year:

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Posted Nov 1st 2008, 02:53 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

The following report is about two weeks old - I'm sorry for the delay in getting this out.  Meanwhile I've arrived back in the States...Orlando, Florida to be exact.  I'll be here until the 10th and then onto Colorado Springs for about two weeks.  Finally I'll make my way to Portland.   I'm sleeping and eating only when necessary, believing I will get onto a normal cyle eventually. 
DON'T FORGET TO VISIT www.celebratejesusthebook.com  and place your order at the pre-release prices. ...

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Seder testimonies needed

Posted Sep 29th 2008, 01:59 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Friends, I'd like to include on our Book web site SHORT testimonies from those who have celebrated Passover. Whether you celebrated with me at one of our large Seder dinners or somewhere else, it would be very encouraging to the "newcomer" to hear what God did in your heart as you recognized and celebrated Jesus as your Passover Lamb.
Thanks. j

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Fall 2008 correction

Posted Sep 21st 2008, 12:02 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living


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Posted Sep 16th 2008, 10:06 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Time and security are the two issues which make hand carrying these bookmarks the only option.  The bookmarks will be the main promotional tool I'll use at the Feast so it's crucial that they arrive safely and on time.
Please let me know of anyone you know who is coming. Thanks. j

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September 16 Update

Posted Sep 16th 2008, 10:03 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Dear friends
Thank you for your continued prayers despite my silence.  Briefly here's what's going on....THE BOOK
We now have a title: "Celebrate Jesus"
The sub texts are yet to be finalized, but it might be something like, "A Christian Guide to the Biblical Feasts."
We're pushing hard to have the final draft into the publisher by 8 October so that I can begin a pre-publication sale on the 13th at the Feast of Tabernacle Conference here in Jerusalem and via the INTERNET.  The...

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Harvest in the Galilee

Posted Sep 1st 2008, 06:20 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

A pictorial version will be forthcoming.
Thank you for your prayers for us as we traveled back to the Galilee to visit Abdulah and his family. (Due to miscommunication, we were unable to visit Muhmud but look forward to meeting him this next Shabbat.)
Local Arab pastor Hanna accompanied us into this village for which he’d been praying for years. He truly was a God send guiding us through the shoals of cross culture and of course translating from English to...

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Book Project Prayer Request

Posted Aug 27th 2008, 10:00 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Cherished friends
Would you please pray for the next few days as important decisions must be made regarding the Book project.
First thank you for your encouragement on the project.  Everyone who has read the bits and pieces have been very affirming.  It's really a NOW thing.  Despite all the issues facing our nations and the Body, worship and celebration of God is eternal.  He has ordained His Feasts as a major vehicle to do that even into the Messianic Kingdom when Jesus Himself...

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Fishing in the Galilee

Posted Aug 19th 2008, 02:02 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

(Once again I cannot get the pictures onto this site, but they will appear on the Novea web site)
Dear friends, 
Thank you for your prayers for our little band of Israeli evangelists this week-end.  God heard, God remembered His covenant, God looked, God acknowledged, and God came down!  These words begin the Passover story (Exodus 2:23-3:14)
For you bottom line people: 3 Israelis, 1 Arab and 2 Bedouins prayed for Jesus to enter and change their lives.  Of...

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Two Prayer Requests

Posted Aug 7th 2008, 10:24 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Greetings filled with prayers for God's grace, peace, joy and love in Jesus!  He alone is our strength and satisfaction.
This is a quick note to ask for your prayers on two issues:
1) Friday/Saturday I'm joining a small band of radical YOUNG Israelis as they go into the harvest field.  They/we go without a "formal" organization or plan, just to "show up."  Their vision is to stay under the radar of the anti-missionaries who so successfully stopped our witness at the...

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Black Flags...& a word of life!

Posted Jul 26th 2008, 05:28 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Black flag warnings do not stop Israelis from playing in the surf.  The waves were keeping the surfers satisfied and the fierce undertow kept the swimmers behind the rock breakers.
My friends arrived at the beach before me and were ready to tackle the waves.  Breathless but excited they returned.  "It was glorious although we had to be steadfast to hold our ground getting back to shore.  But it was worth it."  With that they returned home leaving me alone to...

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Once Again

Posted Jul 22nd 2008, 09:01 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

"Once Again" read the headlines here.  Once again a young man from East Jerusalem used a bulldozer to terrorize and mow down Jewish Israelis. 
The attack came in another part of Jerusalem than the one three weeks ago, not far from the King David Hotel where Presidential hopeful Obama will arrive in just a few hours.
The causality list continues to grow as we receive more details. 
There's been a tangible heaviness in the air today that has made writing difficult. ...

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From the Streets July 16

Posted Jul 16th 2008, 03:54 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

Cherished friends,
Peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus. 
The contrast was stark indeed.  Israel welcomed two soldiers, killed two years ago in an ambush while patrolling her northern border.  Lebanon welcomed 5 soldiers, militants who'd been in jail, one of whom was responsible for the murder of a 4 year old child and her father.  Both countries hailed their soldiers as heroes.  The victims and the murderers. The murderers even walked a red carpet from their plane to...

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Greetings from the Desert

Posted Jul 14th 2008, 01:47 by Novea Ministries on Christian Living

from the Desert
Through the prophet Hosea, God
promised Israel that after a season of judgment He would

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