March 9, 2005; 10:00 a.m.

In much of the words that you hear me share, the Father has me talk a lot about His coming judgment. The Father is doing this because He always warns His children before He brings judgment, but at this point He is desiring me to make it known that His love is my primary focus, that His love should be everyone's primary focus for it is through His love the Gospel is fulfilled. The problem is we as a whole, we the body of Christ, are not walking in His love. So many of the messages that He gives me are to tear down the pride that tells us we are in such a good place. Then when we have received the humility to take in a greater love, He will come behind that message of correction with a deeper encouragement and love.

It is with this in mind I would like to encourage each of you today to find a deeper love, for it is so needed in the body of Christ today, the Father's pure love. His love is deeply misunderstood because we continually measure according to human standards. We have so much ground to gain back to simply find the love and discipline the church walked in daily 2,005 years ago. It says that He saved the best wine for last so if we have yet to equal the love and manifestations of the Holy Spirit that the early Church walked in, then this says very clearly we have yet to find the best wine that He has so clearly stated that He is saving for the last. So as I share in this message, know the purpose is to lead to a deeper understanding of His love therefore leading to greater love.

When Lord first called me and started speaking to me, I felt such a love wash over me that nothing I have ever felt in this life could even come close to this love. I remember weeping for hours in the process of Him introducing Himself to me. I had felt like I had this hole in my heart nothing of this world had ever filled. I had tried sex, drugs, alcohol and money; all the things that this world says will make you happy. I remember sitting at my kitchen table crying my eyes out. This is the first time I can say I knew the Lord had spoken to me. He told me, now that you have tried everything that the world says will make you happy, now will you let Me show you what will. I said, "Yes Lord, I will." I spent the next two years studying the Word night and day 14 to 18 hours. In the beginning, He would tell me things I was doing wrong and I needed to change them. Some of them were outward sins, some of the more heart attitudes that needed to change to line up with His Word. In the process of this, He would tell me about hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, freezes, droughts and many other things before they would happen, showing me that He was not only a God of love but that He was a God of judgment as well. He would also tell me about people whom He had warned to repent and they had ignored Him, that He was going to judge them unto death. Then I would watch these people die. So He put a fear and trembling in me that has only grown over the last 20 years. Altogether, He has told me of 25 to 30 people that were going to die because they would not repent and then I have watched each of them die and pass from this life. So I saw very clearly He is not playing games.

He has, throughout the years, had me forewarn people that they were going to be judged if they did not repent. That is not a pleasant thing to have to do. It is very scary. So His love found me, His judgments made me repent, but it is His love that has kept me in His arms all these years. It is His love we each need so desperately. It is His love that transforms us from a pile of rotting flesh to a new creation in Him. It is His love that sent His only son to die for us on the cross. It is His love that will help us to become His spotless bride. The problem is, we are so stubborn and rebellious that we reject His love then turn to Him when He confronts us and say, "Lord, we did not do that. We did not reject Your love. We would not do that." When the Lord tries to send someone to correct us, many times we simply look at them and tell them, "You are wrong. I do not need correction. Who are you to tell me these things? We do not know each other well enough for you to speak into my life like this." What we do not realize many times is that it is Christ Jesus in this person speaking to us and correcting us because Christ Jesus knows us very well. So we, in our pride, reject Him and His correction therefore, many times, leaving Him no choice but to judge us.

As we mature and go deeper, then we realize even His judgments are His love and mercy because He could just let us go on in our pride and arrogance and let us go for all eternity to damnation. But He does not do this. He continually, in His love and mercy, seeks to correct us, sometimes gently and sometimes not so gently. It depends on how we have responded to the gentle whisper. I would hope to encourage everyone reading this that none of us ever grow to the point that we do not need correction from an outside source because the Lord simply will not do this. In other words, He will always guide us and correct us through other people because if He did not, we would become so prideful and arrogant that no one would be able to be around us. So let not any of us, and I put myself first in this, think that we are so mighty in Christ, that we hear Him so clearly, that He does not need to send anyone else to bring correction to us, that He will do it all directly between us and Him not needing to use any other person. That is why it is called the body of Christ. We do need each other in every way.

