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NEW BOOK: "A Spiritual Awakening" -- Rodney Howard-Browne Calls Tommie Zito's NEW BOOK "A Call to War"
by Tommie Zito, Available at the Elijah List
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"This book on a spiritual awakening comes right from the heart of Evangelist Tommie Zito. Tommie has a passion for the lost, an extreme hunger for God, and a deep love for America. I pray that as you read this book it will stir you, awaken you, and put a fire and a hunger in you for revival and for the next great Spiritual Awakening.

"This book is a call for the American church to wake up and come out of religion and tradition and realize the urgency of the hour. This is the time to give ALL for the CALL. The harvest is ripe, but it's going to take those who are full of the fire of God, in this hour, to see America shaken. This is a call to war; a time for the army of God in America to rise up and see America shaken.

"It has been my privilege to be able to speak into Tommie's life for the last eight years and there is no doubt in my mind that God will use Tommie in the future to shake whole regions of the world. Get ready - because we stand on the brink of the next great Spiritual Awakening!"- Dr. Rodney M. Howard-Browne, Tampa, Florida, October 2004

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"A Spiritual Awakening"
How to Respond to the Emerging Hunger for God
by Tommie Zito
$14.99 Book

This book will release you to do the will of God for your life!

In A Spiritual Awakening, revivalist Tommie Zito releases Christians to do the will of God with fearless faith. With years of successful evangelism to his credit, the author boldly decries the state of the Sunday morning ritual:

  • The voice of the Lord is relegated to pointless sermons and denominational drivel.
  • Religion has paralyzed the passion and desire of the believer to do the will
    of God.
  • The Church is suffocating under a spirit of slumber, while believing all is well.

But there is hope -- you!

You and millions like you have the call, the passion, and the desire to do what religion and its accompanying litany of legalism can never accomplish. You can change the world, your country, your city, your neighborhood, your home.

Zito calls on believers to the last-day Church's mandate to be a "house of prayer" if it is to move in an anointing which will make the world take notice of the Most High God. Zito notes, "A church bulletin contains more social activities and outings than times set aside to really pray and seek the Father's face."

The power of the Holy Spirit awaits all those who will respond to the burden of this book: to shake off religious irrelevancy and to do the will of God despite all opposition.

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-354-5245)

Chapter Titles

  1. The Obedience of One Vessel

  2. Realizing I Was Asleep

  3. Heaven or Hell

  4. You Have Been Asleep

  5. The Wake-up Call

  6. Recognizing Religion

  7. The Vineyard

  8. A Daily House of Prayer

  9. Visions

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-354-5245)

Tommie Zito is a young revivalist who travels the nation awakening the church. In 1999,  he and his wife, Kimberly, founded Tommie Zito Ministries, which holds extended meetings in churches across the nation. He is president of zo