Day 53

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Sunday night report!  May 25th, 2008

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Personal Note from Pastor Stephen:  I’m sorry for the one week delay…  I had some computer problems and then I went to Atlanta to help start the Atlanta Outpouring.  This was our last night in the Lakeland Center Arena.  On Monday night we moved into the Clear Span Structure – the Tent – on the Sun-N-Fun Campground – at the Lakeland Airport.

David T:  As we just finished worshipping, I said, “Lord, don’t let it ever stop.” 
God said,  “As long as they don’t stop, I won’t stop.”

Roy Fields sang:
Draw me close to You…  Never let me go…  I lay it all down again
To hear You say that I’m Your friend… 
You are my desire…. No one else will do

‘Cause no one else could take Your place…  Feel the warmth of Your embrace
Help me find the way to bring me back to You
You’re all I want…  You’re all I ever needed
You’re all I ever needed…

David T:  I keep hearing the Spirit saying this is the night of OPPORTUNITY IN THE KINGDOM. 

If you will press in to Me, I will press in to you. 
If you will come after Me, I will come after you.

This is the year, the day, the hour for the church to rise. 
It’s not your way or my way.  It’s His way.  It’s time for the church to rise in power. 

For too long the church has had the right doctrine, but the wrong spirit.  What God is doing is transforming us into His image. 
We have 8,000 people here tonight.  We love you.  We honor you.  I also want to say hello to our GodTV audience.  We want to let you know this revival is for you. 

No stranger to Lakeland, please welcome Pastor Stephen Strader.  Thank you Pastor Strader from Ignited Church where this all started.

Todd:  Feel something special about tonight?  It’s Sunday and we have packed out the arena.  I was so overwhelmed tonight and during the last two days I could barely move.

You can hear it in the worship, the hunger of the people.

Sometimes I wish I could gauge the presence of God.  Sometimes I wake up and it’s like Christmas morning.  It’s a preacher’s dream to be in meetings like this. 

Every time I walk into the arena I wonder what’s going to happen tonight.  The glory of God is lingering.  You don’t have to do anything.  The Holy Spirit just moves.  Just move Holy Ghost.

I pray that people tonight watching would be overcome by the Holy Ghost...  And the honey cloud would come down in this place and that there would be a mighty move of the anointing. 

God, put revival in the hearts of the people tonight.  Father, I pray that the people will be touched by the Spirit of revival in the inner man.  The Bible says that He strengthens us through His Spirit in the inner man.  Let your spiritual man be touched with His glory.
I don’t understand every manifestation, but I can discern the presence of God. 

Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!

We don’t accept any religious spirits in here.  I’m telling you tonight, the Father begins to do a new thing. 
We don’t like what’s too loud, we don’t like what’s too quiet, we don’t like it if we don’t hear the Word. 

Come on.  I want heaven.  I want the glory of God!

Notable, remarkable miracles will happen. 

Are you happy that God likes you? 

We’ll shake the whole world from here all summer long.  This is an open portal.  I’m camping out.  They told me the new structure is two football fields long and one football field wide.  I said, “Praise God!”

We could have a whole tent city out there.  Just bring some pork and beans and set up all summer. 

God’s moving because you’re coming hungry!!!

It’s you, the hungry people watching night after night.  It’s you coming to get an impartation to go back to your church, your city, your nation.  It’s you!  It’s you!  It’s you! 

God is re-digging some old wells!
God is digging some new wells!

Let me read something to you from Genesis, the 26th chapter.  I believe God is re-digging some wells.  I believe the people who have come here have come because you are hungry and thirsty for the presence of God. 

Let me be a carrier of the presence of God.  That wherever I go, if I sneeze, people will be anointed. We’re talking Holy Ghost here. 

How many want to be touched by the Holy Ghost?  By the glory?  That’s why we’re here.  To start a raging fire.  It’s dangerous.  You get a few dry, hungry churches…  hungry believers… 

The Fire of God can cause a Bon-fire…  let’s call it a BAM-FIRE!!!

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  Genesis 26:1:  “There was a famine in the land, besides the first famine that was in the days of Abraham.”

Anybody have a spiritual famine?  It’s been 15 years since we’ve had a notable revival.  For the most part there has been nothing on the scale of Toronto, Pensacola, or Argentina for over a decade. 

I thought to myself there is a potential audience of 38 million each night on God TV. 

I was reading this, “There’s a famine in the land . . .  Do not go down to Egypt.  Stay in the land.”  Stay in Lakeland, Todd Bentley.  God appeared. 

If you don’t go to your land of inheritance you won’t have a revival.  You have a revival heritage and you want to re-dig a well.
Here is what God promised Isaac in Genesis 26:4:  “. . . I will make your descendants multiply as the stars of heaven; I will give to your descendants all these lands; and in your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed . . .”

