Posted Dec 26th 2009, 11:40 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Explosive chambers of revival direct the next step. Ignition is submission to the whisper of grace. Movement is ministry in action toward a single purpose to love God deeply. You are in the chamber of deeper love expressed freely. Proclaim power defined by the person of Christ in you. Hope and healing is generating faith to go forward without hesitation.
Renewed boldness is yours to proclaim. Bread and wine from his table is fresh. God moves. Grace proves. You are tested...

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Posted Dec 20th 2009, 06:53 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Distractions can bring discord to your prayer life. Prayer includes an intentional focus. When we decide to place things in proper perspective in our devotion to the Lord many things fall into place and peace begins to reign. We can have an abiding joy that comes from our fellowship with God. As we draw nearer the Holy Spirit brings us nearer to the throne room experience. Grace is access by faith into the wonderful realm of God's love. Life certainly...

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Seek the Seeker

Posted Jul 9th 2009, 09:06 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Take time to be present to the presence of God. How aware are we of God's activity? Seek the seeker. The Kingdom is near. You are at the gate of Gethsemane. You are a stones throw away from divine destiny. Watch with him for an hour. When you are weak, God is strong. Will to be in God's will. Step in harms way for the sheep of the Good Shepherd. Rejoice that Jesus has found you. Weep for the lost...

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Bread on the Water

Posted Jul 9th 2009, 08:53 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

breath of God is on the work he is doing in you
rescued at the river to deliver
eagle ministry
angels are ministering to you
destiny is victory
open the windows of heaven with your prayers for blessing
never give up
touch the hem for healing
hidden for a reason
everlasting love upholds you
wisdom is a prayer away
answers ride the revival wave
trust the Shepherd
evil will not prevail
rise up in faith and stand on your confident confession in Christ

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Over the Banks

Posted May 11th 2009, 01:21 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Light has come to those who sit in darkness. The darkness cannot overcome it. Bear witness to the light. Glory is revealed with faith as a seal. Shine! You are a city on a hill. Shine! Do not cover what God makes known. Let your light shine. What a sight to see. Freedom has glory. Fear hides in the garden. Do not kick against His word to you. Press toward your high calling in Christ. Looking back will stop you...

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Posted Dec 12th 2008, 10:30 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Bring the best for the least. Boldly speak while others tremble. What is in your hand? Use it for the Kingdom of God. Your field needs the Gardener. The Vine must have fruit. Your branch must see the Son. Believe! The voice of one in the wilderness makes a highway for the King. The Holy Spirit comes to comfort his people. The Father speaks that Salvation has come. Joy to the World! The deaf hear. The blind see. The lame...

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Posted Sep 29th 2008, 09:30 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

The day is before you. Declare his glory. The night has passed and joy greets you. Be strong in the Lord. He is mighty to save. God can reach out far enough to touch the heart. Look up! Listen! God calls your name. You are near to him. He hears your cry. Hold fast to the promise. God is steadfast and faithful to the end. Praise! Worship! Sing to the Lord a new song. Stand in the congregation and join...

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Walk in Faith

Posted Aug 14th 2008, 01:26 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

You have been tested and tried in fire. Your future has faith factored in. Fear is removed. In grace you are at the source. Surrender secures you to the Son. Walk with him and you are in faith. Why wander? Enter into the wonder of his love. He walks with you. Take the steps of transformation. You are walking and leaping and praising God at the beautiful gate. He has strengthened the weak. Hope in God. His presence is not...

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Faith says to go...

Posted May 26th 2008, 09:52 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

The past is not your reference point for this decision. Do not allow pride to block your destiny. God will strengthen and sustain you for what is ahead. Keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus when everything starts to whirl. Praise and worship is a beautiful garment to wear. Focus on the word he has given you. He is true to the promise he made. Rise up in healing fountains. Abraham's faith says to go. Do not be troubled or afraid...

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Upper Room

Posted Mar 31st 2008, 11:29 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Upper Room
Your patience is infused with joy! Hope is laid up for you. Look at what has come. Holy! Holy! Holy! Your song of worship rises up with the lifting of the veil. Bride, What glory you see! You understand the grace of God in truth. You have a love made known to the world. Nothing can stop this push of new birth. The bread has been broken. Speak the praises of him who has brought you out of darkness...

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Posted Feb 13th 2008, 09:05 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. He leads us in paths of righteousness for his name sake. Jesus is the Good shepherd who calls us to follow him into the desert to face and defeat the tempter. His forty day fast weakened him physically but spiritually he was strong. Word of life hears the words of Satan."If you are God's Son, command stones to become bread." Jesus knows the source of real sustenance. He lives on every...

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Posted Jan 15th 2008, 08:55 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Forgiveness is a certainty rooted in the cross and the blood what was shed for your sin. To know Jesus is to know pardon. Father runs to us to restore what we have lost. The evidence of our sin leaves us silent before the judgment seat until we hear the word. Grace is enough. Faith is the only response that is pleasing to God. Grace is the source of the fountain that we drink from. The blood of Jesus has...

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Streams of Mercy Never Ceasing!

Posted Jan 15th 2008, 08:42 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Look for a developed hunger for intimacy. This is our watch. Remain faithful. Listen with love, praise, and thankfulness. Speak grace. Write the vision. Walk in the Holy Spirit. Fire is in the hour. Each moment is aflame with love. Lead with the Shepherd by your side. Go into all the world and preach Good News. Pure streams flow from yielded vessels. Be kind. Remain firm in your faith. New birth is joy for harvest. Hate evil and seek the...

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Posted Jan 14th 2008, 09:08 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Our Lord Jesus is worthy. He is the Lamb that has cleansed your heart. He was and is and is to come. Glory and honor belong to him. Let the fruit of your lips bring praise to him. Kneel before the King of glory. He is the Lord strong and mighty. Rise up and do what he commands. Greater love is to lay down your life for others. For God so loved he gave...Give without fear and let faith win....

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Enter the Gate

Posted Jan 11th 2008, 10:47 by a word from the Heart on Prophetic

Gates of Praise
Today you have heard and received a fresh calling. Take the steps that are necessary. This is not the time to hesitate. Your steps are ordered by the Lord. Go in faith. Walk in love. Look to see how much hope you can impart. The place of power is rooted in the passion you have to do his will. The waiting time is over and now you can act knowing God is with you. You are worthy and...

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