Successful exit and summary

Posted Nov 7th 2007, 02:10 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

Brazil... an update and only a summary of
some observations, there
is so much that happens in four weeks and so much I could write.
My exit
First a big thank you for the prayers for exit. I decided
to fly out of
Rio which did mean an extra flight from Brasilia to Rio, an extra fare
and also a penalty on my flight back to the UK - not much extra money
so no problem.
My reason for flying this way was the advice I was given...

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Posted Nov 5th 2007, 02:34 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

My apologies for using this report for the
issue of my exit out of Brazil... but I am keeping as many people as up
to date as possible.
I have a decision to make tomorrow about my exit - to fly from
Brasilia on Wednesday with my ticket as is, or fly to Rio, change my
ticket and fly from there.
I phoned the British Embassy today - they cannot intervene as there is
a policy between Brazil and UK of non-intervention at the level of

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Passport and prayer

Posted Nov 2nd 2007, 01:54 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

We are having a very important time in Brazil. This is the time of God for the nation. I have tried to send this email out by different means and each time the computer crashes..... It is a request for prayer and the summary is here:
My passport challenges continue. In short I am allowed in the country for 90 days at a time and up to 180 days in a 365 day period. I have only ever had a maximum...

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Journey to Jerusalem: Damascus and Syria

Posted Oct 15th 2007, 04:20 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

While I am in Fortaleza, Brazil a city
totally exploited (past and present) by Europeans: exploited
economically and sexually, Steve Lowton and a team have just completed
walking another stage of the journey to Jerusalem. Worlds apart from
where I am and also probably from where most of the readers of this
email are at. Yet so much in common. I have just returned from a lunch
with some pastors who are gaining sight that it is not church growth
that shifts a city (40 years...

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Posted Oct 11th 2007, 04:52 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

My last email was short trip to Brazil;
this one short trip to UK....
I am waiting for final confirmation of my ticket back to Brazil (it is
9.30pm UK time Thurs 11th). I have been cleared by Brazil to return,
their investigation continues, so I ask that there is  not someone down
the line who is made a scapegoat for this. The Federal Police
investigation will take a while to come to a conclusion, but it does
appear as if I have been stitched up...

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Short return visit to Brasil

Posted Oct 10th 2007, 01:07 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

I will keep this email brief... I left
home 39 hours ago for Brasil and 2 hours ago returned home. I was
refused entry at Brasilia because as I understand it the computer had
me down as staying illegally in Brasil last year for 6 months!! (Their
English was better than my Portuguese but only just, so I know the
problem was '6  months' and 'last year'). In my passport it is very
clear the entry and exit dates, the longest time I have been...

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Brazil: Oct 9 - Nov 7

Posted Oct 8th 2007, 03:38 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

Tomorrow I have the privilege of being in Brazil
again for four weeks. This will be my second time there this year. The
future for the nation is good: I believe she is destined to be a shaper
of the future politically, economically and also spiritually. It is an
enormous privilege to partner with people who take their place
prayer-wise seriously.
Since being there last time various signs have taken place so I believe
I can have a confidence about being there at the right time....

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Sweden summary

Posted Sep 29th 2007, 05:17 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

It is very challenging to write a summary
from the time that we have had in Sweden. Four of us travelled
together: Malc Peirce and Kristina Adams from the UK and Hillevi
Fahlquist from Sweden. I have no
idea how many miles we clocked up, but the privileged of being in the
nation was immense.
It is fitting to mention a former giant in the prayer arena: Kjell
Sjoberg who died in 1997. Wherever I went there those who had either
worked with him directly or had...

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A new year

Posted Sep 18th 2007, 05:33 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

In a few days time I intend to write some kind of summary of the
time in Sweden. It has been a very important time for the nation and
also for me personally. I was there over the time of the Jewish New
Year and it does appear as if this is marking a significant shift. Some
speak of it as the year of the open gate - the doors are opening, the
church can go places it has not gone in years.

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Eschatology and Sweden!!

Posted Sep 12th 2007, 10:38 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

Eschatology and Sweden: the subjects are not direclty related in the sense that the end of the world has not come in Sweden while you were busy doing something else!!! But first to say that on Saturday 22nd September when I return from Sweden I will be at the Bridge, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, KT22 7RB from 1.30-5.00 pm. I am doing a few sessions on eschatology - probably 2 as an introduction and then one on the book of Revelation....

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Sweden... Europe perspectives

Posted Sep 10th 2007, 05:10 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

Sept 10: day off in Boras!!
I am sending out in the next few days two reports / prophetic
perspectives. This one is loosely formed as a report on Sweden and from
there perspectives on the European church at this time. (For those who
wish to read more on Sweden and a more day to day blow of events see
This is a report that I have formed while in Sweden. I still have one
week over here and I head toward the capital this...

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Sweden: short report

Posted Aug 31st 2007, 02:58 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

I am keeping things up to date on the web
through some blogs I send out each day at but
this is a short encouraging report.
First an email report I received this morning:
Hello martin!
We have to tell you that one of the clocks it was not going,now is going. I, Anita, saw in at lunchtime the same day you left from Umeå. I had to call Björn and ask ,did you pot in a new battery he did not of...

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August 2007... update

Posted Aug 18th 2007, 02:58 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

Personal: It is
some time since I last sent
out a report - I have posted shorter reports on my web site in the form
of blogs at and that will increasingly be what
I will do. This sowing seeds report will essentially be some personal
reflections so either delete or work your way to an interesting part.
I am
amazed but I have just completed 9 years of
travelling. In 1996 I had a word from a prophet in the USA,
saying that
I would travel...

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Plymouth: July 5-8

Posted Jul 9th 2007, 04:50 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

I visited Plymouth with a team back in 2000, and have not been back to the city since that time. The invitation to come to the city was an unusual one. I received an email from someone I did not know saying that they had had a burden for the city to be praying on 7/7/7 and that he wanted me to consider joining them. I sat on the invitation for a while but eventually sensed the Lord say...

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Meiningen, Liverpool

Posted Jun 11th 2007, 09:16 by Sowing seeds for revival on Prayer

1. Changes
2. Meiningen
3. Manchester
Changes: web site, reports:
I am making a few changes so first a note about them:
Change of email address: now I am using so please update any address books to that. Thanks!!
I am developing a new web site (a little patience will be needed here till I get it finished!!):
Changes with the reports: I will continue to use this service ( but will send out less regular reports through this means. I will use...

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