He Is God

Posted Apr 29th 2008, 04:53 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

May this bless all the brethren in Christ Jesus as much as it has me!
He is the First and Last,
The Beginning and the End!
He is the keeper of Creation and the Creator of all!
He is the Architect of the universe and the Manager of all times.
He always was, He always is, and He always will be ...
unmoved, Unchanged, Undefeated, and never Undone!
He was bruised and brought healing!
He was pierced and eased pain!
He was persecuted and brought freedom!
He was dead and brought life!

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A Note of Encouragment

Posted Apr 14th 2008, 08:30 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

May God bless you this day...with His courage!
I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. Psalms 9:1
One of the most difficult jobs around is that of reporters, those people whose job is to discover what's going on in the world and then tell the rest of us.  They may work in television or radio, publications in print or on the Internet.  They may be with an international organization or a small...

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The True Church

Posted Mar 11th 2008, 09:20 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

I want you to belong to the one true Church: to the Church outside of which there is no salvation. I do not ask where you go on a Sunday; I only ask, "Do you belong to the one true Church?"
Where is this one true Church? What is this one true Church like? What are the marks by which this one true Church may be known? You may well ask such questions. Give me your attention, and I will provide...

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Abide In Christ - Obeying His Commandments

Posted Feb 24th 2008, 11:32 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

“If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.” — John 15:10
  How clearly we are taught here the place which good works are to occupy in the life of the believer! Christ as the beloved Son was in the Father’s love. He kept His commandments, and so He abode in the love. So the believer, without works, receives Christ and is in Him; he keeps the...

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Posted Feb 22nd 2008, 08:51 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

In this day and age we have come to a place in church history where there is very little evidence of spiritual discernment. What I would like to do, if I may, is a brief study of: what spiritual discernment is, what it is not, who should have it, where does it come from, and how to receive it.
"Discern" (dok-im-ad'-zo) as used in the new testament means to test, examine, prove, scrutinize, (to see whether a thing is genuine...

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The Wheat and the Tares

Posted Feb 13th 2008, 09:15 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

Notes of Sermons
There is something wonderfully gracious in the way the Lord waits upon His people to instruct them: it is calculated to draw out the affections and the minds of believers in love and gratitude. But how often have they cause for shame, that the occupations of their minds and hearts render them insensible to the various ways, means, and methods in which a God of love teaches them!
God is blessing them all the way, and His mercy is...

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Please Join the Million Dollar Tract March!

Posted Feb 7th 2008, 11:31 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

Sign up today to get your free tracts and include your neighborhood in this exciting outreach. In the week leading up to Easter (March 17-21, 2008), we will be sending out 1,000,000 FREE Gospel tracts (in shipments of 25-50), with the following goals:
1) Spreading the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. So many people today have either never heard the Gospel, or have only heard a "watered-down" version of it. It is our desire to have people hear the Bible's message...

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The Importance of Prayer

Posted Jan 28th 2008, 08:03 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

Prayer is one of the most important Christian activities. Through sustained prayer you are practising a close walk with the Lord, which is foundational to success in other aspects of your Christian life. It also ensures victory in the struggle against the Evil One as, in faith, you commit yourself to the care and protection of the great Conqueror, Jesus Christ. Dr. Andrew Murray said: “I am sure that we will never fully realise what prayer is meant to be,...

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A Relationship That Comes With Conditions

Posted Jan 3rd 2008, 12:33 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

Through the pages of Scripture, God makes known His attributes to man, and then in turn lets man know how we are to respond to Him through those attributes.  This response is not as man so chooses it to be, but as God has established through and by His word. (This lack of mans’ ability to choose how to respond is not in conflict with the responsibility given to man, through his will in coming unto the Lord for salvation...

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What Vine Is This? (Devotional)

Posted Dec 28th 2007, 10:03 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

“Therefore prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.” I Peter 1:13 (NIV) “The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray.” 1 Pet. 4:7
When we think of Peter, we may remember a rash fisherman prematurely boasting that he will never deny Christ. Or, perhaps we envision his desperate attempt to rescue Jesus, by pulling out...

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Dealing With Apostasy, Part 2

Posted Dec 23rd 2007, 10:27 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

V. How to identify false teachers
Jesus and His Apostles not only predicted apostasy, they also told us how to identify false prophets and teachers! There are distinguishing marks by which they can be recognized. They exalt themselves and lord it over others. They are deceptive. They bring a different doctrine.
False teachers exalt themselves and lord it over others
One of the most noticeable marks of false teachers is that, like Diotrophes (3 John 9), they usually love to have the preeminence. They like...

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Christ is All in All

Posted Nov 19th 2007, 09:01 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

The Apostle Paul was a chosen vessel to bear the name of Christ, to carry it up and down in the world. Indeed, his spirit was full of Christ. He desired to know nothing but Christ, to preach nothing but Christ, to be found in none but Christ. The very name of Christ was delightful to him. He seeks to magnify Christ in all of his epistles and, in these words I read to you, he omnifies Christ. He does...

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How To Spend the Day with God

Posted Nov 17th 2007, 10:17 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

A holy life is inclined to be made easier when we know the usual sequence and method of our duties - with everything falling into its proper place. Therefore, I shall give some brief directions for spending the day in a holy manner.
Measure the time of your sleep appropriately so that you do not waste your precious morning hours sluggishly in your bed. Let the time of your sleep be matched to your health and labour, and not to...

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Signs of Living To Please God

Posted Nov 17th 2007, 10:12 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

See therefore that you live upon God's approval as that which you chiefly seek, and will suffice you: which you may discover by these signs.
1. You will be most careful to understand the Scripture, to know what doth please and displease God.
2. You will be more careful in the doing of every duty, to fit it to the pleasing of God than men.
3. You will look to your hearts, and not only to your actions; to your...

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The Present Effect of Waiting For Christ

Posted Sep 25th 2007, 10:34 by Faithful Messengers of Christ Jesus on Prophetic

There are two things which constitute the joy of a Christian, which are his strength on the road, and the object constantly before his heart.
First, present communion and fellowship with God the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ.
Secondly, the hope of the coming of the Lord. And these two cannot be separated without loss to our souls, for we cannot have all the profit without both of them.

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