A few interesting events around the region over the last few days.

Posted Dec 3rd 2006, 04:11 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

According to Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, assured Hamas Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in a meeting last Friday that Israel is "on the verge of disappearing". In a speech of thanksgiving to Iran and Ahmadinejad, Haniyeh said "The Iranian nation's brilliant stand in the rightful battles of the Palestinians encourages them and signifies their deep understanding of Islamic principles. The Intifada of the Palestinian nation will continue until the cause of the Palestinians is materialized...

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Urgent Prayer Needs for Israel. November 27th critical.

Posted Nov 27th 2006, 06:54 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

Israel is facing many possible dangers in the days ahead. Please gather your prayer groups around the following issues.
Rain: We are well into the season for rain and yet have had almost none. I believe the Lord may be withholding this blessing because of Israel's continued disobedience. No Faith + No Resolve to Fight for the Land = No Rain.
Normally we would have colder temperatures and lots of rain by now and yet it has been like summer. Without the...

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Please Make Tomorrow a Prayer Day for Israel

Posted Nov 9th 2006, 02:05 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

In a last minute move, the organizers of tomorrows 'Gay Parade' have backed down in the face of terrorists threats and violence from the Haredi community. They have reduced their 'March' through the streets of Jerusalem to a private gathering at a stadium adjacent to Hebrew University.
Orthodox protesters are considering what action they may still undertake as any public display of homosexuality is an offense to God.
It would seem however that any skirmish will be greatly reduced compared...

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Major Gaza Offensive Imminent - Gay Parade Violence Likely - Prayer Points

Posted Nov 7th 2006, 06:04 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

Over the past week, the sounds of air strikes in Gaza echoed through the valleys and arrived outside our windows with their distinctive thud, reminding us of the battle that was raging just miles from where we live. While I am unabashedly pro-Israel, I can't help but feel for the Arabs who are trapped by their leaders, and their demonic religion into such a hopeless life of hatred and death. I pray for our enemies daily that the Lord would...

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5000 Egyptian Troops Amass on Israeli Border

Posted Nov 1st 2006, 12:00 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

Over One Hundred Retired and Reserve IDF Officers are calling for Gaza to be retaken in a massive operation. The only way to stop the massive influx of armaments and the building up of a massive network of tunnels, underground bunkers, and training facilities is for Israel to take back virtually all the ground that was given up in the "Disengagement".
I was only one of many saying that this would be the outcome prior to the disengagement, so I...

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Germans Claim Israeli F-16s Fired Upon One Of Their Ships. Dangerous sign of things to come.

Posted Oct 26th 2006, 04:28 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

Fighter planes have been flying overhead fairly consistently over the past week or so. There is a tremendous increase in activity over these last few days. We can also hear renewed fighting in Gaza, and there have been new campaigns into the northern parts of the Gaza strip as well as along the Egyptian border in the attemp to stop the flood of weapons being poured into the area by Hezbollah.
Dan Halutz, the IDF Cheif of Staff said this past...

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BBC Admits Bias - Pro Islam, Pro Gay, Anti-Christian

Posted Oct 22nd 2006, 07:21 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

Below is a report from the Londay Daily Mail. For those of you who do not live in Israel or Europe, you may not be aware of the constant anti-Israel, pro-Islam bias that spews forth daily from the BBC (CNN Europe is equally bad). What is remarkable is that they have actually come out and admited it. I send it on to you because it is likely a good picture of what infects nearly every Media company worldwide, whether it be...

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October War Looming - Prayer Essential

Posted Oct 16th 2006, 06:08 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

To say that the world is in turmoil would be perhaps the greatest understatement of the last century. I just completed a 40 page intelligence briefing that left me feeling somewhat sick, and reaffirmed the global stretch that Islam has made, and just how much this religion of hate and death is tearing apart the world. The amount of death and suffering brought on in the name of Allah will undoubtedly go down in history eclipsing Hitler, Stalin, and Attila...

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Update on Prayer Requests

Posted Oct 15th 2006, 12:00 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

I wanted to give you a quick update on the prayer requests I sent out a few days ago, and to thank all of you who lifted these prayers before the Lord.
In regards to my friend the pastor who fell ill and was rushed to the hospital, he has fully recovered and is back at work. Praise the Lord.
My son who is traveling with the Israel National Hockey Team had great success the first few days, contributing to the...

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3 URGENT Prayer Requests

Posted Oct 8th 2006, 10:32 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

Shalom havarim v'hag sameach Succoth (peace to you my friends and happy Succoth holiday).
I have three pressing needs for prayer, and I hope you will take a few minutes and lift them before the Lord.
A dear friend who is a pastor here, and who spent 25 years in Africa as a pastor, collapsed today after violently throwing up and losing consciousness. His wife is by his side, and while his blood tests have come back normal, they are not sure what...

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The Days Ahead

Posted Oct 3rd 2006, 05:30 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

Every year, I hold my breath during Yom Kippur, wandering if once again the surrounding Arab countries might not band together and deliver a strike upon Israel. This is a day in which the Israelis find themselves at their most vulnerable point. Nothing moves, all but the most critical personnel necessary to keep the country operating at a bare minimum are off the job, and sequestered within walking distance of their homes. The television and radio stations are off the...

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Prayer Focus for Today-Bush and Ahmadinejad at the U.N.

Posted Sep 19th 2006, 01:54 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

(Sorry this is a little late in the day, I wanted to get it out much earlier but I was unable to get to it until now.)
I wanted to encourage you to take some time this morning and throughout the day to really focus intense prayer and intercession on the U.N. today.
As I have stated clearly on many occasions, I am not a believer in George Bush, but I would like to see him flooded with the Holy Spirit today,...

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Iran - A Global Threat and What Should Be Done About It.

Posted Sep 18th 2006, 04:40 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

Is Iran really the threat that we are being told it is? And if so, what should be done about it?
We hear a lot lately about the fact that Iran is getting closer to producing a nuclear weapon. Some say in months, others say in a few years, and yet others have said that Iran already has nuclear weapons capability.
In 2002, at a summit between President George Bush and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, Russian General Yuir Baluyevshy (Deputy Chief of...

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MadMood Awannajihad to speak at the U.N. on Monday

Posted Sep 16th 2006, 07:55 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

OK, OK... it may not be the highest standard of professional journalism, but I believe that MadMood Ahwannajihad is really quite descriptive of his character and intentions. After all, he is a madman who wants global Jihad (war against all infidels, which is anyone who is not Muslim).
I was stunned at the warm embrace of the U.S. for former Iranian president Mohammad Kathami last week, who was in New York to prepare the way for Ahmadinejad, even though in...

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Syria Threatens War with Israel - Isaiah 17 Update

Posted Sep 12th 2006, 05:30 by The Israel Report on Prophetic

If the Arabs would lay down their guns today, there would be peace by tomorrow!
If the Jews would lay down their guns today, by tomorrow there would be no Israel!
Since the end of the war in Lebanon, Syrian President Basshar Assad has said that he has been convinced that there is a better way to deal with Israel rather than through negotiations in his bid to win back the Golan Heights. Yesterday he elaborated on that theme by announcing he...

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