Being His Hands and Feet

Posted Apr 13th 2010, 01:10 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

Being His Hands and Feet
When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."  Matthew 9:36-38
Jesus saw that the people were helpless. . . His heart went out to them. . . and as a result, He took...

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Stay in God's Will

Posted Apr 12th 2010, 01:10 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

Stay in God's Will
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all you ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths."  Proverbs 3:5-6
Dr. Baker James Cauthen resigned from the faculty of Southwestern Seminary and the pastorate of Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Ft. Worth to take his family to China in 1939, in the midst of war.  His explanation was simple: the safest place in all the world to be is...

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You Know How It Feels

Posted Apr 9th 2010, 03:42 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

During Napoleon's invasion of Russia, his troops were battling in the middle of yet another small town in that endless wintry land, when he was accidentally separated from his men. A group of Russian Cossacks spotted him and began chasing him through the twisting streets. Napoleon ran for his life and ducked into a little furrier's shop on a side alley. As Napoleon entered the shop, gasping for breath, he saw the furrier and cried...

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What's Your Prayer Excuse?

Posted Apr 8th 2010, 02:18 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

Charles Spurgeon once said that as Christians we should become addicted to prayer.
We know how important it is to pray. We also are excellent at finding excuses why we don't have the time. Primarily, our lives are structured around the things we consider important. When God is important enough to us, the end result will be prayer. The decision to pray is the battle. Once that decision has been made, most of the battle is over.
Common excuses...

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The Beggar's Rags

Posted Apr 7th 2010, 01:02 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

The Beggar's Rags
A beggar lived near the king's palace. One day he saw a proclamation posted outside the palace gate. The king was giving a great dinner. Anyone dressed in royal garments was invited to the party.
The beggar went on his way. He looked at the rags he was wearing and sighed. Surely only kings and their families wore royal robes, he thought. Slowly an idea crept into his mind. The audacity of it made him...

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He Became One of Us

Posted Apr 6th 2010, 02:10 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

On February 15, 1921, there was a doctor who performed an appendectomy. The doctor performing the surgery was Dr. Evan O'Neill Kane, who over his 37-year medical career had performed nearly 4,000 appendectomies, so this surgery was not at all unusual except for two things.
First of all, this was the first time that local anesthesia had ever been used in major surgery. Dr. Kane believed that local anesthesia was safer than putting a patient completely to sleep....

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Unless I See

Posted Apr 5th 2010, 01:25 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

Unless I See
It had been three long and difficult days when Thomas' friends came to him with the farfetched story that they had been to the tomb where Jesus had been buried, and it was empty. "His body is gone!" He would not believe it.
"I don't care if you call me "Doubting Thomas" for the rest of my life, or until the end of time for that matter, unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my...

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The Painting

Posted Apr 2nd 2010, 02:05 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

The Painting
Years ago, there was a very wealthy man who, with his devoted young son, shared a passion for art collecting. Together they traveled around the world, adding only the finest art treasures to their collection. Priceless works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and many others adorned the walls of the family estate.
The widowed elder man looked on with satisfaction, as his only child became an experienced art collector. The son's trained eye and sharp business mind caused his father...

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Bailey's Jesus

Posted Apr 1st 2010, 02:05 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

God recently allowed me to see Jesus through the eyes of someone seeing Him for the first time. Having the advantage of knowing how the story ends, we can easily forget the cost of our redemption and the love of our Savior.
Every year we attend a local church pageant at Christmas time, which tells the story of Jesus from His birth through His resurrection. It is a spectacular event, with live animals and hundreds of cast members in...

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The Legend of the Three Trees

Posted Mar 31st 2010, 01:50 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

Once there were three trees on a hill in the woods.  They were discussing their hopes and dreams when the first tree said, "Someday I hope to be a treasure chest.  I could be filled with gold, silver and precious gems.  I could be decorated with intricate carving and everyone would see the beauty."
Then the second tree said, "Someday I will be a mighty ship.  I will take kings and queens across the waters and...

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The Empty Egg

Posted Mar 30th 2010, 01:40 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

The Empty Egg
Jeremy was born with a twisted body and a slow mind. At the age of 12 he was still in second grade, seemingly unable to learn. His teacher, Doris Miller, often became exasperated with him. He would squirm in his seat, drool, and make grunting noises. At other times, he spoke clearly and distinctly, as if a spot of light had penetrated the darkness of his brain. Most of the time, however, Jeremy just irritated his teacher....

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Still He Walked

Posted Mar 29th 2010, 02:10 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

"Still He Walked"
He could hear the crowds screaming "crucify" "crucify"...
He could hear the hatred in their voices,
These were his chosen people.
He loved them,
And they were going to crucify him.
He was beaten, bleeding and weakened...
His heart was broken,
But still He walked.
He could see the crowd as he came from the palace.
He knew each of the faces so well.
He had created them.
He knew every smile, every laugh, and every shed tear,
But now they were contorted with rage and anger

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Special Daily Encourager for Children

Posted Mar 27th 2010, 02:10 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

Easter Story Cookies
You need:
1 c. whole pecans
1 tsp. vinegar
3 egg whites
Pinch salt
1 c. sugar
Zipper baggie
Wooden spoon
Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.

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Pushups For Donuts

Posted Mar 26th 2010, 02:44 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

Pushups For Donuts
There was a boy by the name of Steve who was attending school in Utah. Brother Christianson taught at this particular school. He had an open-door policy and would take in any student that had been thrown out of another class as long as they would abide by his rules. Steve had been kicked out of his sixth period and no other teacher wanted him, so he went into Brother Christianson's class.
Steve was told that he...

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Posted Mar 25th 2010, 02:33 by The Daily Encourager on Inspiration

One of our favorite Daily Encourager's...   
Desperately, helplessly, longingly, I cried,
Quietly, patiently, lovingly God replied.
I pled and I wept for a clue to my fate,
And the Master so gently said, "Child, you must wait."
"Wait?  You say, wait! " my indignant reply.
"Lord, I need answers, I need to know why!
Is your hand shortened? Or have you not heard?
By Faith, I have asked, and I am claiming your Word.
My future and all...

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