School and New Challenges

Posted Aug 13th 2008, 11:32 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

WOW! Summer is winding down and its time to get ready for school. This summer has been a time for our youth to rest, work jobs, serve in missions and just have some fun. I know that many of you are well aware of the wonderful work done in missions by our youth. Let us remember to support them all year long as they continue in service through there time and in sharing with others the...

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Caregiver Needed

Posted Aug 5th 2008, 08:52 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

I hope everyone is enjoying the summertime! It sure can be a busy time with vacations, VBS! (I hope ya'll had a chance to witness some VBS stuff - I love it!), mission trips and all the great things that summer has to offer in service for Christ.
I am trying to help a wonderful woman find a caregiver. She needs someone during weekdays part time. This might be great for a mom who wants a part time...

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Helping the Tidewater Area In Summertime

Posted Jun 11th 2008, 07:44 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

Happy Summer to All!
Well, schools are letting out, the seniors are graduating (including our TWO!), and now the vacations begin! Not a bad outlook, right?
Jean and I have been very encouraged by seeing God's work being carried out in the community. There are signs throughout the year that He is at work and that He is utilizing all of His people in many, many ways. We see Scouts doing more service, mission work going on with many churches and church...

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Family Needs Help

Posted May 19th 2008, 08:38 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

David and I recently finished our move into a wonderful beach condo and we are happy to now be settled for hopefully at least a few years. We know that we have been truly blessed to find a place right in the neighborhood that we had hoped for.
Moving is a real struggle and one that can be harder for some than for others. We know of a family facing a serious need for a place to live. ...

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Loving Cat Needs Loving Home

Posted Apr 27th 2008, 07:18 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

It has been a busy month at our house!
We are in the process of moving yet again but this time, it will be a long term move and not far from our current location at the beach.
I am also starting a new job and what a blessing that is for us all!!!
Our new place is wonderful. I know that the Lord will fill it with His love and great days will come and go as we live in His...

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April 12

Posted Apr 10th 2008, 07:36 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

Here are two wonderful events that are FREE!!
This Saturday!
Thank you for the information - Lets just pray it doesnt rain!
****April 12 2008 at 2 pm Gateway Free Will Baptist Church in Virginia Beach is holding a childrens carnival. all friends and neighbors in the community are invited to attend. there is no charge for the carnival and there will be food and fun for all ages.
For more information call our office at 499-9686
****Old Dominion University invites YOU, your family, and...

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Hair Cuts!

Posted Mar 26th 2008, 08:00 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

Here is something that you may be interested in! Maybe you can spread the word or gather some friends and take advantage of this opportunity!
"Supercuts Advance Training Studio is offering Free Haircuts March 26,27,& 28. We offer free haircuts every six weeks and everyone is welcomed men,women,and children. Come and let the professionals give you the look you desire! We can give you a trim or a whole new style and remember it is completely free! So tell a...

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Are You Busy?

Posted Mar 21st 2008, 01:23 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

Are you busy? Another holiday of food and family and church and…
How is your family? Good I pray.
How are your neighbors? I don’t know many of mine. I think considering where I live they are all probably doing fine. It’s a very nice neighborhood. I haven’t asked recently but I am sure the lady across the street is doing better since last summer when her son was killed in an accident. She looks...

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Easter Program/Thank You

Posted Mar 15th 2008, 08:06 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

I have two things to pass on to ya'll this morning:
CCUMC’s Children’s Ministry is presenting …
Holy Land Adventure
Family Easter Event
Sunday, March 16th 1:30 pm ~ 3:30 pm
Courthouse Community United Methodist Church
Come and witness the drama, feel the music, create a craft,
smell the aroma of the oils and spices, and savor the delicious food of a Jerusalem market.
Experience Bible Times Culture
Encourage Lifelong Bible Learning
Thank You Mary for letting us know of this wonderful event!!
I want to send a SHOUT OUT to...

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Posted Mar 14th 2008, 08:11 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

"The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore" Psalm 121:8
Sometimes I feel like I am just going and going and going and getting no where. I am thinking about this today.
I know that we have not posted in awhile as we have been overwhelmed with changes and lifes situations. We just keep on going and going and going. David has started a new and better job this week and I have ended...

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Where were you?

Posted Feb 15th 2008, 12:36 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

Some one asked me a few days ago - "Where were you?" It threw me off guard and I did not know how to answer, but now I do.
A local beach business is in the process of closing its doors, going out of business for lack of enough business. I stopped in to say that I was sorry they had to close. The owner looked at me and asked "Where were you?" Okay, after I stumbled...

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Helpful programs

Posted Feb 1st 2008, 11:13 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

Here are two events coming soon that I want to inform you of. If you know of someone or you yourself could benefit, please check this out. Everyone needs help sometimes and as a Christian family we are called to reach out to one another in all situations.
Grief Share Seminar
This is a recovery seminar each Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm at Virginia Beach Community Chapel. Sessions include: When Your Dreams Fall Apart, The Seasons of Grief, When Your...

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Places to Donate

Posted Jan 18th 2008, 03:48 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

Hi Everyone!
I do a weekly newsletter for missions that is handed out at my church every Sunday and this week I featured a few places that are in need of donations.
I am passing this info on to you so that you might consider them when you are thinking of donating goods.
Potters House: Food - Label for the Potters House and leave near the Welcome Center desk at Virginia Beach United Methodist Church on 19th and Pacific.
Bike Ministry: Bikes for...

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Christmas Wishes and Blessings

Posted Dec 25th 2007, 09:57 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

As we welcome the birth of Christ, may we all be thankful for the renewed visibility of our faith this year. After several years in which it has seemed that not only our faith, but even our celebrations have been under attack, our hearts are gladdened to see and hear "Merry Christmas" and also our Lord's name spoken and on the screens much more than in recent years.
Christians have finally begun to let it be known that...

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Immediate Need!

Posted Dec 15th 2007, 08:46 by Tidewater Ministries Network on Evangelism/Missions

I received this immediate need message. If you can help, please email me (Jean) at and I will forward your contact info to Brenda.
Would you please circulate the word about this need:
There is an immediate need for a ramp for a lady in Norfolk who has terminal cancer, so that she doesn't have to
go up and down steps anymore. It doesn't have to be new or permanent because when she gets to
the point that she will...

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