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Muay Thai Fighter gets Punched in Pattaya!! (see below)
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Lumpini Stadium Muay Thai Gym BKK
We found a Muay Thai Gym right behind the famous Lumpini Muay Thai Stadium.
A Lumpini Champion is the head trainer there. They have a good young team of fighters.
And some Farangs (foreigners) find the place and are welcomed to train with them.
Watching Videos of training there:
Fairtex Muay Thai Gym Pattaya
We were able to go to Pattaya and vist some old friends. If you want to train at Fairtex
Pattaya contact Lynn at and she will give you all the info
you will need. We got to say HI to Yodseanklai, Neurapol, Kaew, (Nung Toom) Beautiful Boxer and many more. 
And yes we did some great training too.
Watching Videos of training there:
Sityodtong Muay Thai Gym Pattaya
Sityodtong is where the Wisdom of Muay Thai is, you can learn Muay Boran there and
some of their trainers are the best of the best. They give you techniques that most just
do not care to share with Farangs (foreigners). Sityodtong ROCKS and has been one
of the best places for Farangs (foreigners) to train for over 40 years!!
Watching Videos of training there:
Tiger Cave Muay Thai Gym Krabi
Tiger Cave Muay Thai Gym … sounds so cool huh??
Now this is an “old school” Muay Thai Gym. They have a couple of Champions there
and one fighter is doing well fighting at Lumpini Stadium. His has been fighting his way
up for a Championship fight soon!! No fancy stuff here, just good old Muay Thai, hard work
and fun learning the toughest sport in the world.
Muay Thaimes Magazine
I was blessed to have my fight article put into Muay Thaimes Magazine, keep your eyes
out for it and make sure you pick one up at the local magazine store. If you want to read
my article contact me and/ or e-mail to get a copy of  
Muay Thaimes Magazine Winter 2008.
Muay Thai Fighter gets Punched in Pattaya!!
Do you know a Thai Boxer named: Tony Sasiprapagym??
Anthony James Webb was becoming one of Thailand’s Champion Muay Thai
Fighters and then Phra JAO (God) called him to be a Champion for
the Kingdom of Heaven!!
We met Bro. Tony and his corner man Bro. Henry preaching on famous Kaosan Road
in Bangkok. It was an amazing time to being with them. Bro. Tony is the first Born Again
Street Preacher in Thailand!! They took a team to Pattaya and preached on Beach Road
and a big Farang (foreigner) started to punch them in the face and in the Power of God
they turned the other cheek and kept on preaching!!
Pattaya People News covered the story.
Good Old time Muay Thai pictures!!
Here are some old time Muay Thai pictures that I found, maybe you know some of
these Muay Thai family members. Feel free to send me some new pictures of you,
Muay Thai family and action pictures.
Phra JAO uay pon, God bless,
Daniel C. Docto aka DOC. :-)