Now watch what Isaac does in the 12th verse.  Isaac sowed in that land and he reaped.  He prospered and continually prospered until he became very prosperous.

Isaac sowed into the famine.  He reaped in the same year. 

He who sows generously will reap generously.  He who sows sparingly will reap sparingly. 

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Four Levels of Healing

People will be healed by the spoken Word.  There are four levels of healing:

1)  By the power of the spoken Word.  When there is an authority, a command of the spoken Word there is healing.  Meditate on the Word day and night.
2) The anointing.  Healing virtue went out of Him.
3)  Word of knowledge. 
4) The prayer of faith will save the sick.

If you can think of preachers like Oral Roberts or Kathryn Kuhlman who moved in the presence of God with healing in the glory.
Jack Coe and A.A. Allen moved in the gift of faith.  They would teach on faith in the mornings and have healing meetings in the evening.

The Lord spoke to me to combine all of those methods... 

Everyone tends to have a model.  Everyone tends to have a method. 

Kenneth Hagin teaches to confess the Word to receive your healing.  People were healed just hearing the sermons of T.L. Osborne during his great crusades. 

Some people are healed by the speaking the Word, by standing on the Word, some are healed by the laying on of hands, some are healed by a word of knowledge, and some receive their healing in the anointing. 

People receive their miracles in many different ways…


Tabitha, 14 I had a brain tumor with a stint in my brain.  I’ve had four surgeries.  I have chemical meningitis.  When my pastor prayed for me in the hospital I felt the presence of God.  Then friends in California who were watching GodTV said to go to the healing service in Lakeland.  I have been in Lakeland two nights.

I heard Kira say a word of knowledge in the morning service.  I had a brain tumor which affected my eye on the left side.  I’m seeing clearly and numbness on my left side is gone.  Also, I had a tumor under my shoulder and it has shrunk every night that I was here.

Todd:  I believe miracles can duplicate themselves.  Whatever the disease or illness, if God heals someone of that particular disease or illness, He’ll heal that disease or illness in you.  Even in the testimonies, God will heal you.

This man had no calf muscle.  God re-created his calf muscle. 

Man: On April 19 I was in back of Ignited Church.  I felt a big hand on my leg.  I pulled my pant leg up and I had a calf muscle.

Todd:  You saw a new calf muscle being formed? 

Man:  I came for impartation and I received a calf muscle.  I didn’t need faith, just the Word.

Kira:  Look at Tiffany.  She’s got the best tattoos.  I love those tattoos.  She had no ovaries.  No period.   She went through menopause.  David T. gave a word of knowledge about someone with no womb.  It felt like a pulling inside.  Now she’s having her period. 

Todd If God can create a calf muscle, why not a womb?  It’s physically impossible to have a period without ovaries or a womb.  I knew a woman who had to have a hysterectomy.  God re-created her reproductive organs.  She can have a baby again.

If you need a physical healing in your body, stand up.  I’m going to pray that you will be healed by the healing anointing.  I’m talking about the healing virtue.

Words of Knowledge begin to flow!!!

Put your hand on the part of your body that needs healing. 
Let the healing happen.  Receive the anointing!  Receive the anointing! 


Interviewer:  Shauna was in an abusive relationship.  Her boyfriend hit her so hard that her eardrum ruptured.  I felt the power of God and I believe I have a new eardrum.

Interviewer:  This woman had hepatitis for 16 years and has a doctor’s report.  She got healed watching the reruns from one year ago.  She was also kicked by a horse and the scar from the injury that is going away.

Interviewer:  This woman was bit by a poisonous spider and has fibromyalgia.  She is totally healed.  She drove from Virginia to testify to what God has done.

Todd:  A great healing revival will break out in Virginia, West Virginia, and Virginia Beach. 
I want somebody to use your cell phone as a contact point to release this healing anointing.  Multiple sclerosis is being healed.  I’m commanding you to rise and walk. 

I speak the healing Word.  I need you to preach, proclaim and pray into your cell phone. 

I’m telling you that it’s about to explode.

We’ve crossed over into a new realm of glory

The greatest release of the power of God will go out by the power of the media.  Are you ready to receive it?  Are you ready to receive it?  Touch your computer screen right now!!!

Jesus, I want the healing anointing.  I want the virtue.  I want the resurrection life, the healing Word.  I command a spirit of infirmity to leave. 

Satan, I command you to let go of that body now.  I command healing in the name of Jesus.  I command healing to be released.  I command the virtue to come into your body. 

Rise and walk in the name of Jesus.  Move your body now.  Be healed in the name of Jesus.

Power!  Power!  Power!  Power!  Power!  Power!  Power! 

Transcribed by Kathleen Kellie
Edited by Pastor Stephen Strader


Pastor Stephen Strader


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