February 18, 2005; 12:40 a.m.

Fervent prayer availeth much! The Spirit of prayer is greatly needed here and now so that we pray without ceasing! First we pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon us in a Spirit of prayer as Charles Finney referred to it so that we may pray more than we speak, more than we eat, sleep or drink.

There are five men that you will hear me use as examples. These men's lives foremost reflected Christ. This is what our lives should reflect also. The first one is Paul, then four other Apostles of more recent times: Charles Finney, Watchman Nee, John G. Lakes and Smith Wiggelsworth. All five of these men moved mightily in the Lord everyday. They fought for the Lord seven days a week, battling all kinds of ailments to serve the Lord and His Body. The foundation of each man's walk before the Lord was that they each led a life of prayer and fasting. The two come hand in hand, fasting and prayer, prayer and fasting. Each of these men had learned the life of being set apart first for the Lord Himself, then for His work of calling the lost. Each had learned a life of praying without ceasing. They were in constant prayer for the outpouring of repentance for conviction of sin and for the healing of the body and soul. Without the constant prayers of the servants of the Lord, His work will not get done.

If you expect healing, if you expect souls for the Kingdom and people to repent and change then you must personally possess the power to pray the heavens open! How does one receive this power? You receive on your knees just as Jesus did when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane when He sweated drops of blood. When your soul travails much over the souls of the sick and dying you begin to realize that we are not here to watch TV every night or to be obsessed with sports or shopping. We need to turn all our time and energy into prayer and seek the Heavenly Father as the Apostles did and do! It is said of James, the Apostle, that his knees were like the knees of a camel because he spent so much time on them in prayer.

How much time each day do you actually spend in prayer? How many nights do you look at you're clock and it is 4:00 a.m. and you still have the burden for prayer. We come across people everyday that are in deep pain. These people are in search of the Love and Forgiveness of Christ. It is through prayer that we line up our lives with the Will of Christ. He said that He lives to ever intercede for us. Intercessory prayer is what we need. We need to be men and women of God who can pray open the Heaven and then pray the Heavens down to the earth! We need to be able to pray a man or woman's heart open to salvation. We need to be able to look into someone's eyes and cause their heart to come under conviction of sin and then to be able to pray them to repentance.

Each of the five men I mentioned earlier possessed such grace and power that when they entered a room, walked down the street or sat down next to someone, the Spirit of the Lord fell wherever they went. These men were always prayed up and fired up! The Fire of the Lord fell wherever they were. It is through constant prayer, the attitude of prayer, that we find the ear of God. Then we are praying for what He already wants, which is for people to repent and join His kingdom. How much more quickly will He respond when we stop praying selfish prayers?

We need to pray every second of the day and throughout the night for the lost souls and those who say they see but are truly blind. We need to pray that our hearts will be found pure so that the Lord will hear our prayers because only the pure in heart will see the Lord. If we are found pure in heart, how much more will He hear our prayers when we come to Him for the hurting and the lost?

The Lord said that we pray a-muck, amiss. We ask for things that He has already promised us, our daily needs. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you." We pray for the light bill, groceries, a car, house, job, etc. These are all things that we have to trust Him for but these are all things He has already promised us! As babes in Christ, this is where we begin in our prayers but as we grow and mature we will each begin to see that it is our souls and the souls of others that we need to be in prayer for. We must seek righteousness and holiness. We are to seek first and foremost the Kingdom of God and His Holiness! Holiness is purity. The Kingdom is about lost sheep. The true Shepherd is about the sheep and finding those who are lost.

So we are to first pray and seek His Kingdom, the lost, hurting, dying and wounded sheep. Then we are to seek His Holiness for each and every one of us! Pray for His Kingdom on earth and His people to be gathered and found. Then pray that we may be made Holy. This is what God's Kingdom is about, nothing else! So let us join together for the Spirit of Prayer to outpour upon all flesh! That all flesh would be made Holy before our Lord. The foundation of daily, non-stop, prayer is where the power of Christ's Kingdom is brought forth.

The prayer of a righteous man availeth much. The lord listens to the prayers of a righteous man or woman before anyone else. These men and women get the "red phone" hot line to the Throne Room because they do not pray for selfish gain but for the Kingdom of God to come forth! I pray the Holy Spirit will grace each and everyone of us with a greater increase in the life of prayer and that we would set all the things of the world aside to pray, pray and pray more. Let us pray the conviction to bring forth a true revival of God.

With fervent prayer,

Brother Aaron

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