November update

Posted Oct 31st 2008, 10:04 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

This will probably be my last time I
send out a newsletter via - the service has been
exemplary, but I am switching to another system. You will receive this
newsletter - in slightly amended form by that method too. If you do not
receive that and you wish to continue on the mailing list please let me
know. Also let me know if you wish to have your email address where you
receive reports.
I do a more regular blog - so newsletters only...

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October update

Posted Oct 1st 2008, 12:56 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

Here is a brief update of the planned move
to Palma de Mallorca. I will use this service to update people over the
next few months. The newsletter can be downloaded here: October
    * Spain’s largest island and the
largest of the Balearic islands
    * 750,000 inhabitants with half of those living in Palma
    * 12 million visitors per annum
Why Mallorca?
There are a number of elements that have
come together to point the way toward Mallorca. The journey began for
Martin in around April....

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How things change...

Posted Aug 15th 2008, 06:06 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

It has been some time since I have put out
a few comments here (mostly I use the blog at Here then are just some brief updates:
Biggest news is that in November (30th) I will joyfully take
marriage vows to Gayle Crawford. This is amazing good news for
me. We have just returned from time in Inverness (where she has been
based for 4 years, pursuing what the Lord put in her heart concerning
Scotland), Orkney - my birth place and were able to...

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COPP in the North

Posted Jul 15th 2008, 01:32 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

COPP in the North
of England
Chris Meredith
is running a COPP in the Bradford area this Autumn... details below. He
Originally drafted up by Martin Scott and below he explains a bit about COPP:
concept of companies of prophetic people is a response to the call of
the Spirit for the increase of the prophetic gift in the nation and
nations. The first company began...

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Geographic move: 3

Posted Jul 9th 2008, 12:00 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

There are a number of interesting factors in this planned move:
1998 wild-fire vision and its impact around the mediterranean.
1991 I had a vision of young people moving to european locations outside the UK and the moves were seeming to be arbitrary and unrelated, but then from there bridges were built back to the UK and then others crossed the bridges later. They were also joined by older people (I am just under...

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Geographic move: 2

Posted Jul 7th 2008, 10:22 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

So at the end of my last communication I wrote:
I felt the immediate next step (and maybe beyond) was that I needed to reposition myself to serve them. I cannot talk about 3 generations and not walk this path. Initially I thought I should go for a year and dig in to help them to find what they need there. The Lord leads though step by step.
Although I initiate in many areas, I think my real strength is in coming...

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July notes: geographical move

Posted Jul 4th 2008, 05:16 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

1. Brief update
2. Brazil and visa
3. Waste disposal potential breakthrough
4. Personal geographic move
1. Brief update
These past weeks have been most
interesting. The continuation of some previous connections, and also
some new connections and invitations. Perhaps the highlight since I
last wrote was a weekend in Llanelli, Wales. Antioch church has been
one of those places that has sought to steward what I brought in 98
about wild-fire coming across Wales, and beyond. The presence of God,
healings, direction, affirmation etc., all were manifest. These...

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June update

Posted Jun 16th 2008, 04:08 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

It has been some time since I last sent
out a report through the service offered by For those who
wish to follow my thoughts, developments and travels more closely I do
use a regular blog at
In July I will begin to write about what I perceive as a major
transition. This seems to involve a geographical move - perhaps the
first of two in the next few years. It is most likely to be in the
early part of 09, some 3...

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Posted Apr 17th 2008, 06:10 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

I am trying to continue to use this
service about once a month to update on various activities. I do a more
regular update on my web site.
April & Brazil
This is an interesting month for me. I should have been back in Brazil
but am unable to apply for the necessary documents till July this year
- with a view then to going back in October for 5 weeks. There has been
yet another major oil find in the ocean off Rio, so the...

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Walk to Jerusalem,March 4th-13th,2008

Posted Mar 17th 2008, 05:16 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

Given the significance
of Steve & teams' walk to Jerusalem (and beyond) I wanted to post
this here. These are momentous days. The prophetic teams that walk are
opening up so much space... prayer is not diminishing but rising... and
there will be space to make entrance into the gates.
Final report: Walk to
So I sit
here in front of my computer trying to find the words to encapsulate
yet another incredible few days out on the road and the wonder of a
journey concluded thirty two...

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Canterbury; March 12-15, 2008

Posted Mar 16th 2008, 06:14 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

such a historic city.
Like many cities with a strong history, the city can either be locked
in the past, or break free to release resources for the future. The
type of city is such that new things can come but they will often
quickly be assimilated into the landscape, becoming domesticated and
part of the status quo.
It was such a privilege to work there and
to partner with those
calling for a new future. Each morning we had around 40+ people
together for 3 hours for...

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March update

Posted Mar 10th 2008, 06:04 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

I sit here as a storm is over the UK, and
a few days ago the biggest earthquake that has been in the UK in 24
years. Chuck Pierce had just released a word that included that we were
not to be disturbed by the storm that will come in the next week - so
the sign is certainly a major reminder.
So some updates - scroll down to find anything of interest:
COPP is getting some shape... Chris Meredith will begin in
Colchester in April,...

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Forthcoming team opportunities

Posted Feb 12th 2008, 01:52 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

I have returned from the USA (4 weeks travelling in Northern California). The main thrust was on the need to occupy the gates in order to see a cultural shift. The battle we face is not that primarily of legislation, but at the cultural level: what is a norm or not.
I enjoyed enormously my time there - it is now been 10 years of regular input and I had the compliment that my finger prints are now visible throughout the...

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2008: an open gate

Posted Jan 21st 2008, 11:40 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

My apologies
for being off-line for a week or more. I lost my site and all emails as
a result (long story) but this morning (21 Jan) it all came back on
line. I am currently up in Northern California and it is such a key
time here, and I know that I am here at a key time with many changes
ready to take place.
Also for those who want to follow more closely what I am up to check
out on a regular basis...

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Update on COPP

Posted Dec 17th 2007, 06:28 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

have been working for some time on a number of issues of how we can
achieve more while not doing more.... One of the main areas where I
have been frustrated was in the area of what we termed Company of Prophetic People
(COPP) simply
due to busyness.
Most of you know that the desire behind this was to help play a part in
developing those with prophetic gifting
so that they could grow and then have opportunity to journey with
others - hence...

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