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                          From Our Hearts to Yours

December was a month of non-stop ministry and outreach. We were blessed to have our dear friends John & Becky Tucker come all the way from America to visit us and join us in serving throughout the country. We started our time together in Bangkok introducing them to the Thai culture and celebrating the King of Thailand’s 80th birthday. It was quite a celebration with a trip to the King’s palace as well as one of the most spectacular demonstrations of fireworks ever witnessed.

From there, we were off to Pattaya (the city we used to live in) to minister at a Christmas event conducted annually by the oldest church in Pattaya. They offer poor and disadvantaged children an evening of entertainment, food and lots of games and prizes. We then headed to Esan (Northeast Thailand) to visit our adopted Thai daughter’s (Angel) village. We spent 2 days their visiting the village people and praying for the sick and dieing.  We led a lady to the Lord who lived her entire adult life bound by drugs, alchol and perversion.
We had an opportunity to visit Angel’s parents farm and assist some local farmers in harvesting rice. We learned in about a half hours time the value of hard labor. I know from this point forward John and I will cherish each bowl of rice we eat. Knowing that it came to us from the sweat of some farmers brow. We were welcomed by the Thai people with lots of smiles and “wai’s” (showing respect by folding hands to chest and bowing gently). They were also open to us sharing the love of Christ and how he did not come to have them change religions, but to change their lives. To take their old life and exchange it for a completely new one.
We flew on 4 different planes to finally reach the South to begin 4 days of village outreach. We set out to minister to a nearby village with approximately 100 residence. As we walked to each individual home we were greeted with stares and smiles. We were reaching out to the villagers to invite them to our Christmas Celebration. We asked the people if they were in need of prayer for those with sickness, disease or hardship. Each of us were joined by a Thai National who would share and interpret for us as we felt led to minister. I was joined by “Moo” a beautiful Thai girl who works with a ministry in Pattaya, reaching out to children in the slums. We met a village woman who had been tormented by evil spirits for many years. We prayed for her and introduced Jesus Christ to her. She had never heard about Jesus and was afraid to accept him because she thought he may be an evil spirit. We explained creation to her and that Jesus was sent to bring peace and to remove fear. It was an awesome moment as we were challenged in knowing the word of God and trusting in the Holy Spirit to speak through us.  We were also able to take John & Becky to our home in the South.  They marveled over our backyard, which is basically a pineapple, rubber and banana tree grove.
Upon the completion of our outreach we put on a wonderful Christmas Celebration. Many were in attendance, and we just really kept it to being, all about loving on the children.
We were able to bring the gospel through a living video that the children of the slum presented and a spoken message.
We had lots of food, performances and a time to pray for those who wanted to know Christ or in need of personal prayer.
There was lots of fun to be had by all. As we were prepared with lots of games for the kids, including a piñata brought to us “hand made” from America. It was quite an event and we were blessed to be a blessing to many who have never experienced such fun activities and gifts were received by all.
A few days later we conducted our Children’s Sponsorship Program, which many of you contributed to. We were able to bless 30 very excited children from the slum’s with a special Christmas gift, clothing, shopping spree, lunch at KFC (believe it or not) and activities at the Karaoke/Game Center.
What other way to end our time together, but elephant trekking, and yes, we “road off into the sunset together”.
We are so priveledged to serve the Thai people.  And want you to consider coming here for future "Missions Trips".  We will begin planning the opportunity for you to come in "2008" to serve in the
"Land of Smiles".  We send you our love and prayers as you enter into the New Year!  Thank you to all who cover us in prayer and giving as we serve "Amazing Thailand"!!
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