We just finished a week of meetings at the Strawberry Lake Christian Retreat Center.  RainSong led worship and Terry was one of the keynote speakers.  Gabriel Ward, who pastors the Body of Christ Church from the Torrez/Martinez Reservation in California, led the event.  Highlights included a message from Chief Irma of the White Earth Reservation and our friend Mike Peters of 4Fires Ministry in Grand Rapids Michigan shared his heart.  We set the room into a circle and many danced their prayers and worshiped God in the Native style.


The theme was The Kingdom of God in a Cultural Context.  New insights and perspectives were shared and explored.  Many were touched deeply and wept.  Some local Native Pastors attended and danced with us.  The final evening they served communion.  It was a good week.


We also had a great weekend near Minneapolis/St. Paul at the Way of the Lord church in Blain Minnesota.  The church there welcomed us and opened their doors wide in fellowship and support of our Native Peoples.  Gabriel and Terry both spoke and RainSong led worship.  New relationships are being formed to further the Kingdom of God among our Native Peoples.


Please pray for us as the Gates are opening on some of the Reservations here.  We have been told that some of the Tribal Chief’s will be welcoming RainSong personally to their land.  We are also being welcomed to the Mole Lake Reservation in Wisconsin for a concert there on our way home Sept 1st.


Someone donated 50,000 lbs of potatoes to give away and today someone wants to donate a semi truckload of bread. A local Ojibwe man, Glenn Beaulieu is organizing the meetings at Red Lake and good reports are coming in.


We will be at Red Lake on Friday and Saturday Aug 21 and 22.  Then at Leach Lake on Sunday and Monday Aug 23 and 24.  



We will also be in Cloquet, Sawyer, and Red Cliff. Please check out the itinerary on our website for other meetings http://www.rainsongmusic.com