To the beloved of Christ,



The beating, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus …. The price…… for






Sinlessness….. Healing…. right standing with God…. Holiness… righteousness…






 Zaccheus; He spent only a walk from town to his house and changed his ways… Yet






Too many believers use the price of the Lord as a free ticket to selfish, sinful behavior.






This week is not a time to take for granted the price but go for a walk.. and ask, “Is the life I am living it is worth the price?”






Have I walked away from selfish sins… have I walked away from things not bringing God glory? 






Do I worship in Spirit and truth… Am I free or still bound……  Then I must question did I meet Jesus or did I simply hear about Him and accept a story.






this price was for us to get free from the Law but that is not an open door to do whatever it is I want… But yet a door to be free from the bondage of sin and the Law to live holy and free!






Jesus said this… “Go and sin no more.” 






In Love Pastor Frank






I encourage you to go for a walk with the Spirit and see if it changes you?