Power Through Spiritual Poverty

Posted Nov 4th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Every human being knows – unless that knowledge has been blunted by circumstances – that he or she ought to be someone important, that others ought to take notice, and that their life should mean something beyond the mundane realities of daily existence. Greatness is in our design, having been built into us by the Designer Himself, our Father God.
The surprising thing is that the path to greatness is opposite of what is intuitive to our fallen human nature. We...

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All-city Worship Gathering

Posted Aug 6th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Pavilion Gig Harbor Worship Gathering, Aug 18, 6:30 PM at Skansie Brothers Park
Join with friends and neighbors from Gig Harbor and the surrounding region to lift up worship to the Lord Jesus, and declare His blessings upon our city.
Time: 6:30 PM, August 18, 2018
Location: Skansie Brothers Park, 3211 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor
Would you consider a donation to Burning Heart Ministries that will help us with the expenses of this event? Click here to donate!
You are currently...

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Latest Update on Jeff Green - July 13

Posted Jul 13th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Latest Update on Jeff Green
I have very encouraging news from Jeff this morning. He reported to us that after our last visit, the doctors were surprised to tell him that his lungs were clear! He has since been able to be up and walking around, and this morning Jeff told me that he was able to take a shower unassisted last night! In his words – “Huge deal!” 
Jeff is immersing himself in worship, in listening to YouTube messages on healing...

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Jeff Green Update #4 - July 7

Posted Jul 7th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Marie and I went once again to pray over Jeff today. He’s had a rough week, dealing with an infection in one of his lungs, a normally minor thing that becomes major in the context of battling leukemia and the effects of chemotherapy.
Jeff was asleep when we arrived, having been given some Benadryl to aid him in resting. As we quietly invited the Holy Spirit to manifest His power, Jeff began to tremble under the weight of God’s presence. We...

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Update and Appeal for Jeff Green

Posted Jul 3rd, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Update on Jeff Green
The prayer battle continues for Jeff’s healing and for the restoration of what has been stolen from his family through this ordeal. Jeff’s healing has not come suddenly, and he is now in the process of receiving chemotherapy for the third time. The presence of the Lord is with him in a strong way, and that is our hope. But there is a great need for help in addition to your prayers.
I received a note from Karin,...

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A Further Update on Jeff Green

Posted Jun 30th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

First of all, thanks so much to all of you who have been praying with us for Jeff and his family! It’s so good to have a larger family of prayer involved in this. 
Yesterday morning we heard that Jeff’s levels were again at a dangerous place, so Marie and I went again to pray over him last evening. Karen was there, as well as their two daughters, and two prayer partners from Bethel Baptist Church in Tacoma. We shared some...

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Jeff Green Prayer Update

Posted Jun 28th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Many thanks to all you who joined us in prayer for Jeff Green. It was a powerful time of ministry both to Jeff and to his wife and sister. As we finished praying, his nurse came in to report that his platelet count had jumped from 9 to 87, which was in her words, “Unheard of!” BTW, normal is 150 to 450. 
In addition we were privileged to pray for another man battling leukemia, named Sean. Not only did we pray...

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Please Help Us Pray for Healing for Jeff Green

Posted Jun 27th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Marie and I have a new friend, Jeff Green, who we are about to meet face to face for the first time this evening. Jeff is battling late-stage leukemia, and we are going with a team to minister healing to him. Jeff is 48 years old, has a wife and two daughters, loves Jesus, and needs the healing touch of the Lord. Please join us in prayer tonight around 6 PM as we release the power of God upon him.

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Establishing Righteous Justice Through Worship

Posted May 23rd, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

“Righteousness and justice are the foundations of (God’s) throne” – Psalm 97:2
“You (God) are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel” – Psalm 22:3
There is much conversation in our time about the matter of justice – who deserves to get what, and the processes by which that justice will be employed. But justice will never be established by legislation, and neither will it be established by the good intentions of well-meaning people. Justice can only be established in one way...

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Posted Apr 19th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Psalm 17:4 With regard to the works of man, by the word of your lips I have avoided the ways of the violent.
In the life of David, who would become king over Israel, there were key moments when the pressures of daily life stressed him to the point of ungodly action. How many of us can relate to that!! 
This verse in Psalm 17 was possibly written in the aftermath of an encounter that would press David, and tempt him to...

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Pavilion Worship Gathering this Saturday, April 21

Posted Apr 16th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

The Pavilion Gig Harbor: A Worship Gathering for All Believers
It’s time once again to gather together as followers of Jesus in and around Gig Harbor to worship Him, and to speak blessings in His Name over our city and region.
We will meet this Saturday, April 21, from 6:30 - 8 PM at Peninsula Christian Fellowship, 3114 45th St Ct NW in Gig Harbor. We will gather in the Youth Building behind the sanctuary, and as always, childcare will be provided.

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For My Sake - Jesus

Posted Apr 4th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

I was reading yesterday from Oswald Chambers’ little volume on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and came across this potent paragraph:
There is a difference between devotion to principles and devotion to a Person. Jesus never proclaimed a cause; He proclaimed personal devotion to Himself—For My sake. Discipleship is based not on devotion to abstract ideals, but on devotion to a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ. . . (P.4).
The words “for My sake” jumped out at me, and some...

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Why The Resurrection Is So Important

Posted Mar 30th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

It’s Resurrection Weekend, and I want to share this article by Randy Alcorn on the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a long article, but well worth your time. Enjoy!
Why is the Resurrection so Important? – Randy Alcorn
In the late 1990s, a group of scholars assembled to evaluate whether Jesus actually said the things attributed to him by the Gospel writers. Although they employed remarkably subjective criteria in their evaluation of Scripture, members of the self-appointed “Jesus Seminar”...

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The Transcendent Longing for Home

Posted Mar 19th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

Over the past couple of months I’ve been involved with a number of senior citizens in my city, driving the bus that takes them on outings, or to the bank, grocery store, or all-in-one places like Target and Walmart. During this brief time, some friendships began to emerge with these seniors, and one of my favorites has been with Glen. Having just turned 84 years old, Glen had some trouble remembering things, but his sweet spirit and lively sense of...

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The Transcendent Longing for Beauty

Posted Mar 7th, 12:00 by Burning Heart Ministries on Church & Ministry

The yearning in our hearts for the Beautiful is perhaps the most difficult longing to put into words. Beauty is the least tangible of the transcendentals, and has become terribly obscured in our time. We have largely removed Beauty from our spiritual consciousness, replacing it with concepts and doctrines on one hand, or with a preoccupation with self-help and comfort on the other. While those realities certainly have their place, by neglecting Beauty we inadvertently sabotage our ability to touch...

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