The Actor

Posted Jun 22nd, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

There was once a Shakespearean actor who was known everywhere for his one-man shows of readings and recitations from the classics.  He would always end his performance with a dramatic reading of Psalm 23.
Each night, without exception, as the actor began his recitation -- "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want"... the crowd would listen attentively.  Then, at the conclusion of the Psalm, they would rise in thunderous applause in appreciation of the actor's incredible ability to...

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A Place of Nothingness

Posted Jun 21st, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

The Place of Nothingness
"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10) .
Do you find yourself in a place of nothingness? There is a time and place in our walk with God in which He sets us in a place of isolation and waiting. It is a place in which all past experiences are of no value. It is a time of such stillness that it can disturb the most faithful if we do not understand that He is...

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A Prayer Using the Names of God

Posted Jun 20th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

A Prayer Using The Names Of God
I KNOW you can create something out of nothing, will you create something out of any nothing areas - impossible situations in my life.
El Elyon,
I KNOW you are in control, sovereign, and I give you my circumstances today.
I KNOW you are my Lord and Master, I choose to follow you instead of the ways of the world.
El Shaddai,
I KNOW you are God Almighty, and I trust that you are sufficient for my deepest...

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Dear Child

Posted Jun 19th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

As your father, I just wanted to remind you today of how beautiful you are because there is "father of lies" who will try to deceive you. He will try to tell you that you are not good enough, not attractive enough, not thin enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, not righteous enough, and that you are simply unimportant to Me.
He will try to tell you that you have broken one too many promises, that you have fallen one...

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The Father's Heart

Posted Jun 18th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

"So he got up and went to his father.
But while he was still a long way off,
his father saw him and was filled with
compassion for him; he ran to his son,
threw his arms around him and kissed him."
(Luke 15:20 - The Prodigal Son)
While he was still a long way off...
The father knew the son's heart!
He did not say,
"Here comes that scoundrel...
What does he expect from me? A loan?"
Perhaps we are a long way off
from being what God expects...

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Father's Day - "The Father Won't Let Go"

Posted Jun 15th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

Father's Day: The Father Won't Let Go
John 10:28  ". . . neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand."
Some years ago, on a hot summer day in south Florida, a little boy decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind his house.  In a hurry to dive into the cool water, he ran out of the back door, leaving behind shoes, socks, and shirt as he went.  He flew into the water, not realizing...

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Father's Day Favorite - "The Winner"

Posted Jun 14th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

My favorite "Father's Day" story.  Enjoy!!!
"The Winner"
I was watching some little kids play soccer. These kids were only five or six years old, but they were playing a real game - a serious game - two teams, complete with coaches, uniforms, and parents. I didn't know any of them, so I was able to enjoy the game without the distraction of being anxious about winning or losing - I wished the parents and coaches could have done the same.
The teams...

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The Storms of Life

Posted Jun 13th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

The Storms of Life
"Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd" (Matt. 14:22)
We can be smack in the center of God’s will and still go through terrible storms. Christ loved the disciples with all His heart, yet He "made" them get into the boat when He knew a storm was coming. They were exactly where they were supposed to be and still experienced frightening...

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The Hesitant Bride

Posted Jun 12th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

The Hesitant Bride
I had an uncomfortable experience at a wedding recently. Everything was going along as planned until it came time for the minister to ask that all-important question of the bride, "Do you take John to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
Just then, for some unknown reason, there was an incredibly long and unbelievably awkward silence. No one, at the time, knew for sure if the bride had just zoned out for a moment, or if she was actually contemplating how...

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Here I Raise My Ebenezer

Posted Jun 11th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

"Here I Raise My Ebenezer"
There's a peculiar line in the classic hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".  It's in the second stanza; and it says, "Here I raise my Ebenezer." Most people are probably not familiar with the single verse from which that line originated. Robert Robinson apparently not only knew of the verse but also understood its meaning and importance, for it was he who wrote those words into his beautiful and timeless hymn.
In 1 Samuel 7:12 we are...

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Lord, Kill the Spider

Posted Jun 8th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God" (Hebrews 12:1-2)

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Peanuts, Pecans and Potatoes

Posted Jun 7th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

Peanuts, Pecans and...Potatoes?
"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him." (Psalm 34:8)
I'm a "foodie". Not only do I enjoy eating, but I pay a lot of attention to how things taste and what the ingredients are. Last night I prepared a hot fudge sundae for myself after dinner. As I was sprinkling on some granulated mixed nuts, I read the label. Serving size 2tbsp; calories 100 etc. When I got to...

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You Have Circled This Mountain Long Enough

Posted Jun 6th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

You Have Circled This Mountain Long Enough
"You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north." (Deuteronomy 2:3)
Will the second half of 2018 be any different than first half?  Will you "press on" in your faith this year or will you continue to wallow in self-pity or live in the "Land of  What If" or the "Land of If Only"?  Will you focus on what lies ahead or will you continue to focus on your past?
Listen to this wonderful challenge...

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Posted Jun 5th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

The famous actor Gregory Peck was once standing in line with a friend, waiting for a table in a crowded Los Angeles restaurant.  They had been waiting for some time, the diners seemed to be taking their time eating and new tables weren't opening up very fast. They weren't even that close to the front of the line. Peck's friend became impatient, and he said to Gregory Peck, "Why don't you tell the maitre d' who you are?"
Gregory Peck responded,...

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Practicing the Golden Rule

Posted Jun 4th, 12:00 by thedailyencourager on Inspiration

Last night, while watching the Woman's Softball Tournament, I was remined of one of the most touching moments in women's sports history.  It took place at a women's softball game on April 26, 2008.  Central Washington and Western Oregon faced off against each other, with the winner to receive a bid to the NCAA's Division II playoffs.
Sara Tucholsky, a Western Oregon player, came to the plate in the second inning with the score tied 0-0 and two...

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