Christ's Hope International- Zambia

We would like to thank God for:
1. The schools who have allowed us to continue with choose to wait teaching in the third and last school term of the year having lost a lot of time last term due to strike action by teachers.
2. The dedicated Peer Educators who are working under difficult conditions without complaining
3. For the patience and understanding of our landlords, given the fact that office rentals were unpaid for quite some time.
4. The funding that is coming from the USA to help us with the personal support, offce rentals and the ministry.
5. The wonderful relationship between the Apex Church and the ministry in Zambia.

1. Funding for the Country Director to travel to the Netherlands for the International board meeting in October.
2. Pray with us that we work that was started by the International Office staff may not end inconclusively.
3. Pray with us that the good work that we are doing in schools may continue to yield results this term.
4. For continuation of our work with the community in the care and compassion even though our support to them in terms of supplements has reduced drastically due to insufficient funding.

Thank you