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They build up under the surface of the water, becoming larger and larger as the moments tick away. Then they crest, roll over, make a very loud noise, bubble and foam, then finally dissipate. This is the pattern of the wave as I have observed it this week while on vacation at the beach. Waves at the beach are never ending. One is gone, and the next rolls in, one after another. Some are larger and louder than others, but...

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Wrestling on Our Knees

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Wrestling On Our Knees
"The great people of the earth today are the people who pray. I do not mean those who talk about prayer; nor those who say they believe in prayer... I mean those who take time and pray." (S.D. Gordon)
It was a frightening experience. My wife and I had never seen it happen to one of our children. It all began ten years ago when our son, Aaron, contracted the flu. Standing up to his strong will, we...

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The Power of Prayer

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The Power of Prayer
When George McCluskey married and started a family, he decided to invest one hour a day in prayer, because he wanted his kids to follow Christ.  After a time, he expanded his prayers to include his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Every day between 11 a.m. and noon, he prayed for the next three generations.
As the years went by, his two daughters committed their lives to Christ and married men who went into full-time ministry. The two couples produced...

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It Looked So Real

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It Looked So Real
Then Jesus told him (Thomas), "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."  John 20:29
A few people drifted into the kitchen before the meeting, commenting one after another about the plant on the counter.  “I can’t believe that’s real!”  “Is that orchid real?”  “Oh wow, that can’t be real.”
Yes it was real, a beautiful gift about three years earlier from friends. Each year since it had bloomed magnificently....

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I See Jesus

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I See Jesus
I saw Jesus last week.
He was wearing blue jeans and an old shirt.
He was up at the church building;
He was alone and working hard.
For just a minute he looked a little like one of our members.
But it was Jesus . . . I could tell by his smile.
I saw Jesus last Sunday.
He was teaching a Bible class.
He didn't talk real loud or use long words,
But you could tell he believed what he said.
For just a minute, he looked...

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The Lord Is Not In It!

Posted Oct 13th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

The Lord Is Not In It
"The LORD said, 'Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by'" (1 Kings 19:11).
"I don't believe that God is in it," I said to my friend. A situation had arisen in which another friend was about to engage in something they felt God was leading them into. Later, the truth of the situation was revealed and our friend made a bad mistake....

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The Graduation Gift

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The Graduation Gift
There's an old story of a young man who about to graduate from college. Whether the story is just an illustration or the depiction of an actual event, it's still a great lesson to consider. 
It seems that for many months the young man had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom, and his father could well afford to buy it. He told his father that the car was the only thing he wanted.  As Graduation Day...

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Tests of the Heart

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The Concept of Grace

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There is a great article that illustrates the concept of grace written by Charles Stanley.
One of my more memorable seminary professors had a practical way of illustrating to his students the concept of grace. At the end of his evangelism course he would distribute the exam with the caution to read it all the way through before beginning to answer it. This caution was written on the exam as well. As we read the test, it became...

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Excellent Misfortunes

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Excellent Misfortunes
Some might call it dumb luck - and a few accidents  - that saved a mining company back in 1902.
This mining and manufacturing enterprise, which was originally based in Two Harbors, Michigan, planned to mine and sell corundum, which is the world's hardest natural substance second only to diamonds.  The mine produced an inferior form of corundum, but the creative staff found that this abrasive could be used to manufacture sand paper. So they mined and they manufactured, and...

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The Target

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The Target
Sally, a seminary student, related an experience from one of her classes. One of her teachers, Professor Thornton, was known for his elaborate object lessons. On one particular day, when Sally walked into his class, there was a big target on the wall and a lot of darts on the table next to it.
Dr. Thornton told the students to draw a picture of someone that they disliked or someone who had made them angry... and he would allow them...

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Do You Want To Be Made Well?

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Do You Want to Be Made Well?
"A certain man was there who had an infirmity for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he had already been in this condition for a long time, He asked him, 'Do you want to be made whole?" (John 5:5-6)
You may have heard the old story (a fable to be sure) about the mother who knocks on her son's door. "James" she says, "wake up!" James answers, "I don't want...

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The Necessity of the Desert

Posted Oct 1st, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

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Faithful Instructions

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There was a man who got lost in the wilderness. After wandering around for a long time his throat became very dry, about that time he saw a little shack in the distance. He made his way over to the shack and found a water pump with a small jug of water and a note.
The note read: "pour all the water into the top of the pump to prime it, if you do this you will get all the...

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The Refiner's Fire

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