Please read Jeremiah 1:5, 10 NIV.


We are the Jeremiahs of our time.  If there is ever a time for God to raise up the “spirit of Jeremiah,” it is critically at this time.  The historical Jeremiah was a weeping prophet whom God had called before his very own conception and placed a mantle upon his life.


God said to Jeremiah,  BEFORE I FORMED YOU, I KNEW YOU.  A few things  we need to note.  First, God is active in the pre-birth state, He formed us.  This alone should speak to the issue as to whether we are mere fetuses or persons of value to God.  In the eyes of the Creator, He is active in the formation stages while we are yet in our mothers’ wombs.  The Bible says, GOD KNEW US.  Us?  Are we to be that arrogant to assume the same kind of calling as Jeremiah?  I hope so, not arrogant, but honored to know that God calls us even before our conception, we have been placed here on earth for purpose and mandate and thus to have destiny.  God knew us before our conception as He placed us here to live out  our calling and to contribute to His program on earth.



So much in the field of counseling and psychology from secularism suggest that our happiness is defined by our own making, we are the creator and architect of our own destiny.  But, for the Christian, we counsel people to find the Will of God.  In the bowels of our souls, the deepest seats of our hearts, in the passions of our spirit, God has placed a deep hunger that is only satisfied into contention when we fulfill the purpose for which we are assigned here to earth.  He has already set us apart and Satan’s goal today is to obstruct us from what we are called to do.  It is only as we do God’s Will will we fully realize our value and experience all of the blessings of Matthew 5.  BLESSED ARE. . . FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND OF GOD. 


The calling of Jeremiah was that he was called as a prophet to the nations. 


In our current climate of reality,  we need prophets to the nations.  We need men and women who are willing to tell us the heart of God, whether delightful or of discipline, so that we can know currently what God’s perspectives for our culture and chronology.


According Jeremiah 1:10, we are called to UPROOT, TEAR DOWN, DESTROY, OVERTHROW, BUILD,AND PLANT.


How effective we are now is not measured by our following, by how many people like us, follow us, to honor our name.  We are not here as prophets to be popular nor to measure our validity by the favorable polls of this world.  Although I highly discourage us from deliberately engaging hostilities and adversarial relationships, the inevitable remains the same. . .  friendship with the world is enmity against God.  That’s what God says and the more we speak prophetically, the less popular we will become as we uproot, tear down, destroy, overthrow, build, and plant.


We uproot things that are “in the roots” or concealed, motives that are not overt and noticeable.  But, when we speak, the secrets of men’s hearts are exposed and thus they are uprooted.


We tear down human effort, arrogant pride of human achievements, the kind of “we-can-do-all-things-through-ourselves” mentality that seem to be taking over our contradictions of panic in the world currently.  The more we lose control of our economy, politics, and global perception of wellness, the more we will clamour for control and believe that we can and we must survive within our own creative geniuses.  And when we finally find defeat from human effort, then the foundation of the Antichrist will be in place and a psychological takeover will be a natural progression.  We must tear down those strongholds which have been erected by our versions of Towers of Babels.


When we speak in the prophetic, what we say, what we do, how we act will destroy and overthrow things that are not of God and that can be destroyed and overthrown within this eschatological framework.  Satan is here on earth, the rise of the Antichrist is in place, so we cannot change the providential chronology of these prophetic inevitables, but we can call for a restraining spirit nonetheless.  WE ARE RESTRAINERS ALONG WITH THE MASTER RESTRAINING SPIRIT OF GOD.


At the same time, so that we are not just in a negative mode, we are called to prophetically build and plant.  It is not enough for us to confront the world.  We must build and plant and aggressively establish a clear witness for the truth of Jesus Christ.


 Yours for the Journey,


Adrian Yuen, Ph.D.