Encourage one another

I read that in the Bible

I realized many years ago my calling was

To speak and write words of encouragement

I have not done this well the last several weeks


Today I was reminded of its value

Howie my son and law partner

Is running for the Tennessee Legislature

He has been knocking on doors

Several hundred of them by now


Yesterday he knocked on a door

Introduced himself and was talking to a lady

She asked if he were my son

She told him how when their family

Was going through a tragedy in 1991

That I had written them a card

And it had meant so much to them


I write this not to show how spiritual I am

But to show how much people

Need to know someone cares

The older I get the shorter the cards get

For the most important thing I can say

Is you are on my heart and I stop and pray

That the Lord take care of you

And give you peace


Please there are people in your world

Who need for someone to care

They need to get a note or letter

You don’t have to be wordy

Just tell them that you care

And that you have prayed for them

Please nothing is needed more

In this age of little personal contact

Tell me what happens

Do it and then if you will


John Acuff

Country Lawyer