As we welcome the birth of Christ, may we all be thankful for the renewed visibility of our faith this year. After several years in which it has seemed that not only our faith, but even our celebrations have been under attack, our hearts are gladdened to see and hear "Merry Christmas" and also our Lord's name spoken and on the screens much more than in recent years.

Christians have finally begun to let it be known that we want to hear not only Merry Christmas, but what it means. We have replied in stores to "Happy Holidays" with our own "Merry Christmas"- and in many cases have then had sales clerks respond with their own "Merry Christmas"!

Last night it was also a blessing to see Rick Warren's Christmas service- on Fox News! That was followed by a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS scene and message from Fox News along with the reason for the season- the birth of our Savior. Wonderful!

Our Christmas wish to all is quite simple. We wish peace for all. Not just the lack of war, but the peace that families need between each family member, the peace that coworkers need to share, and the peace that each of us need in our own hearts. In other words, may you truly know the Peace of God in your life in every way and every day!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

David Stevenson- TMN