Tribulation Trail is a ministry of Mount Vernon Baptist Church.   This is an interactive walk through the book of Revelation. 

This trail "with a purpose that is being used by God to change lives" takes place every Friday and Saturday Night in the month of October on the Church Campus located at 2178 GA Highway 138 East Stockbridge Georgia.   

What a wonderful and creative way for area churches  to witness and teach believers and non-believers about events that happen during the Tribulation. 




History of Tribulation Trail 


In October of 1992, the dream of Tribulation Trail began on the campus of Metro Heights Baptist Church . 


A similar event called "The Chilling Fields" which had been sponsored by two local churches began to awaken the vision for Tribulation Trail many years earlier and became a model for this evangelistic event to become a reality. 

Rev. Calvin Yarbrough was the Senior Pastor and Rev. Don Yarbrough was the youth pastor of Metro Heights at the time of the Tribulation Trail conception.  As kids, and for many years after they grew up, Calvin and Don would construct a "haunted house" in their garage at Halloween time until the lines to get candy and a Halloween scare became so long that they finally constructed a "trail" in the wooded backyard of their parents' home.  It was a neighborhood treat to experience the haunted trail every Halloween and now this neighborhood trail has become a community TRAIL WITH PURPOSE that has been used of God to change thousands of lives around the world. 

In 1992, Don reminded Calvin of the childhood events and of "The Chilling Fields" event which was no longer being held.  He suggested that Metro Heights ' youth group sponsor a trail.  Believing that God was leading the brothers to embark on such an event, Tribulation Trail was birthed. 

In its first year of existence, hundreds of people attended in support of the effort and event, and it became a purposeful expenditure of the church.  The next year, a few hundred more people attended, and again, the trail touched and changed lives. 

Since then, Tribulation has touched the lives of over 25,000 visitors per year from all around the and overseas.  Thousands of people cross the line of faith each year.  Countless others make decisions to re-dedicate their lives to Christ.  All who visit the trail will leave with a renewed sense of direction and purpose. 

Today, Tribulation Trail is hosted by Mount Vernon Baptist Church. This powerful drama, carried out by hundreds of tireless volunteers, is designed, scripted and performed with the purpose of reaching the unchurched and unconvinced and leading them to faith in Christ.  

We hope you will come each year and bring your family and friends. 



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