The Vision of God through our prophetic eyes!

Let us perceive the vision of God through the prophetic eyes of Isaiah in verses 1 to 8 of the chapter 8 of Isaiah.

Isaiah said that He saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up with His train filling the Temple in the year that king Uzziah died. His vision of the throne of the Lord followed the death of Uzziah. Uzziah (Azariah) was one of the kings in Israel. He began to reign in Israel when he was 16 years old. He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that his father Amaziah had done. But the high places were not removed during his reign with the result that the people of God sacrificed and burnt incense still on these high places. The Lord judged him and smote the king so that he was a leper unto the day of his death. (2 Kings 15:1-5).

Prophetically speaking, there is a religious system in our midst wherein there is a reign of Christian leaders and ministers in the Body of Christ. They do wonderful works in the Name of Christ and thus do which is right in the sight of the Lord. But they do not remove the high places that they have inherited from their spiritual leaders or spiritual fathers who had mentored them in the Word. These high places continue to remain even today. Many denominational churches have been taking birth every century since the birth of the Body of Christ on the day of Pentecost. The men-made traditions of the Roman Catholic Church that had crept into the Church were not removed completely when the great transformation through Martin Luther had taken place.

The Levitical priesthood is still entrenched in the Body of Christ with the result that the people of God are tempted to sacrifice in these high places. Christ Jesus is the Lamb of God sacrificed by God on the Altar of Calvary. He was sacrificed so that the children of God could become the priests. The priesthood was passed on to those who have accepted the sacrificial Lamb of God. Once the curtain in the Temple of God was rendered in twain when Jesus died on the Cross, those who accept the sacrificial Lamb of God become the priests of God beholding the glory of God. There should not be any high place in the Temple. But the religious system likened to the reign of Uzziah has left such high places in the Kingdom of God. Those who call themselves pastors or ministers of God do covet the sacrifices of these children of God who are themselves priests in the sight of the Lord. The Mammon of unrighteousness is the greatest idol in these high places. Jeremiah cries that the people of God have committed two evils. They have forsaken the Christ of the gospels, the fountain of living waters and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water (Jer: 2:13). The false teachers and the false prophets to suit the customs and traditions of men have hewed many cisterns out of the Word of God. They give a message palatable to the sheep under their care, throwing to wind the words of Jesus Christ. Their messages do not bring about conviction of sin, a revelation of the righteousness of God and His judgment. They simply give a message of peace saying that we can live in the same manner as the children of the world live in this world because of the grace.

Today the children of God are not able to see the Lord sitting upon the throne of the Lord high and lifted up because the Uzziahs are standing in the way of these children of God beholding the glory of God. Instead, the children of God behold the glory of men in place of the glory of God.

If the Uzziah is dead in your life, you can also behold the Lord sitting upon the throne.

If you behold the Lord on the throne high and lifted up, you will find the kingdom of the devil, the earthly and political kingdoms, the religious kingdoms, the economic kingdoms, seated below the Lord