Christ’s Hope International – ZIMBABWE


*Our Volunteers, Jason & Ann, from the States, arrived in Bulawayo on Thursday, 18 September, 2008. They are here till 18 November, 2008.
*We welcome back Jenni Searle, our Secretary of the Board, who had gone to visit her mother in England.
*We thank God for the signing of the agreement by our main political parties. We are trusting the Lord for a better economy that will support our programmes so we can better minister to our people.
*We have started teaching Choose to Wait at Jesus Life International Bible School in Bulawayo. The group is excited with the programme and enjoy it.
*There are new people who want to support Christ's Hope Zimbabwe with clothes for the needy.

*That we get a Social Welfare Number to allow us to import items to help the needy without need to pay duty.
*That Jason & Ann will have a fruitful time in Zimbabwe, both for themselves and for those they minister to.
*That our ministry vehicle will be here soon.
*Regular financial support for the ministry and the Director.

Christ’s Hope International – DRC

Thank God for:
* The visa’s for Namibia that are approved for Glenn and Esther. Because of that, they could purchase tickets to go to the DRC in October 2008.
* The visa’s they got form the Congolese embassy in Windhoek to go to the DRC in October. There was no letter of invitation but nevertheless, God was greater than the system!
* The availability of good airline tickets to the DRC, so close to the actual trip.
*The doors He keeps open. People inside and outside the DRC seem to cross our ways in one way or another.
* Finances. We had last month a few people who donated money for the ministry in the DRC, totally unrestricted. Praise God!
* Some contacts with Congolese churches in Brussels and in Kinshasa. That might open doors to present the work, recruit volunteers and funds.

Pray for:
* Wisdom. We will be meeting a lot of people in October in Kinshasa. Some of them we know but lots of them we don’t. Pray that His Holy Spirit may guide us to see who is and who isn’t the right person.
* Equipment to start up. As Glenn and Esther will go in January to the DRC, so far there is nothing: no house, no car, even no plate to eat out or a pan to cook in. Pray that God will show a way how to get the minimum equipment to start up living and to launch the ministry.
* The research on how the actual situation in with the former Christ’s Hope people in the DRC. We have now idea on who they all are and on what the actual status is of Christ's Hope International – DRC. If they legally still exist, then we have to find a way to meet them or to ask them to step down.
* The availability of funds to start up the ministry in the DRC. Starting up the ministry will cost some money. A house with office, a car, possibly costs for reregistration if needed. Pray that God will inspire all kind of people to release the necessary funding.

Christ’s Hope International - INTERNS

* We thank God for the practical ministry opportunities that we have. They give us a lot of experience along the way.
* We thank God for the Kidsclubs and the Saturday Sex Seminars we are doing. It goes very well and young people’s lives are touched.
* We thank God for the work visas for Glenn and Esther. The visas were extended in September!
* We thank God for His continuous care for our health.
* We thank God for the food He is providing. We get lots of food, all provided free by a Namibian Company.

* Pray for wisdom as we continue being involved in practical ministry.
* Pray for wisdom as we prepare for the Choose To Wait Camp in December. This does not go very fluently at this moment and we are not sure if this camp is really going to happen.
* Pray for the break that we will have in October, from the 16th till the 27th. Pamela will take a rest and Glenn and Esther are going to the DRC to prepare for their arrival in January. Pray for wisdom.
* Pray for unity as we constantly live together at the international training centre with 13 people.