Please visit the blog site for an incredible testimony - how God is opening the doors for Celebrate Jesus! into the house church movement in China!:

This past week-end I exhibited the book at the Oregon Christian Home School Convention.  God brought to our table those with a heart already prepared to celebrate or to learn about the feasts.  Many had been exposed to teaching about the feasts, but were looking for a resource which gave them more freedom to adapt the celebrations into their own culture!

This was my favorite comment:  "If I read this will I feel guilty about NOT doing something?"  I replied, "If you feel guilty, then come back and stone me!"

I've already heard comments about the freedom and the joy the book is bringing as parents are eager to experiment.  If I can learn how, I'll post a video clip somewhere....

This next week-end I'll be showing in Puyallip, WA at a much larger convention.  God has provided a helper; I've learned my lesson...this is bigger than me!

Thanks for your prayers, joanie