Precious Saints,here are the ways for you to have "Different eyesight" 2 out of 10= the answer is yours.


"25vs, when they returned,from spying out of the Land and at the end of 40 days".The word of the Lord says,"Moses called Joshua and Caleb and gave them  this word.18vs.

See what you can bring to me, says Moses,Different eyesight is needed always,despite wht you are going through.

1)- In the Land see the "People, if they are" Strong-Or "Weak"

2)- In the Land see if" Good, or" Bad soil".

3)- There Cities if they are,"open camps, or Fortifications,Protected or not".

4)- In the Land if is "Fat or Lean".

5)- In the Land if there is"Trees or No Trees".

Bring to me Moses said the fruits of the Land.

what you see my brothers and sisters, it can give you, your breakthrough or bondage,you need to have different eyesight as i'm sharing this to you now, Repent and say to Jesus change my eyesight now.