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Need to save money in this bad economic time?

Need Help with Groceries? Going on a trip? Need a pen-pal?

Jesus told us to love one fact it was the "new" commandment. And in love we are to share what we can to help each other. We are to be His arms, hands, mouth, etc.
So with that I would like to share these great helps: I have been introduced to several saving helps through the Internet. I have had great success.

I have been able to cut my grocery bill by more than half through Angel Food Ministries. There is no discrimination on income. It is not even mentioned. You look at the menu and select what you want. You can pay in person or on-line. They do take food stamps. I have only been in a grocery store three times since November 1. The food is of the highest quality.

Take a look at

I have a great friend that is in the travel business and has offered to help with great discounts on your vacations and trips--also offering missionary discounts. Contact:
Carole Nafziger
Travel Agent
A Human to Help
ABC Christian Cruise and Travel
2020 Harlem Blvd
Rockford, IL 61103
Work: 815 969-8123
Fax: 815 377-4200

Check it out at

I write lonely prisoners and get responses from them. I sent them Christmas cards and they are so grateful for a piece of mail. If you would like a list of names to write or just one contact Joy Perry. Her email is