Greetings from East Asia! I will be here for a week or so presenting at universities, some with astronomy departments. I will also meet with people connected with the local art and cinema communities about the possibility of bringing artists here to share the motivations behind their work. I know several accomplished artists whose beliefs shape and guide their art. We'll explore if there is something in this that dad can use.

The Star will be presented through translators. I have done this multiple times. It can be tricky -- but there is a mystery in it that dad can use. I am sure you are familiar with it. Often the words a person speaks to a group are heard in a different way by each listener. It is the mysterious translation between mouth and ear, between speaker and listener, transmitter and receiver. We hear according to the circumstances of our lives.

You probably know of many instances where this has deeply affected people. Someone might say, "I felt he was speaking directly to me." Someone else might hear something the speaker did not know he or she was saying. I learned of a case where the speaker used only English, but a listener heard flawless Spanish! That is amazing, but the translation of words into arrows to the heart is at least as wonderful.

So, communication is mysterious, even when everyone speaks the same language. It is even more so when there are profound differences in language and culture. We know from experience that while our words float through this mysterious gap, dad can prepare them into meals for each person’s special hunger.

If you have time to think of me in the next few days:

Hope that the mystery between mouth and ear will accomplish much. Hope that all who attend will hear what they need to hear in their circumstances and that it will shock them to their toes. Hope listeners will find places to plug in to expand their understanding and find answers to many new questions. Hope that I will have stamina to complete my talks, as they grow lengthy in translation. We need to stay healthy. Don’t forget the translators, whose job can be even more draining than mine -- mental gymnastics! We should all be constantly grateful for opportunities to serve and also remember those serving all over the world. Thank you! And let it be.


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