Apostolic Order and Authority

Posted Jun 24th 2010, 07:19 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

What Is Apostolic Order or Authority? 
The summary answer is: Apostolic Order or Authority is being sent by Jesus Christ with an authorization to use His inherent power to fulfill His purpose. This apostolic sending has four parts:
* First, the...

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Posted Jun 14th 2010, 01:58 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

"Dear Readers and Subscribers:
This word below is exactly what I have been experiencing for about one month now! Meditate on it and my it resonate with in you

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Teaching at The Rock Institute Newport Beach tonight

Posted Apr 14th 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Dear Readers and Subscribers:
Please join us for another session at The Rock Institute Tonight
Time 7:00 pm
4063 Birch Street # 150
Newport Beach California 92660
I will be teaching that we need to have the understanding that we can no longer do business soley out of our gift/talents in our related businesses and assignment in the kingdom age!  We must work in two realms simultaniously!
We must build our structer and foundation in the spirit realm in proportion to the assingment
We build by knowing...

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The Watchman by Clay Sikes

Posted Apr 13th 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Dear Readers and Subscribers:
The message below was written by prophetic businessman Clay Sikes from Gerogia!  He has posted on In Jesus as long as I have since 2001 and has dropped out from time to time, but is currently posting regurlary.  His messages resonate with me and clearly paralled much of what I have articulated in other seasons. 
Many have walked as Clay, and I have, and for others it is now a place to encourage those who are understanding...

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correction on our twitter account

Posted Apr 5th 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Dear Readers and subscribers:
As I becime more familiar with the new media.  I have foudnout tha I connected you with Lighthouse prophesy instead of CeoInsitute at tweets mentoring.
 Please connect with us there for daily updates and important reports and information.  As stated before you must open your own Tweets account to follow us.
We are taking our messages and info. to the "cultural mandate" to increase those outside the four walls in the markeplace for the kingdom and for such a...

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Teaching dates In Newport Beach Orange County Every Wednesday Evening

Posted Apr 2nd 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Dear Readers and Subscribers:
We have begun a significant shift into the second quarter of 2010.  And it is a significant one!
One of the most important needs is to stay abreast of the “cultural mandate” and the kingdom come on earth into the areas as it is in heaven that we are mandated to infiltrate!
My daughter has a new media specialist background and the new media is part of changing us out of religious containment and getting His work done...

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USA New Health Care Information

Posted Mar 30th 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Dear Readers and Subscribers:
This was just sent to me by my CPA Hans K. I felt it was worth posting to you the readership for prayer discernment and wisdom for days ahead.
In Acts there was a supernatural transition and powerful transformation to walk in an extraordinary power to heal the sick,... a power never before employed by natural men. But these men had walked with the living Jesus Christ. They waited upon His instructions to receive what was necessary to...

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The Quantum Realm of Glory

Posted Mar 23rd 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Dear Readers and Subscribers:
This is an amazing post to share please take this to a time of meditation it will be a huge blessing
Ann Bandini
CEO Leadership Consulting and Training Institute
JoAnn McFatter
As we carry on in the faith, holding to our belief systems and trusting God will move in and through us along the way, I would like to put things on pause for a moment. Yes, I would like you to push the pause button...

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2 Chronicales 7:14 When Devastation Brings the Humility to Bring Restoration to All Things

Posted Mar 17th 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Below is the workings of the power of the living God to a disenfranchised people. We in the West who have had some disenfranchisment from comfort on a small scale can observe and immediate need to stay broken and humbel at all times.  Our slight daily momentary afflictions pale in comparison! May we take...

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Promotion Comes from the Lord

Posted Mar 9th 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

CEO Leadership Consulting and Training Institute
Promotion comes from the Lord
Dear Readers and Subscribers:
In my research I see the need to walk in the "rest of God" in times of promotion. A pure heart and a circumspect spirit will focus on the joy of the journey.  God is looking for  those who desire to walk like Daniel with and excellent spirit! The training is a place of going on to perfection.
The training ground brings forth advancment! The power...

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The Times of Releases When Obediently Connected with God

Posted Mar 5th 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Deart Readers and Subscribers:
We live in interesting times at best. If we don't make a place to receive Gods instructions we continue with out real communication for each endevor set before us.
In these times it is imperative to know a communication with God  that shows us His kindness and directions every day. He is longing to take the unanswered questions, dramas and intrusions on our uninterupted self absorbed agenda and break them down into bit size pieces to...

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The Spirit of Religion is the Complacent Opposing Force

Posted Jan 25th 2010, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

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2010 a Message from Clay Sykes Kingdom Business leader

Posted Dec 30th 2009, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Dear Readers and Subscribers:
Due to computor problems and the holidays I have been off line a lot this season.  I feel this following message is one to be studied and pondered!
It is going to be an amazing year.  I feel to all who have found it  a necessisity to obediently establish daily intimacy with the Lord of the harvest, that there are enormous increases comming. It should not be uncommon for these to spend no less than 2 hours a...

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What You Need to Know Abuot the Health Care Bill in the USA and Contact the Senators of Your State

Posted Nov 9th 2009, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Key Passages from Healthcare Bill
Fred and Sue Rowe
Nov 8, 2009
We send this to you as concerned citizens, prayer warriors and physicians.  Much of the news coverage has called this a "defining moment" for President Obama's presidency and Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.  We have heard no news coverage in all of this with concerns towards defending and defining the "will" of the people.  Is there concern for the will of the people being represented in ...

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Your Taxes and National Debt

Posted Oct 21st 2009, 12:00 by CEO/Cells of Prayer on Prayer

Dear Readers and Subscribers:
The article below was sent to me by my CPA who resides in Washington state.  He is a believer. I have been his client for 8 years now although I live in California.  I felt it prudent enough to post this as a message for your perusal, review and discernment.
We live in exciting times and those who are really staying close to God are full of joy in great challening transition.
If you choose to contact Hans...

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