Please pray for my son Levi who is 36 battling autism and epilepsy.  We have him on no meds because of the side effects can be harmful to his body and also causes aggression with those who are autistic.  Several have been institutionalized after starting them on seizure meds.  He recently fell out of his chair on the tile floor and God preserved him where he only got a black eye.  But in the past he's broken a collar bone, two bones in his hand, split his jaw open where it took two firetrucks full of men to help hold him down on the stretcher, two Valiums on the way to the hospital and enough sedative to knock him out for 24 hours before they could sew him up.  And taking all those drugs aren't safe for anyone especially one with brain damage.  So I covet your prayer of agreement that the Lord will set Levi free to be the man of God he's called to be!  Thank you so much and abundant blessings to you!!!  Love in Christ, Yolanda (At The Father's Feet Ministry)