Winter Storytelling at Hamaatsa

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Winter Storytelling begins at Hamaatsa
Sunday, December 6  ~  3:00 pm
Songs and Stories from tribal American oral tradition with
Keresan Pueblo Storyteller, Larry Littlebird and Guest Storytellers.
The storyteller begins,"Hama-Ha"
The listeners respond,  "Eh, Ehh!"
Hama-Ha is a significant Keresan Pueblo Indian storytelling experience.
Hama-Ha in Keresan language means: "A first dawn in the East, a time when all was
one in the heart of the Creator."  In the natural order of life we would gather around
the winter fire to listen - listening with our whole being to ancient...

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Need More Native Music?

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This is My Body - The Rough Faced Girl

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 This Is My Body
The Rough-Faced Girl
 This is not a Cherokee story.  It comes from up north, around the Great Lakes region.
 Long ago there was a town on the shores of one of the Great Lakes of the North.  In this town there were many houses, but toward one end of the town and very near the lake, there was a very great house.  On the walls of this great house their were designs painted of birds and animals, of plants and...

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November Is Native American Heritage Month

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 U.S. Census Bureau News
Event photos and interviews available,     contact on site: (818) 510-5577
Media Advisory For Immediate Release – Same-day event 
Friday October 30, 2009
Los Angeles – California
WHAT:         Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles City Council, the City Attorney and City Controller together with the United States Census Bureau celebrate National Native American...

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Atty General Holder Speaks at Tribal Listening Conference

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Remarks by Attorney General Eric Holder at Press Conference Following Tribal Nations Listening Session
ST. PAUL, MINN. ~ Thursday, October 29, 2009
Remarks as prepared for delivery:
Thank you all for joining us today. Joining me on stage are Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli, the United States Attorney for Minnesota Todd Jones, and three representatives from the Native American community: Theresa Pouley of the Colville Confederated Tribes, Zackeree Kelin of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma, and Ted Quasula of the Hualapai Tribe.
As many of you...

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Sacred Warrior: Music Video (Resend)

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 Click HERE to see this music video

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Until We All Meet Again - Music Video - Mike Jacobs

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I miss hearing Michael Jacobs in person. He's a great guy, and he sings and plays guitar well enough to support himself. I'll let you decide. He does concerts on rez's all over. Gee, if Seattle could only get it's reservation land back! (I'll talk to Duwamish Chair Cecile Hansen and see how she's doing on that!)
As for Michael's music, enjoy one of his songs here.
If you want to see his website and find more of his music, go here!

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White Bison Wins Award for Native Sobriety Program

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A Colorado Springs group that helps Native Americansovercome alcoholism, drug abuse and other health issues has won a $100,000 prize from aSan Francisco think tank.
White Bison Inc. won the Purpose Prize from Civic Ventures. The prize recognizes innovators and initiatives solving community problems.
White Bison's founder, Don Coyhis, says he'll use the money to expand the nonprofit group he founded in 1988 and launch an institute to promote wellness - or what he calls "Wellbriety" - among the nation's 564 tribes.
Coyhis, 66, marked 31 years of sobriety in August. He named...

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Who to Follow? Who Not to Follow?

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  Saturday, October 24, 2009
"Who To Follow....Who Not To Follow?"
Good Evening,
So many views, so many opinions and now folks are asking, "Who to follow and Who Not To Follow?"
Centuries, decades and years would come and go, Indian Country would accumulate sympathizers, supporters and followers, folks who were for the most part sincere and faithful, however, in time some people, to include a few Indians, discovered they could make a few dollars off of the culture and ceremonial activity and the continued acts of genocide of...

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New Cherokee Language Immersion School Opens

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New Cherokee School Opens
Leadership from three Cherokee nations came together last week to mark the opening of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ Kituwah Academy, a language immersion school for preschool through fifth grade students located in Cherokee, North Carolina. 
Kituwah Academy“This is what you call a dream come true,” proclaimed Wiggins Black Fox, before delivering an opening prayer in the Cherokee language.  Leroy Littlejohn, also of the Eastern Band, and Cherokee Nation representatives from Oklahoma, Tom Belt and George Byrd,...

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This Week on Native America Calling!

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 Native America Calling Airs Live 
Monday - Friday, 1-2pm Eastern
To participate call
that's 1-800-99-NATIVE

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vIDEO: New Entrepreneurs- Native American Natural Foods - Tanka Bar!

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Episode 2

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The Forgotten People: Faces of the Navajo Nation

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Honoring the Native American Beading Tradition

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Ron Murphy, of Joliet, shows some off the clothing he has made by doing Native American bead work. liz wilkinson allen/staff photographer 
With every bead of his art, Native-Americans honored
Joliet man takes up craft work rooted in Native American culture
October 18, 2009
Ron Murphy of Joliet has an alter ego.
Most days, he's simply "Ron," a 73-year-old retired guy who goes to church on Sunday and mows the lawn every Friday.
But every so often this seemingly ordinary fellow is transformed into a...

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Native Women in Most Danger 15 Years After Violence Against Women Act

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October 19th, 2009
Native women suffer most 15 years after Violence Against Women Act
Posted: 08:40 PM ET
By Terry Frieden
CNN Justice Producer
WASHINGTON (CNN) - Fifteen years after passage of the landmark Violence Against Women Act to combat physical abuse of women and girls, domestic violence remains especially acute among native women, Justice officials said Monday.
"The levels of violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women are shocking, and cannot be tolerated," said Deputy Attorney General David Ogden. "Indeed, in some tribal land...

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