City of Refuge Community

CRC Language & Definitions

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Since August of 2006, we have been on a quest to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to both the Corporate Church and our City of Refuge Community. Because we believe God is not only focused on building the local church but also His kingdom, there is an emerging language and kingdom culture that needs to be mutually understood so that we can all move ahead together. This presentation will help us accomplish those goals as well as discover some of our values as we move through the day.   


CRC Language:

Here are some of the terms we use and ideas the Holy Spirit has spoken so far:

v  CRC which stands for City of Refuge Community… because it’s easier to say and shorter to write… even though we know it requires some explanation to those unfamiliar with who we are


v  COMMUNITY instead of church… because in our culture it infers relationship, partnership and intimacy as opposed to “church” which often infers denominations, doctrine, structure and agendas


v  COVENANT Relationship instead of Membership… because we are not an organization you join through a membership… we are a community of eternal relationships called to become a spiritual family into which others are included through spiritual birth and/or adoption by relationship


v  KINGDOM instead of Denomination… because our primary identities are as Sons, Daughters, Kings, Royal Priests and Ambassadors of King Jesus who is building a kingdom based on honor and relationships. Our primary identity is not derived from our organizational affiliations or doctrinal conformity


v  PRESENCE instead of Visitation… because we view the 24/7 Presence of God as a priority environment, life-source and life-style enabling the kingdom to flourish in us as well as around us. We don’t believe in once-a-week / 1hr. visits with our heavenly Father


v  UNITY of the SPIRIT instead of Unity of Doctrine… because unity of the Spirit is based on agreeing with what the Holy Spirit is revealing, saying and doing in the present among us as opposed to agreeing with each other about what we believe  


v  MINISTERS instead of Ministries… because we believe ministry flows from who “we are” which defines what “we do”… as God’s Friends and Family, our effectiveness is found in our identity not just our activity

v  HONOR instead of Control… because honor is being relentless about seeing and calling the greatness out of others, we see encouragement as a more profitable exercise than controlling peoples behavior  


v  REPENTANCE instead of “I’m Sorry”… because true repentance will lead to a renewed mind that will lead to a transformed life that will lead to a supernatural life-style, we are very intentional to help people move beyond just being sorry


v  OPEN HEAVENS instead of Event- evangelism… because we want our City to be completely invaded by the kingdom of God without interference from the demonic and/or down-sized by the limited thinking of men… we have agreed with Christ’s prayer (Matt 6) which invites Father God to invade earth and bring His unlimited kingdom with Him and reveal it here in our City among men


v  Gospel of the KINGDOM instead of the Gospel of Salvation… because the Kingdom Gospel incorporates forgiveness, healing, deliverance, restoration and prosperity for the redemption of the whole man not just fire insurance for the spiritual man.


v  IDENTITY instead of Performance… because what “we do” naturally flows from “who we are”… discovering who we are is key that releases our place, our ministry and our destiny in the kingdom… royalty “does” as royalty “is.” 


v  TRANSFORMED instead of Touched… (a little humor here) because we believe that if you desire a life changing encounter with the living God, why settle for a little shiver when you can become completely “rocked, ruined, baked, slammed, wrecked, whacked or transformed” with an equal amount of effort and surrender?


v  SOAKING instead of Devotions… because we believe that a relationship with God is better enjoyed through resting, worshipping and meditating on who He is… not by increasing by our efforts or performance to better ourselves


Revelations to CRC:

Additionally, there are few revelations that were spoken specifically to CRC which will help you better understand our mission and assignment as we intentionally embrace a kingdom template as opposed to a local church template to guide our formation.


Our Name defined:

The City of Refuge name is borrowed from instructions given by God to both Moses and Joshua concerning dividing the Promised Land among the 12 Tribes of Israel (Numbers 35, Joshua 6 & 20).

Within those instructions, God designated (6) cities to be “safe-zones” into which anyone who committed an accidental murder in the course of daily life could flee for refuge and sanctuary from their “avenger.” There, they were protected until he/she stood trial; and once they were judged innocent, they could live there until the death of the existing High Priest at which time they were free to return with their family to their homeland.


Although our name City of Refuge is borrowed from the Old Testament, the vision for “CRC” is rooted in the New Testament Covenant of Grace and the Redeeming work of Jesus Christ as our High Priest. We believe that our Community is a place where people of all generations, ethnicities and backgrounds can find refuge and sanctuary from all of their “avengers” including the laws of sin and death. We are commissioned as a Kingdom Embassy here on earth to minister the forgiveness, deliverance, healing, restoration, prosperity and freedom to every person in need.  


Revelation to CRC: The Holy Spirit said, “As My Ambassadors you are commissioned to tell every willing person that the HIGH PRIEST (Jesus Christ) has died and defeated all their avengers (sin, death, the devil), they are FORGIVEN (past, present and future) and now FREE to live anywhere in the Kingdom.”


Our Community defined:

CRC has intentionally chosen to become a “Community” because:

Ø  We desire to be a place where real and vital relationships with both God and Man are celebrated and honored apart from dead religious tradition(s)

Ø  We believe the term “community” in American Culture better expresses (2) important values:

·         “comm” referring to having common, shared and mutual responsibility

·         “unity” referring to being together in relationship and united in covenant and spirit


Revelation to CRC: The Holy Spirit said, “You are ‘the church’ to Me, but I want you to become a COMMUNITY in your world where people who are DYING outside can come and LIVE inside and have real relationships with spiritual FATHERS & MOTHERS who have My heart to restore their IDENTITIES.


Our Leadership defined:

The leadership template for CRC is built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets along with Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists serving together with honor on a 5-fold leadership team that shepherds the Community (Eph 2:20, 4:11, 1Cor 12:28). CRC has developed a leadership culture that is marked by humility, service and honor which results in getting under people, not ruling over them. The fact not many churches in America are organized “apostolically” at this time, does not deter us from pursuing this apostolic pattern in our Community.


Revelation to CRC: The Holy Spirit said, “You are the first generation of believers since Acts 2, who has agreed with my LEADERSHIP template in Ephesians 4, and now it is my pleasure to release the ANOINTING & INHERITANCE stored up for you in this hour to demonstrate My kingdom ON EARTH as it is in heaven.”


Our Kingdom Association(s) defined:

There are many great Apostolic Networks emerging for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. We have chosen to be ordained by and under the anointing of “The River” which is at Bethel Church and Pastor Bill Johnson in Redding, CA. We view Pastor Bill as our Spiritual Father and Apostolic Leader here on earth.  Additionally, we are associated through the Global Legacy Network with other apostolic leaders like John Arnott in Toronto, Rick Joyner in Kansas City, Stacy Campbell in Victoria, BC, Che Ahn in Los Angeles, Dr. Paul Cho in Korea and others around the world.


Revelation to CRC: The Holy Spirit said, ALIGNMENT will be a critical factor in the formation of My Kingdom here on earth. Only those who choose to stand directly under my outpouring through my APOSTOLIC leaders in this hour will receive the POWER transfers needed to demonstrate my kingdom in the days ahead.


(Any questions about our Language? Definitions? Associations? Revelations?)