"Predestination"...barnyard simple!

I'm reminded of a certain show from the Rifleman series. Some cattle rustlers stole one of Luke McCain's calves from his ranch.

Well, to avoid a conflict and to prove that these rustlers had indeed taken the calve of one McCain's cows...without just going on the rustler's property and taking it, McCain brought the cow (the calve's mother) to the rustler's ranch.

What happened was that among the many calves in the russler's yard a certain calve came out and began to follow the mother cow. Proving that this was indeed one of McCain's cattle.

You see, it was INHERANT within the calve to know it's mother.

Even so is it with God's predestinated children, yet of course, on a much higher level. It is inherant in them to KNOW God's voice and leading, and the drawing of His Spirit...when He comes seeking and saving His own.

That predestinated "seed of God" in them...responds to God's call. "Deep calleth unto deep".

It's like the farmer who had an eagle egg somehow put in with the chickens. By and by the eagle hatched out. As time went by the eagle realized he was different. He didn't like what the chickens ate, and didn't play cards like all the denominational chickens...oops! sorry. He didn't peck around in the dirty ole barn yard for scraps.

One day the mother eagle flew over-head and screached out!...knowing one of her brood were missing.

Well, at that wonderful sound the baby eagle looked up "from whence he came" and lifted off to join those of his own kind. Praise God.

Chickens can cackle their way into Christians circles, but God has "eagles" He is restoring to His true fold.

They alone are predestinated, called and chosen of God.

God bless. 3rddayrising@live.ca