$200 BILLION has been spent on CANCER research!!

$200 BILLION !!!!


The American MEDICAL Industry (money making machine) started its

War against CANCER in 1971, 36 years later, it is 2007 and

what have they come up with??

Let's SEE = 36 years = $200 Billion Dollars =


  1. Burn you with Radiation.
  2. Poison you with Chemotherapy.
  3. Cut your body out with Surgery.
  4. MORE People NOW have and are getting CANCER!!
  5. #1 Cause of DEATH of KIDS under 10 years old is CANCER!!


Come on PEOPLE, think- think- think- think !!!!


$200 BILLION Dollars, 36 years of so called Research

and we pay for DEATH treatments!!??


Am I being too honest or am I just crazy and dumb??!!


The LOVE of Money is the ROOT of all kinds of EVIL,

the American Medical Industry is looking for MONEY –

NOT a Cure for CANCER!!


Let’s NOT stop there, the Journal of the American Medical Association

found another $35 MILLION Dollars to do a New 7 year study

on Natural Divine Healing methods.


The research, according to John Pierce, head of cancer prevention at the

University of California, San Diego, who led the research, calls the use of

fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cancer “FOLKLORE.” 




“Well, let’s see who would PROFIT from this bogus

“SCIENTIFIC” RESEARCH? This would include any business, group,

or organization that derives profit from cancer!

This would include the researchers, doctors, drug companies, hospitals,

insurance companies, and even the American Cancer Society.

What most folks fail to understand is that cancer

is a huge industry into which BILLIONS of dollars are poured every year.


“It would appear that those groups who have found cancer a

tremendous source of income, derived from research dollars, drug use,

surgeries, hospital stays, etc., feel that too many

people are turning away from traditional cancer treatments in favor

of alternative and natural cures, and this is hurting their pocketbooks.

Thus, in an effort to eliminate the competition, they spend $35 MILLION

of taxpayer dollars in an attempt to prove

that natural remedies for cancer do not work.


“If the public realized they could prevent and eliminate cancer

through simple dietary change, there would be no need for additional

dollars to fund cancer research. In the past 30-plus years,

over $200 BILLION has been spent on cancer research, and after

spending all this money, more people are dying of cancer than

before they spent that $200 BILLION.


Are we so naïve as to believe that these researchers



Remember, that once a cure is found, they immediately lose their

research dollars, jobs, and income! In addition if a simple cure were found,

hospitals and doctors would lose a high percentage of their patients and

drug companies would lose BILLIONS in drug sales.


“Don’t let junk science keep you from eating a diet comprised predominantly

of the foods God told us we should eat in Genesis 1:29.

The world’s health care system does not you to be well, as that would be

unprofitable to those who are a part of this world’s disease care system.”




After writing last week’s article, my mind took me back to a book titled

THE CHINA STUDY, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. I reported extensively on this

book shortly after its release in 2005, in Hallelujah Health Tips #375-391

(All available in the Health Tip “Archives” at www.hacres.com ).


In those Health Tips, I shared excerpts from only the first part of

Dr. Campbell’s book, which told of the relationship of diet to various diseases.


What I remembered after writing last week’s article in Health Tip #505

was that in the second half of his book, Dr. Campbell exposed

THE DARK SIDE OF SCIENCE. What Dr. Campbell wrote in the

second half of his book will help us understand why researchers and the

government would issue a report titled FRUITS, VEGGIES


(THE CHINA STUDY book is available

from Hallelujah Acres by calling (800) 915-9355.)


In last week’s Health Tip #505, after exposing the junk science

used to arrive at the headline FRUITS, VEGGIES DON’T STOP

CANCER RETURN, I concluded the article with the following words:


“Hallelujah Acres has received tens of thousands of testimonies

through the years reporting that FRUITS & VEGGIES NOT ONLY

STOP BREAST CANCERS RETURN, but cancer-proofs a person.

In addition, people have sent me tens of thousands of testimonies

reporting that these plant foods have also been responsible

for the elimination of over 170 different physical problems.


Don’t let junk science keep you from eating a diet comprised

predominantly of the foods God told us we should eat in Genesis 1:29.

The world’s health care system does not want you to be well,

as that would be unprofitable to those who profit from this

world’s disease care system.”


After reading what Dr. Campbell had to say in his book about the

DARK SIDE OF SCIENCE, I am more convinced then ever that

this editor’s closing words in last week’s

Health Tip #505 were ‘right on!’

We have ONLY One Life on earth.


IT is OUR Choice, ours alone,

to make it the Healthiest Life possible.


If YOU chose to Ignore Your Health it will Go Away

and no amount of money will bring it back.


But The American Medical Industry

will be GLAD to take your Money.


Love in His PASSION, Doc. :)