South Muay Thai / Muay Chaiya - Ao Nang Krabi !!
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Our local magazine, Krabi May 2008, just did an article on Muay Thai at
Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium and they did a good job sharing so great info about Muay Thai.
Much of the written history of Muay Boran (foundation of Muay Thai) was lost after the sacking of
Ayutthaya by the Burmese in 1765 and 1767, during which virtually all libraries containing archives
were destroyed. Most of what is know about the earliest Thai boxers comes from Burmese accounts
of battles between Burma/ Myanmar and Thailand during the 15th and 16th centuries.
One of the earliest accounts (1411 AD) describes a style of unarmed combat that is said to have
decided the fate of Kings. The origins of Muay Thai most likely date back much farther and possibly
have roots in Chinese, Japanese and other martial arts from South East Asia, although it’s certain
that some aspects of the style evolved exclusively in Thailand. Muay Thai was originally used by Siamese
(Siam = old Thailand) soldiers a an unarmed combat in conjunction with Krabi Krabong, a weapon based
system that uses twin swords and a staff – ‘Krabi’ and ‘Krabong’ mean sword and staff respectively.
The art and traditions of Muay Thai were later held up largely by Buddhist monks who were the keepers
and teachers of all arts both practical and spiritual. As every Thai man is expected to enter Sangha or
monkhood at least once during his lifetime, the art was passed on and eventually grew in popularity
among the lay community, so much so that is was considered normal for any respectable man to
practice Muay Thai. As well as continuing to functional as a practical fighting technique for use in
actual warfare. Muay Thai became a sport in which the opponents fought in front of spectators who
went to watch for entertainment. This kind of Muay contest gradually became an integral part of local
festivals and celebrations, especially those held at temples.
It was even used as entertainment to kings.
Royal Muay:
The art was eventually perfected and was believed to be a possible means by which to achieve
personal enhancement. Muay Thai was considered a noble art and the best fighters were increasingly
esteemed for their skill. The best of the best were invited to the Royal Palace to train household staff,
soldiers and princes and eventually the King’s Royal guards or ‘Muay Luang’.
Originally Muay Thai utilized an arsenal of nine (9) weapons; head, fists, elbows, feet and knees
although today head-butting an opponent is no longer permitted. Muay Thai differs from other
martial arts in that it incorporates extensive use of the elbows (sok) and knees (kao), these moves
particularly the elbow, are often decisive in determining the outcome of contests. Although unusual,
a fighter may even hold the head of an opponent and bring it down to meet the blow of a knee
thrust upwards. Like all martial arts, Muay Thai technique requires core or abdominal strength
and twisting of the upper body, whist kicking and punching generate the force
that fighters produce to maximize damage.
The other distinction Muay Thai has is that it’s one of the only martial arts, along with western boxing,
to be a professional ring sport. This has lead to a very high standard of competition with many
young men from poor areas of Thailand taking up the sport in the hope of turning professional
to pay for a better future for themselves and their families effectually, boxing their way out of poverty.
Traditionally, the sport has four (4) distinct styles that are defined by region;
- Muay Khorat (North-eastern) emphasized strength. A technique like “Throwing Buffalo Punch” was used.
It could supposedly defeat a buffalo in one blow.
- Muay Lopburi (Central) emphasized movements. Its strong points were straight and counter punches.
- Muay Chaiya (Southern) emphasized posture and defense, as well as elbows and knees.
- Muay Pra Nakhon (Northern) emphasized speed, particularly in kicking. Because of its faster speed,
it was also known as “Ling Lom” (windy monkey).
Filipino Muay Thai article on "Doc" fighting in Thailand.
Muay Thai Fitness in Thailand !!
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We are doing a Muay Thai Fitness workouts M-W-F from 9-11am for the local people that live in Ao Nang Krabi and it is amazing.
We are making friends through Muay Thai that are foreigners/ farangs from the following Countries:
Germany, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Sweden, France, Finland, England and of course Thailand!!
Come to Paradise South Thailand for FUN Muay Thai, to loose some weight, to get fit, to learn some self-defense
and to even learn real Southern Muay Thai. Remember every Friday night we have real Muay Thai Fights at
Ao Nang Krabi Stadium that is some of the best KO fights in all Thailand. ;-)
Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Training:
Doing GOOD through MTM – Muay Thai !!   (NOTE: If you can NOT see the Pictures please go to
Reaching out to poor Thai public schools in Southern Thailand.
A YWAM Team (Youth With A Mission) from America came to Southern Thailand to bless some Thai kids with an
English Camp at a poor Thai public school in Nakon Sri Tamarat. This school never had any Foreign volunteers to
teach English to their students. The kids there where so excited, some school officials came and supported the efforts.
We played games with the kids, did some Muay Thai exercise and taught them English songs.
It is so amazing that MTM can bring some positive activities to bless Thailand.
You can do it to and you are always welcome to come and/ or support such activities here in Thailand. ;-)
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Fighter Preacher Poet ??!!
I know many of you will have to “Agree to Dis-Agree” on this one because
many do not want to acknowledge the Negative side of Muay Thai and very
few will DO anything Positive to help. Again, MTM wants to help, we want
to give back to Thailand and create some Positive options to those in Muay Thai.
James Anthony Webb was a Bangkok fighter named “Tony Sasiprapagym”,
I am getting to know him and in my last News Letter he was the fighter that got
punched in the face in Pattaya for sharing the Good News of God on the street.
I am getting to know Tony more, he recently ran into an old Muay Thai Champion
by the name of “Surin Panyuthapoom” who was on Thai Television a lot back in
the days and now Tony is sadden by how his life is coming to an end. Tony
sent me this Poem and may you learn something from it.
I cannot pretend, but I can't believe what happened to my friend:
A boxer who fought under the name of Surin;
I always wondered what happened to him and how he had been;
And now, I see the sin of Muay Thai in the end.
At one time in his life, he was a television hero;
But now, after boxing is over, he is a zero;
But God sent me to him with the gospel;
As I am always waiting on the LORD willing and able.
It is the dirty part of this business that turns me from Muay Thai;
For just look how boxing leaves these boxers before they die;
It hurts me so much that I want to cry;
But Christ I will preach to them and in Christ I will abide.
The Lord Jesus Christ came to set the captives free;
And that is what he does today: just look at me;
Muay Thai is of the devil if only others can see;
Jesus Christ only is the answer for both you and me.
It is good to see some Negative Truths if they can bring a person
into a Positive Light. Everything on earth has a Negative side, we
have a Choice to do some Positive things … will you today??
Phra JAO uay pon, God bless, Daniel C. Docto aka DOC. :-)