Prophet's Journal - Everybody

Posted Oct 7th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Wants to be understood 
You are loved 
Recognition must come
From above
Come find
The secret place
A simple knowing
As you
His face
That He
Is enough
To satisfy
Your eye
For approval
By removal 
Of the lies
Of this world
Constant swirl
Seeking attention 
Some mention 
Of significance 
Do you feel me? 
Do you see me?
Do you hear me?
Empty desire
Persistent inquiries 
To be known
Before our life
Is blown
In the whirlwind 
Of insignificance 
Will somebody dance 
With me?
I need
Unending plea
Untill I discover
My Lover
Waiting for me
To simply
Who you are
No superstar 
Just loved
From above
At His feet
Don't need to 
Or be understood 
He is
Your good
Uncover those lies
You'll be surprised 
Finding your identity 
Deep in His...

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Prophet's Journal - I Am Free

Posted Sep 16th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

As I drink
As I imbibe
So sweetly
My heart is
Lifted above
By eternal love
Whispers of the dove
Calling cooing 
Me away
From now
To dwell
In eternity 
No longer bound
Completely surrounded
By grace
Above this place
In wonderment 
Vast fields to ponder
Flowing streams
Joyful dreams
Come true
Because of
My Lover and Friend 
As we spend
Our time
We will never depart
Heart to heart
We imbibe
We reside
In oneness
Total blessedness 
In the secret place
Face to face
No more trace
Of the temporal
So simple
No longer to wander
Searching for emptiness 
Holy kiss
Satisfies my soul
Making me whole
Heavenly bliss
Encompasses my being
With forever seeing
Off to reality
I am free
Woody Winchell

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Prophet's Journal - Nine One One

Posted Sep 11th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

It has been quite some time (17 years) since the tragedy September 11, 2001. This word was written soon after that unthinkable intrusion upon our nation's soil. It was, at that time, a blunt and direct call for lessons to be learned that would result in a turning toward God and away from all too familiar idols. Although the pain of that event has mostly subsided, the cry for repentance is echoing down the years of unheeded warnings. May this word...

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Prophet's Journal - Crucified Friend

Posted Sep 2nd, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Only the fiery flame of the Lord can penetrate the depths of our being, consuming our wayward desires and keeping us through an understanding of His crucifeid love. Let this latest poem help renew your desire to know Christ and Him crucified.
If you would like a copy of my new book "Riches of the Glory - Revealing mysteries through poems for the final hour" please respond to this email or call me at 402-707-4302 and we will make arrangments to...

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Prophet's Journal - Simple Simplicity

Posted Aug 5th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Recent posts of poems like the one below are examples of the poetry in my new book entitled:
"Riches of the Glory -
Revealing the Mystery through poems for the Final Hour"
You should be receiving an email soon inviting you to our book reading and signing event on Saturday August 25th.
Hopefully you cna make it to the event if you are local to me. If not, you can click on the picture of the book title and scroll down to the bottom...

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Prophet's Journal - One Thing

Posted Jul 29th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

One Thing
One thing
Do I desire
Do I require
My joy
My freedom 
Lifts me higher
As I seek
As I inquire
My heart is inspired
To dwell 
To behold 
To know
Where He lives
Who He is
Why I exist
Heavenly bliss
A pure kiss
My longing persists 
Until I find
The One
So kind
Leaving behind
Learning to cling
To One
My Lover
My Friend
Letting all go
That isn't Him
Beginning again 
In simple grace 
Beholding His face
Changing my pace
From hurried strife
Confused life
Hopeless endeavors 
To favor
In His presence 
Imbibing the essence
Of His nature
Full flavor
Of Truth
Setting free
Joy completely 
As I dine
At His table
Fully able
To flourish
As I'm nourished
By the One
Who owns my...

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Prophet's Journal - Destiny

Posted Jul 18th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

In conjunction 
In communion 
In union
In Him
I live
I move
I have my being
My seeing
Is from eternity 
Same perspective 
As He
We move freely
Without stint
Nothing impedes 
Where we've been sent
Amazing vitality 
Conjoined in purpose 
Life exudes
From His reality
Married in function 
We traverse the land
Offering wholeness 
Walking hand in hand
We are unstoppable 
In this eternal journey 
Our times are one
The work is done
Completed from the beginning 
Holy Spirit 
Working in unison
Bringing many sons
To glory
Finishing the story 
Eternal purpose 
All things one
In the Son
Victory won
Moving together 
With the light of life
I see clearly
In all the strife 
My course is planned
Holding His hand
It has...

