"David said " Thy word is a lamp to my feet,and a light to my path".

My friends all is about walking in the light of God, with different eyesight you need to have this, you need to keep burning in your life.

- First of all you need to have some oil in your spiritual life, not only oil,you need to have the Lamp that make you to store your oil before Jesus Comes back again. Jesus had to say this in his word, "Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be compareble to ten virgins,"Mat.25:1-13.

"Who they took there lamps,and went out to meet the bridegroom".

- 5 where foolish.

- 5 where (wise) prudent.

Lamp with no oil in it,- will make you and me, to be foolish, in the Kingdom of God.(not having eyes to see what is in there lives)

Lamp with oil in it, it will give you and me different eyesight to see, and view Gods work and follow his vision well.(there eyesight was clear and focus)

- Do you have oil in you?

- Are you taking care of your Lamp, which is your spiritual life in God and in the world that you are in?

"Behold the Bridegroom! come,dont forget that with all what we are doing, to do the work of the Lord, Jesus He is coming back for his bride, let us get ready and do what he told us to do.have oil and keep burning untill he comes.


Love you all.