God is getting HIS PEOPLE ready - on many fronts - to join heart to heart with HIM and one another!  We NEED one another in HIS KINGDOM, for He has designed us to BE ONE and He and the Father are ONE! He needs us pulling together and not against one another! MASSIVE CHANGE is knocking at the door of society, our culture, and the church...especially in America, and we MUST BE READY to STAND TOGETHER as ONE as it comes! They will KNOW that we are Christians by our LOVE...by our common JOY, PEACE, and UNITY! We are HIS BODY and we must all pull together in these dark days! HIS LIGHT will come from within to SHINE for the World to "see" how to go in this dark hour!

This, in itself, is a NEW THING~! It is a GOD THING, and He is calling His people to put aside their differences and JOIN HIM IN WHAT HE IS DOING!!! He is moving....He is flowing....calling us TOGETHER AS ONE!  We must lay aside the differences that divide us,  Do our part and resolve to "go with HIS FLOW" and allow HIM to take us all where He wants us to go! It is vital in this hour!  We must stand as ONE!

 We shall SEE "young men SEE VISIONS...old men will DREAM DREAMS...sons and daughters will PROPHESY! God will "pour out HIS SPIRIT and humble His enemies, making them a footstool under HIS FEET!" ACTS 2

"I see that the Lord is ALWAYS WITH ME. I will NOT be shaken, for HE IS RIGHT BESIDE ME! No wonder my heart is glad, and my tongue shouts His praises! My Body rests in Hope. For you will not leave my soul (my mind, emotions, and will) among the dead (lifeless - as those who have no hope)! Nor allow the HOLY ONE to rot in the grave. YOU HAVE SHOWN ME THE WAY OF LIFE!!! and YOU will fill me with the JOY OF YOUR PRESENCE!" ACTS 2:25-28

 These "old" scriptures have NEW LIFE, for they are happening ONCE AGAIN in the lives of God's PEOPLE....of JESUS' PEOPLE in our day!!! And it will INCREASE and INCREASE and INCREASE as HE REIGNS in and through us! Hallelujah!!!

"Don't be among those who refuse to hear My Word unto them because it threatens their lifestyle. Most cannot perceive themselves apart from their trappings - those things which wrap around their daily lives and routine. This truth is a main reason why most refuse to hear a direct word from me and take the things I say personally...so they plod on in their ruts of insufficiency and inefficiency...and the masses are falling by the wayside because people will not "hear" and they will not obey. Many of My people continue on in familarity, not developing spiritually and allowing Me to form them in the way of Truth, for to do so would upset their plans, their agendas, their desires. These things are self-centered rather than God centered, and man's agenda and those who hold to it are about to be upset. Massive change is knocking at the door.

"But I am continuing to call My people to breakthrough any apathetic attitudes...awaken and look unto Me, for I am the pivot point, the center of all things. I have come at this season to effect great change. If you allow me, it will not take you by surprise...but if you refuse and will not allow My Word to become Truth in your life, change will overwhelm, surprise, and swallow you up; for it IS racing to this earth with great force. Massive change is knocking at the door!

"Many have allowed themselves to become enmeshed in the "way things have been" for some time. They have adapted to the status quo and are slumbering in their spirit, but those who will "hear" and allow My change in their life will awaken, arise, and be ready for the changes that are soon coming to the earth. I have been faithfully telling My people it is coming for some time. He who has an "ear"...let Him "hear" what the Spirit IS SAYING to the church, for I need My people prepared and ready to take their posts and be My Hands extended when the masses begin to cry out! We must gather them in, for night has fallen.  Massive change is knocking at the door!!!!"


~ from the listening heart of Sandy Brunson