"Once Again" read the headlines here.  Once again a young man from East Jerusalem used a bulldozer to terrorize and mow down Jewish Israelis. 

The attack came in another part of Jerusalem than the one three weeks ago, not far from the King David Hotel where Presidential hopeful Obama will arrive in just a few hours.

The causality list continues to grow as we receive more details. 

There's been a tangible heaviness in the air today that has made writing difficult.  Now I understand why.

Interestingly I'm on the last few points of the last unfinished chapter.  Just before the attack I was writing about Jesus being the light in our darkness. 

We must hold onto that truth and extend it to those still sitting in darkness.

Thank you for your prayers for me, for the people (both Jew and Arab) and for this Land.  Pray especially for our leaders that they will have God's wisdom.  Pray also for Mr.Obama that he will be awakened to the reality and challenges of Israel.  Pray for God's mercy on all our countries and for the Church.  

May we all turn to Him and find Jesus.  j