Wintley Phipps on YouTube

Posted Feb 5th 2008, 01:01 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

Apparently some of you are using software or services that stripped the Wintley Phipps video out of my last email. I hate it when that happens!
If you didn't see the video in my message, you can see it now by clicking here.
Frederick A. Larson
The Star Project
111 University Drive East, Suite 220
College Station, Texas 77840-1700 USA
(979) 846-6078
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Another Star

Posted Feb 4th 2008, 09:04 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

Did you see the recent conjunction of Jupiter and Venus? If not, I have good news. The skies cleared in Central Texas, and I snagged a photo. Here is the formation above my home in the sunrise hours of Friday, February 1, 2008.
But I have another star for you!
As background, I was having my quiet time. To be truthful, I was complaining to God. I'm upset about distribution of the Star DVD. I was complaining to Him that I don't...

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Jupiter is Racing

Posted Jan 30th 2008, 08:15 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

Rising in the east before dawn this morning, fast Jupiter was racing to catch bright Venus. Both are racing to catch the Moon. If you used the angle-measuring tool I gave you yesterday, a finger on your outstretched arm, you saw that the planets were separated by about 2 degrees. Two fingers.
Tomorrow, Thursday, the separation will be about half that, about one finger-width. On Friday, the closest approach, they will be around one-half of a degree apart. By Monday, Jupiter...

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Celestial Convertible

Posted Jan 29th 2008, 09:31 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

Blew it! I sent the message without some helpful details, and with the wrong title! So here's the same message with more details and the right name.
This event will be impressive from today until about Monday, February 4, with the closest approach of the planets occurring on Friday, February 1. Enjoy!
They say "close only counts in horseshoes and kisses". But here's a pretty cool near miss!
For the next few days you can go out in your own yard and see...

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Not Horseshoes. But Close DOES Count.

Posted Jan 29th 2008, 09:08 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

They say "close only counts in horseshoes and kisses". But here's a pretty cool near miss!
For the next few days you can go out in your own yard and see an event similar to the Star of Bethlehem. Depending upon weather (and sleep habits), you may be able to see a close approach of Jupiter and Venus. Great viewing for the next few days.
To see this spectacle, you'll need to look to the eastern sky just before dawn. Depending upon...

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Did you record FOX?

Posted Jan 7th 2008, 04:25 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

News soon!
Until then, did any of you record the FOX News segment of Geraldo At Large which included the tiny Star interview? This was on FOX December 22, 2006. If you have it, or can get it, please send me the video clip. Don't need the whole show, which would be a huge file. Just the 2-3 minutes at the end which involved the Star. Thank you!

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Thanks, Lord! We'll take it from here...

Posted Dec 23rd 2007, 10:20 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

We can hope that no one in Christendom actually utters those awful words. But it isn't hard to find Christians acting them out. Because we want to be in control. We want to do what we know how to do to "ensure" success. We've read a study or made a plan, and we think we know best. But those words are a disaster waiting to happen.
Serving God is a balancing act. We must bring all of our God-given talents and...

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Targeted Media Prayer, Please.

Posted Dec 22nd 2007, 03:17 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

FOX News will send a car today at 5p Central to ferry me two hours to Austin for a Satellite interview on Geraldo at Large. The show will be taped at 8p Central this evening for air on Geraldo's Sunday show. Check local listings if you'd like to watch. Probably 7p Central.
This is the close out of a busy Starry Christmas season! I want you folks calling on our Master to make me a good vessel on national TV. I...

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Live Video Chat on GodTube TONIGHT

Posted Dec 19th 2007, 05:25 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

I'll be doing a live video chat on tonight, beginning at 7p Central. If you'd like to stop by and see what's up, go to GodTube and get a free account right now. Then return at 7p.

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No Surprise. Geraldo's BACK.

Posted Dec 18th 2007, 02:15 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

His power is unmatched, and He listens to this group! Keep praying. Fox News called again, hoping to "resurrect" the Geraldo interview for this Saturday. Just pray it through. God knows exactly what He's doing...
If you have time, pray with me...
"Father, we ask, but we always release to you, just as Jesus did when He prayed. If it please you, we ask that Geraldo carry through this time. We ask that this potential interview be turned into something that delights...

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December TV Schedule

Posted Dec 14th 2007, 11:45 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

Many of you have asked when the Star Project will be on television. Here are some dates and times we know. More are in the works.
December 15, Saturday, 7p (Central) "Geraldo at Large", Fox News Channel
December 20, Thursday, 5p (Central) Evening News, ABC Houston
December 21, Friday, PBS, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, various time slots nationwide
December 21 and following, CBN 700 Club, Newswatch & additional spots (may stream from YouTube, GodTube, CBN earlier)
December 21?, CBS, Tyler Texas, no further programming info...

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Posted Dec 14th 2007, 06:42 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

Geraldo canceled because of developments in other stories he has been following. No talk of rescheduling at this time, although I made his production assistant promise to give Geraldo the Star DVD. So, I guess you know how to pray!

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Godtube: Vote With Your MOUSE.

Posted Dec 13th 2007, 04:59 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education is the most-visited Christian web site out there (who knew?). The Star has a page on Godtube, and we can help more people find it. It's simple: visit the Star page here.
Watch each video. If you visit daily, better yet!
Vote early. Vote often! Will it really help? Yup.

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It Doesn't Stop: Geraldo at Large

Posted Dec 12th 2007, 05:48 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

The PBS interview went well, and I did not get any negative vibes about the Star. They will present a couple of other views on their show, but I felt I received a sympathetic ear. With prayer, I think we'll get a fair presentation, even if they have people on hand to diss the Star Project.
Lots more radio and TV coming. Prayer need: Geraldo's producer is hot for the Star. Unless Rivera vetoes it, we'll be doing a live broadcast...

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Media Morning 'n' More

Posted Dec 11th 2007, 09:58 by The Star Project on Teaching/Education

PBS arrives this morning in 30m to film for half a day. This afternoon, I'm live with Janet Parshall on her radio show "America". Maybe I should take a nap after PBS leaves?
If you have time, please join me in prayer:
"Father, we all get a bit nervous when we are on point. Yet, you have a wonderful history of enabling us when we need you most in your service. Lord, have your way in our lives today. Empower us to...

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