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Prophet's Journal - Two Realms

Posted Jul 8th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Two realms 
Vying for our attention 
Seeking to give direction
And win our affection
We are placed between
Which way will we lean?
Toward the temporal?
Or the eternal?
The first demands control
The second makes you whole
One is coated with lies
One opens your eyes
Our natural bent
Is earthly rent
Requiring heavy payment 
Hard labor spent
Our sin impounding 
Our soul
In heavy 
But we can ascend 
Above lowly dwellings
And chained compellings
To life heaven sent
This is glorious liberty
A whole new perspective 
Will set us free
As new heights we see
We dismiss our earthly focus
Renew our minds
With heavenly vision

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Prophet's Journal - First Love

Posted Jul 1st, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

The sound 
Of the turtle dove
First love
Hearts returning
For more of Him
Soft whispers
Gentle cooings
The fire 
Pure desire
For One
Simply drawing
Wayward hearts
To the deep parts
Of communion
Holy union
Between two
Destined to be
Completed together
To depart
Joined by covenant 
Lives spent 
For oneanother 
No other lover
Can steal 
Fiery affection 
Producing perfection 
Between lovers
Pure song singing 
Bringing freedom
Just to live
In simplicity 
Being loved
Holy dove
Lifting above
Another world
Rarest pearl
Quietest sound
Two lovers
Grace abounds
True peace found
To the invitation
To return
To burn
To be 
By holy fire
First love
Burt Woods Winchell
Christ's Beloved,
We will soon be releasing our first book of poems enttiled, "Riches of the Glory -...

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Prophet's Journal - Lovers and Friends

Posted Jun 24th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Drink and imbibe deeply
Oh lovers
Eat friends
The winds
Have blown
On my garden
Preparing my heart
South winds of comfort
North winds of chill
Making me real
His fruit
For the taking
Partaking ruminating
Over my soul
Together we stroll
Down garden pathways
Little secret coves
Where we share
I lay bare
My heart
Before Grace
Drawn by His face
Tender and true
So beautiful too
Like no other
Is my Lover
Rarest  fairest
Deeply cherished 
In the garden
Of my heart
Where we meet
Sweetly pining
Yearning learning 
Hearts burning
With passion
Deepest desire
Holy fire
Igniting faith
Transporting us places
Unthinkable unimaginable 
Right there in the garden
Of my heart
Never to depart
From Lover 
And Friend
I welcome...

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Prophet's Journal - Probing Grace

Posted Jun 17th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Probing Grace
To the dark part
To the heart
Gentle and pure
In the depths
The hidden story
Eager to bring 
Where there is 
Ready to
Our weakness 
Turning dark
To light
Exchanging fright
To delight
By His might
Immeasurable power
Restoring our soul
With the strength 
Of His voice
Lifting to life
From death's door
Quickening our spirit 
From the valley floor
Amazing grace
Shouts "No more!"
Darkness must flee
Sorrow becomes glee 
Completely free
Liberated from me
To be
With grace
In grace
From grace 
I see
Deepest darkness
Has revealed me
Truest love
Has concealed me
By grace
Beholding His face
No more to be done
The victory won
His Life I share
Being laid bare
By endless care
Darkness becomes light

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Prophet's Journal - Probing The Darkness

Posted Jun 10th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Probing The Darkness
"One of the Deepest Caves in the World is Even Bigger Than We Thought."
This was the title to a recent article about the discovery of deeper depths in a cave already known for its dark caverns. 
The scientists were actually trapped inside this massive cave due to sudden flooding. With no way of escape, they began prodding for new connections to lead them to safety. 
This cave was already identified as the deepest in the Western Hemisphere   All was...

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Prophet's Journal - Merciful Not Optional

Posted Jun 4th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

Merciful Not Optional
God is merciful
Not optional 
His grace
Does not change His face
Holiness is His countenance 
Truth is His command
Righteousness and justice
Are His demand
Purity is His heart
Uncleanliness must depart 
From His presence
Doesn't mesh with the essence 
Of His nature
He cannot compromise
Who He is at the core 
His character is sure
It is the standard 
He expects
Apart from Holy offering 
There is no elect
We remain lost
In our sin
With no hope
To begin again 
Can't tell the lie
From the truth
Left to ourselves 
We are utterly confused
But He has stepped in
Paid the price for sin

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Prophet's Journal - Prophetic Wedding

Posted May 20th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

I wrote a poem after watching some of the royal wedding yesterday. I was preparing to send out the poem when my eye caught the orginal of a word I had penned one year ago. Discovering that word entitled "Perfect Intent" is further confirmation of the prophetic nature of yesterday's wedding. I have included the poem "Royal Romance" and the word below. Get ready......."The Bridegroom Cometh"
Royal Romance
Did you witness 
The prophetic story?
Can you sense
The coming glory?
There's a wedding
On the horizon 
A romance 
That's surprising 

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Prophet's Journal - Winter's Story

Posted Feb 11th, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

As you are enveloped in the cold of difficult circumstances, be reminded of the processes that are ordained by our gentle Creator Friend.
A message fitly spoken
To a heart that has been
Come and see
The Wonders of a Winter Story
Hiding amidst the cold there is
It may be
The Sun that speaks of Power
Although here for just a portion of the
Soon to be
Covered by a blanket of clouds
As our heart gives way to
But O’ the
Faithfulness of that bright and shining ball
That tells us...

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