Posted Sep 27th 2009, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

In Ephesians 5:16, Paul helps us to see time differently, so we can use it wisely. He told the Ephesians to “redeem the time.”
What did and does it mean to redeem the time? In Greek, there are two words for time. The first is chronos - where we get our word chronology. Chronos is sequential time, moving time, chronological time. The other word is kairos. Kairos can be translated as a fixed moment in time. It is leveraging opportunities,...

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Posted Sep 20th 2009, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Just my opinion:
Our decisions control our moods... so we have to make better decisions to be better Christians. 
If we want to reach the world and experience the power of God in our purpose, we must make decisions that allow God's spirit to continue to be projected through us.  You see, being moody and emotional in a negative sense hinders your witness, and causes you to make temporary decisions that can ultimate change the way God's Spiritual gifts and fruit...

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What Every Man Wants In A Woman and Vice Versa

Posted Sep 13th 2009, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

10 Qualities For Nurturing Intimacy For A Man
1- He wants sexual fulfillment
2- He wants a recreational playmate
3- He wants a beautiful wife
4- He wants a committed homemaker
5- He wants admiration
6- He wants a woman of moral value
7- He wants someone with a sense of humor
8- He wants intelligence
9- He wants someone he can totally trust
10- He wants someone who is absolutely honest
10 Qualities For Nurturing Intimacy For A Woman
1- She wants a Godly Man
2- She wants romance
3- She wants a...

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Digging Deep 02/25/09

Posted May 17th 2009, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Dripping With Confidence
It is always amazing to me how different the world’s way of thinking can be so opposite
to God’s way of thinking. That what the world considers normal and what the world is
used to is so different than what God considers normal and what God is used to. For
example, here is a very popular saying of the world, bet if I start you can finish.
“Promises were made to be broken”
That’s because man is so flawed and because man has...

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Digging Deep 02/11/09

Posted May 13th 2009, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Teaching by Apostle H. Daniel Wilson, Senior Pastor
Welcome to Digging Deep Q1 2009 Semester!
Welcome to another night of Digging Deep in the Word of God. Once again, the
purpose of our Digging Deep teaching is not just for revelation or information
but for activation and manifestion!
And again tonight we are Digging Deep into the wonderful subject of our
covenant connection. This ties into our Sunday teaching giving us a greater
understanding and appreciation of relationship.
In the world there is a famous credit card company...

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Digging Deep 02/04/09

Posted May 10th 2009, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Teaching by Apostle H. Daniel Wilson, Senior Pastor
Welcome to Digging Deep Q1 2009 Semester!
Are you currently feeling or previously felt you started off this semester of
Digging Deep feeling:
Frustration Loneliness Anger Failure
Disappointment Delay Insignificance Forgotten Doubt
As I look around, most of our hands are up because a vast majority of us have
felt these feelings. And with these feelings always comes doubt if God really
cares and hears our prayers.
Now the problem with feelings is that feelings change and unless we have
something more...

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Digging Deep 03/11/09

Posted May 8th 2009, 09:53 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

The Promise Keeper ~His Promises Will Never Fail
It is the objective of Holy Ghost to assure us through the Word of God and by our
own admission that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that because God is a
covenant God, His promises will NEVER, EVER fail, He is the PROMISE
I hear you TOL (thinking out loud), you’re asking the questions…
HOW can I be absolutely sure? OR Can I be absolutely sure? YES WE CAN!
God has a record with a...

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just Checking In

Posted Apr 8th 2009, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

    A minister passing through his church 
    In the middle of the day, 
    Decided to pause by the altar 
    And see who had come to pray. 
    Just then the back door opened, 
    A man came down the aisle, 
    The minister frowned as he saw 
    The man hadn't shaved in a while. 
    His shirt was kind a shabby 
    And his coat was worn and frayed, 

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I Need A Door To Open Up

Posted Apr 1st 2009, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Father in the name of Jesus, I pray you open doors for the person who sent
me this as well as those I am sending it to. Only You can open doors no
man can close and for that we honor You today. Thank You for the open
doors of life, health, strength, prosperity, wealth, and love. Also, thank
You for closing the doors of death, sickness, weakness, despair, poverty,
and bitterness. We...

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Prayer for Life

Posted Mar 24th 2009, 05:11 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

I understood God to say,
'You need a miracle tomorrow'
so here goes...Prov. 29:25
You never know
when God is going to bless you!!
Good things happen when
you least expect them to !!!!!!!!
Dear Lord, I thank You for this day,
I thank You for my being able to see
and to hear this morning.
I'm blessed because You are
a forgiving God and
an understanding God.
You have done so much for me
and You keep on blessing me....

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Posted Dec 13th 2008, 02:43 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

God’s Promises are Trustworthy
      There are literally hundreds of promises in the Word of God, and each one of them is worthy of implicit trust.  What does this mean?  If we are to trust the promises of God implicitly, what does that trust entail?
          Trust, as it is defined by Webster, is “...assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.”  To trust God’s promises, therefore, means that we rely with assurance on God’s character, ability,...

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Empowered Forgiveness

Posted Sep 25th 2008, 05:12 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Empowered Forgiveness
In life there will always be times when we are affected by the actions of another person. When this happens, we often receive an apology. More often than not we say, “It’s alright,” or “ It’s okay,” and by saying this we are allowing, accepting, and giving permission for the behavior to happen again. When we say “thank you,” or “I accept your apology,” we are forced to sit in our feelings rather than ignore them.
There are many of...

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Pay Attention To The P.S. at the end!!

Posted Sep 7th 2008, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Pay Attention To The P.S. at the end!!
This can really make you think. It actually made me really mad while I was reading it, but it made me realize some things. Plus, I had to send it because of the P.S.
This is deep... and I wasn't going to forward or share it, but that last line... you'll see.
I saw you yesterday as you began your daily chores. You awoke without kneeling to pray. As a...

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True Friendship In Action!!

Posted Aug 3rd 2008, 12:00 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Did Anyone Ever Tell You?
How Important You Make Others Feel
Somebody out here is Smiling
About Love that is so Real
Did Anyone Ever Tell You?
That Many Times When They were Sad
Your messages made Them Smile a bit
In Fact It made Them Glad
For the Time You Spend Sending Things
And Sharing whatever You Find
There are No Words to Thank You
But Somebody, Thinks You're Fine
Did Anyone Ever Tell You?
Just How Much They Love You
Well, My Dearest Friend
Today, Now I am Telling You....
YOUR~A TrueFriend~

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Does evil exist?

Posted Jul 30th 2008, 01:25 by JesusLoveWalk on Inspiration

Does evil exist?
Does evil exist? The university professor challenged his students with this question. Did God create everything that exists?
A student bravely replied, "Yes, he did!"
"God created everything?" The professor asked.
"Yes sir", the student replied.
The professor answered, "If God created everything, then God created evil since evil exists, and according to the principle that our works define who we are, then God is evil". The student became quiet.
The professor was quite pleased with himself and boasted to the students...

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