"Hubris" is such a wonderful word -- it means "excessive pride or self-confidence." In the computer-based tutorial, "Rightly Dividing the Word", we confront the unfortunate reality that every person who reads and interprets the Word of God for themselves, will unconsciously "spin it" according to their own perspectives and expectations. It's impossible that any of us, still in our flesh, can hear the Word of the Lord without needing to take caution against our "tweaking" what we hear in order to fit what we want to hear.

Any Believer, simply taking their first interpretations of the word of God (either written in the Bible or within their hearts and minds), is guilty of hubris -- an unwarranted arrogance. Also important to all of you is understanding that when you submit yourself to any teacher in the Body of Christ, you need to know whether that person is speaking only from their own (unavoidably biased interrelations) or if they instead have others in their lives on whom they can "bounce off" their ideas and face correction or counsel contrary to what they want to hear.

The act of interpreting the Word of God is fundamentally a prophetic act. A prophet (essentially) is one who hears from God and (according to His leading) delivers that Word to another or a group of others. When you open the Bible or "incline your ear to hear him", you are positioning yourself to hear God. You may not think that God has called you to "deliver" that Word to another, but as you live out the Word in your daily life, you are "delivering it" to those around you!

In Cory 14, Paul warns that prophetic Words need to be judged. Weighed. Evaluated, This applies not only to Words spoken in church by some "recognized prophet", but to the Words you get from time to time from the lord. Before acting on Word from the Lord (or an interpretation of scripture), we must let the Word be :judged". That is, it must be held up against Scripture, weighed by other mature brothers or sisters around you, or even tested by time (sleep on it and see if it changes as a little time passes!

Here lies the "humility of the interpreter"'; as he or she reads Scripture, as a passage catches their fancy -- the best response is to compare that Word to other Scriptures, to discuss it with other mature Believers and to sleep on it for awhile!

BTW -- many of you know that I've been seriously ill since last June 10th. Some of you wanted to know more detail on what has been a life-threatening health crisis over the last three months. For those of you who want to know more, here's a link that should take you to another InJesus site we run called "Swift's Private Reserve". Scroll down and the latest post is entitled, Extensive Update on Emil's Medical Condition". Plenty of gory details there!

Bless you all!

Emil & Shell Swift