Long LIFE … who wants it ??!!

I have talked with a lot of people about Health, the majority of the
LIVING do NOT want to live a Long LIFE but the majority of the
DIE-ING want to LIVE??!!

I think I am a simple guy,
I like Divine LOGIC and
here is a simple example of what I mean. :)

If you want to Live a Long LIFE then we should
LEARN from those whom ACTUALLY Live a Long LIFE – right??

If you want to have a Healthy Life then LEARN from
those whom are LIVING a Healthy Life – right??

If you believe that simple logic, take a moment to think
about whom you go to for Health Care – are they Health??

Here is a simple study that I would like to share,
one test that can tell you that you are going to
live a Long LIFE is your HEART RATE/ your TIMER. :)

Many believe that your heart is like a clock,
it is ticking down the time you have left on earth,
the slower the tick the longer you have and the faster
the tick … well is that too logical??

Many Martial Artists in China believe this and some Monks all
over the world believe this and they use exercise and meditate to
slow their heart down and guess what?? They live a long life!!

After hearing this, I quickly checked my Heart Rate and I found it
to be 57 beats per minute and that was about 10 years ago. Recently
I have had two check ups here in Thailand, they use a computer machine
to check the heart rate and one said I was at 45 and the other said I was at 42 beats per minute. I thought, wow – am I alive and the machines both blinked a RED light saying danger!!

But I knew I was doing many things to slow my timer down, I was truly
happy to see they were working and God willing I will live past 100 years of age and see my grand kid’s – kid’s – kids – wow!!


This month’s SUGGESTIONS:

1. Educate yourself/ renew your mind with Health info from Divine Healthy people.

2. Educate your friends and family in order to help yourself … especially if they want long Life.

3. Education is a major KEY but PRAY that the Creator reveals HIS Design to you- amen. :)

4. Exercise daily, I exercise too much, I do the toughest sport in the world and lately I am trying to relax more but by my TIMER count, exercise has greatly slowed down my heart rate.

5. Become a part time or full time vegetarian. Get away from animal fat foods, meats, dairy and especially cheese. I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years now and I have not been totally a vegan but most of the time. Moving to Thailand has been a great plus, Thai food has no dairy and it contains no cheese. In America it is so hard to stay away from cheese, it is a big part of the food choices there and cheese to health promoters is nothing but liquid fat.

Every month I will offer some choices that you can make to improve your Health. You freely make these changes because YOU have decided to see if what I shared is really TRUE or Not. That is why I have called them SUGGESTIONS. If YOU make any changes in your life it not because I told you to. This is my DISCLAIMER, I am not a Doctor, I did not tell you to do anything and I am only a Health Minister sharing Natural, Divine, Creative, Logical and Honest Health Information … okay??

Well, that is the Health Tip for this month, may you be Blessed by the INFO that was shared and remember you only have One Life to Live so please make a CHOICE to Live Life to the FULL.

May you experience True Divine Health today – DOC. :)

If you have more questions about this article
then feel free to e-mail me at docthailand@gmail.com.

Remember … “If you Ignore your Health, IT will go away.”


America it is Official, the number ONE cause
of DEATH is ……. 783,936 Deaths per year ……. Death in America
is caused by conventional Medicine prescribe by Doctors.

Guess what?? It is not news,
no one is saying anything … does anyone care??

In America you see FEARFUL News, watch out for this, what is causing death now, War, Work, What food, Where you live and What about Drugs & Doctors??

Dare to say “NO to Drugs” and LIVE!!

Read the Article yourself.