Let me give you a couple of examples of what the Lord is speaking of. Many times in the past in small group settings, home fellowships, as we call them, I have seen the Lord speak correction to an individual. The Lord gave me a word for a person of correction, let us say, for example, a person was a heavy smoker and the Lord wanted them to quit smoking. He would send me to simply share this with them. Their response would be, the Lord is going to have to tell me directly because I either don't want to do that or I am unable to do so. Then over the next week or two, the Lord would bring three or four other people to me who would tell me the Lord had them deliver the exact same word to the same person. They got the same response. The Lord will have to tell me directly. Now let us look here. The Lord has been telling them directly for a long time. They have simply refused to acknowledge what the Lord has been telling them. So this is when He chooses to send another servant to tell them. So if the Father has sent someone to tell you something and in your heart you think, why did that person come and tell me this, God speaks to me directly, He must get through to you. Maybe you're not hearing Him as clearly as you think you are. Maybe there is some pride keeping you from hearing Him. This is the very reason He sent another servant to speak to you. Maybe He has sent three or four servants to tell you the same thing. You keep telling yourself and them, God will have to make that clear to me and tell me directly, when He has already done so many times but the stubbornness and pride in our hearts will not allow us to hear it. This is when the discipline of the Father turns to judgment.

We must understand part of His love is in sending other people to guide us and correct us. The pride of our human nature is to say that we don't need this correction, that we are doing just fine because the Lord speaks to us directly. Yes, it is His desire to speak to each of us directly and to have an intimate relationship with us but in the design He laid out for the body of Christ, He did not design a head without eyes, a hand without fingers, toes without a foot, a head and legs without the rest of the body. The big key here is He calls us a body with many members, with many parts, that make a whole. It is in this whole body, as we learn to become one and walking in one accord, that His spirit will flow in greatness, that this new wine, the best wine, will come forth in these last days. The ego of self has to go. He will establish proper order in our hearts and the body of Christ. So when we tell others we don't need them to speak into our lives and correct us, what we are really saying is, "Lord, I don't need you because I don't need these people you send to me to tell me what I'm doing wrong." So in reality, we are demanding of the Father that He tell us directly without using any other people in our lives, especially if they may see things in the depths of our heart that we do not want to see or we do not necessarily agree with. The human heart is a very deceptive place. It says it very clearly in the Scriptures.

So in Christ's love, in the Father's love, this is what He is trying to do in the body right now, is set in place a deeper love, a deeper wisdom, and a deeper understanding of His ways. It is not going to be comfortable for us, nor is it going to go along with the way we interpret Scripture's, according to the flesh. He has been gently speaking this to people directly for many years. Now He is more forcefully speaking this through many people. He is now sending more and more servants to come speak it to us directly in a different way because we, as a whole, have ignored Him speaking it directly into our own ear. Now, we must realize we are at the point, in His love and mercy, if we ignore Him, this will rapidly turn into judgment. Because just like you or I would with our own children, we will only tell them so many times before we discipline them.

I would, here at this point, encourage each of you to listen to the council that the Father sends you whether this council comes in an eye-to-eye contact form, whether this council comes via e-mail, over the telephone, or in letter form. We cannot limit the Lord or dictate to Him in what manner we will receive His guidance and correction. We each have to remember, we are the little children and He is the Father, the One in charge. And praise God He is in charge and not you or me. Think about what a mess it would be if any of us were in charge. I try my best in every message that the Lord gives me to bring it forth in the utmost humility and love. With the messages that He gives me, it takes great labor, love, fasting, praying and letting the Father empty me of self on a new level every day because I know those of you reading these words and receiving them, they are meant to do the same work in you. So know that in my heart, I seek the Lord with everything that is within me to bring these words forth in meekness, humility and love.

Moses told the Lord, Lord let me know Your ways that I might know you. This is truly what we in the body of Christ need today, a deeper understanding of the Lord's ways that we might know Him on a deeper level. We feel like we have accomplished something major in the body because of the few things we know, the few signs and wonders we see around us, but when the Lord wakes each of us up to see our true state, then we will be humbled by the reality of how far we have yet to go.

I am reminded of an article David Wilkerson released about 15 years ago. In this article, he shared a vision that he had had. In this vision, He was on his way to Heaven. All he could think about was all the rewards he was going to have because of all the things he had done for the Lord here. But the closer he got to Heaven, a fear and trembling started settling upon him. All he could see was how vile he was. The closer he got, all he could hope for was that the Lord would show him mercy and let him into the Kingdom of Heaven. I had already experienced such a thing in my life, so when I read this, I understood exactly what he was talking about. We each need this experience in our own lives. Then we would truly be able to receive from others with humility, which would give us a greater humility to minister to others. We would not be so hard, harsh and prideful with other people. The problem is, most people do not think they are being harsh or prideful. They believe they are no longer capable of pride or they would receive from others with greater humility. A deep aspect of the Father's love is in His giving to us through each other. What was that HE SAID!!!! WASH ONE ANOTHERS FEET AS I HAVE WASHED YOURS!!!!!!!!

Needing washing in Christ Jesus, His servant and yours,

Brother Aaron

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